Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's Here!!! I'm Excited to Tell You about My Project!

It's an exciting day for me here at Becoming Paige!  I want to introduce you to my side project that I've worked on for over a year now - Road Signs: Stories of Relentless Trust & Extravagant Love - an 8-week Bible study work book!

The message of this Bible study has been in my heart for at least 3 years now, and when I finally stepped out to teach and write these words, I was genuinely surprised by God.  I taught on a Tuesday morning to a room full of ladies, and as the weeks went by, our group went from strangers to friends.  It was such a special experience that I wrote about it here.

Since that Tuesday morning Bible study, I've taught this once more and I had many ladies encourage me to look into publishing the study.  I did my research, talked to a couple of publishers, and ultimately decided to publish this study myself.  It has been a labor of love for myself and Josh.

And can I just take a minute to give a shout out to my husband!  This man has researched, encouraged, set early morning alarms for me, watched the girls at ungodly hours so I could go to a coffee shop and write...over and over and over again...and even this day, here he is cheering me on.  I love you Josh Allen!

Okay, I'm back from my swooning...

The point is - I've got a real - hold it in your hands - book now!  AND we are about to start recording the 8 live teaching sessions that go with this book!

So, this blog is to invite you to join me in this journey!  I need your help.  And here are three ways you can help me with this Bible study launch:
  1. If you live in the Lubbock, Texas area would you consider joining me on Tuesday nights (7-8:30pm) as we record the live sessions that will go with this book?  I promise that I won't teach for an hour and half!  I will pour my little heart out, and then I'll invite you to stay for a bit to drink tea and talk with other ladies. This study is ALL about telling our stories, and I'd love to hear yours.  The tapings start next Tuesday night (February 11th) and will be at Church on the Rock (10503 Slide Road), but I'd LOVE to see my non-COTR friends come too!  Wouldn't it be fun to have a time with ladies from all over the city telling our stories and studying Scripture?

  2. If you want to go ahead and order one of these workbooks you can certainly do that!  If you order 5 or more workbooks at the same time, I will send you the full DVD live teaching set as soon as they are available (they will cost around $30 so it's a good deal).  This will be an awesome group study that you could do in the near future.  To purchase workbooks, just click on the page (seen above) called Road Signs.

  3. Would you share this blog or link to the Road Signs page with your friends?  Anyone who shares this blog via facebook or twitter will be entered to win a free Road Signs workbook!  I'll draw the winner next Tuesday night before the live teaching starts.
Here are a few more shout-outs!
Thank you to my mom who opened the door for me to teach this in the first place...and thanks for encouraging me to finish this project.

Thanks to the COTR media team who designed the most AMAZING book cover - Jason & Michael for the expertise & Leslie for the brilliant idea.

Thanks to Annie who puts up with my crazy at work & who was the perfect model for the book cover.

Thanks to Laura & Dawn who caught my grammar errors and pointed out when my writing needed a bit of "reworking."

Thanks to the ladies of COTR who have gone through this study twice already.  It's been the tears in your eyes and the laughter in your voices when we've had those "you too?" moments that made me decide maybe I should get this into print.


Peanut Patti said...

So very exciting! Super cover with great colors - and great photo of the author on back!

Jennifer said...

Standing up and cheering for you!

So dang excited about this Paige! I'm so glad you were brave and stepped out and made this happen! Way to go! So super fabuloso!

And the outside is CRAZY fantastic. Love love love it!

I get an autographed copy, right?

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! I know you have worked very hard and know God will bless it!

Kelly said...

Awesome!!! Congratulations, Paige!

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