Saturday, January 28, 2012

Parties and Pottys - Project 365 Continues

I feel like this might be my most honest look into our lives via pictures yet.  Whether I try or not, I usually end up choosing my favorite picture of the day or where everyone looks the prettiest, but this week I'm honestly showing moments.

Moments of joy and moments of dirt...moments of laughter and moments of new beginnings.

By the way, I'm SO enjoying this project - it is a challenge some days to remember to take a picture, but I'm also savoring life a bit longer - I'm more intentional and by taking a picture I really stop and take that moment in...

It's not too late to start - I'd love for you to join in this journey!  And with are the honest moments of my week!

We started potty training this week!  This is DAY 1 in which Selah still thought it was exciting and novel to use the potty - we've had our ups and downs with it since, but overall she is catching on so very quickly and enjoying feeling like a big girl (she especially loves the Dora panties)!  Oh, and I have never cleaned up so much urine in my life (that is all I'll say about that).

It was a long week at our house - I had meetings or spoke 4 nights in a row, so I savored giving Selah a bath on this night.  And, she was in rare form - this is her funny face!

Here is what I mean about honest - Can you believe that I live in this?  We had a dust storm on Sunday and disgusting does not describe it well enough...ugh!

A quick iPhone photo while my "How to Study the Bible" class had some discussion & study time.  I love teaching this class and these people make it fun.

Girls Night!  I went out with some friends on Tuesday night to celebrate our birthdays, and my sister Kelsey & I ordered the Cinnamon Roll Souffle - it sounded divine...and...well, the finished project looked less like "divine" and more like...this...Kelsey couldn't stop laughing as it wasn't all that we were hoping for.  Don't you love my sister's laughter?!

Happy Birthday to me!  I already gave a brief synopsis of my day here...but it was celebrated in little moments like eating this cupcake at 10:30pm.

We visited Josh at his office on Thursday and Miss Selah loved getting to see him in the middle of the day (I think he loved seeing us too)!

I had a little birthday celebration with a few friends yesterday and Marisa brought me a crown - only Marisa would bring a crown...and I would only wear a crown for Marisa!
So that is a quick look into our week!  Let me know what your week looked like...and perhaps you can join this little community of Project 365 picture takers!

Friday, January 27, 2012

I just turned 33 – Here’s a little about me!

Thought I'd let you know what I'm into...what I'm thinking & what is catching my eye as I grow another year older...yep, I'm now 33!

How I Celebrated – My actual birthday was a busy day at work and church, but my handsome hubby made me feel special from the moment I awoke until the day was done.  He woke me up with a fresh cinnamon roll from Apple Tree (yep, he got out that morning and bought it while I was still asleep).  He and Selah gave me sweet cards & gifts that morning and we were off to conquer our days!

Throughout the day I received special words from friends, flowers from Josh, a fabulous photography gift from my parents, and more facebook postings than I could respond to…and the day ended by spending a bit of quiet with the Lord…oh, and a cupcake!

I used to believe that birthdays were meant to be grand but I’m learning each and every year that sometimes the most special moments are when grandeur falls to the wayside and in it’s place are little moments of love and joy!

Here’s a Bit More about 33-year old Paige

What I’m…

Looking Like These Days
I'm look pregnant...and here is the typical bathroom picture shot that I usually make fun of...

Listening to 
All Sons & Daughters – I heard about this worship band from a Relevant Tweet & I keep coming back to this music.  It feels like a nice balance between worship and folk music.  I’ve also been listening to Katie Herzig’s new album The Waking Sleep – it’s quirky and lovely at the same time.

Watching – I’m trying to cut back my television consumption, but my current staples include Downton Abbey (LOVE it), Project Runway All-Stars (Love it less than normal – I think I want the old judges back…and the Miss Piggy episode almost made me leave the show all together), Selling New York & Selling LA (Josh and I love watching this together and sit with our mouths agape at how much property is on the coast – makes us thankful for cheap prices in Lubbock!)

Reading – Well, I’ve had a bit of a dry spell in the reading category lately – nothing seems to really capture my attention…but I have a feeling that this is now over.

You see, this morning I had the most delightful birthday tea with some of my favorite ladies, and Terri Reed asked each of them to bring either their favorite book or a book that they thought I would enjoy.  So, now sitting on my dining room table are 14 different books!  And, what I love most is that they are so different in type & topic (just like the friends who brought them to me).

I've got novels, a cook book, devotions, a fashion picture book, and spiritual classics in this pile!
I must say I thought this was such a great idea!  Not only do I get to read some new great books, but I know that as I open the spine they will have a more personal feel – I will think about the lady who gifted this book to me and look throughout the words wondering what it was that captured her heart.  So, thank you each for bringing me something that you love!  I can’t wait to start reading.

Pinning – I’m not sure if it is a nesting tendency or if it’s just the genes I inherited from my mother but I have been itching to redecorate little parts of my house.  So, I’ve been pinning various pictures for inspiration – here are just a few that I’m thinking about bringing to my home!

I'm loving these colors and a vintage feel for a nursery!
                                                                                   Source: via Paige on Pinterest

I'm planning on also keeping a large guest bed in the nursery so I love the idea of an antique quilt!
                                                                                  Source: via Paige on Pinterest



Thinking About – Oh my…my thoughts seem to travel great lengths lately.  In one moment I’m wondering if Selah needs to go potty and the next I’m deep in thought about what it really means to abide (I really will blog about this soon – I’m learning so much!).  I’ve spoken in several different venues lately so I’m also jotting down continual notes about love, parenting, and how to study the Bible.  And honestly, I’ve been thinking about my husband A LOT – schedules have been crazy and he graciously helps me with Selah in ways that would make most wives drool…and yet, in the midst of my craziness he has his own opportunities bursting forth like never before with big decisions on the horizon…so my thoughts are often with him – whispering prayers that God would grant him wisdom, joy, peace, and protection.

Well, that was quite a bit to share!  What are you into lately? 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Stitches, Sticky Fingers, and Studying - A Look Into our Week (Project 365)

Hello & Happy Friday Everyone!  Well, it has been an eventful week around our little casa - we are definitely finished with holidays and vacations, but we are doing our best to continue to enjoy the small moments of life!

Here is my continuation of Project 365!

Day 50 - In fact,the week started off with an injury.  Josh was trying to help me make some guacamole & when I turned around he had slipped and sliced his finger.  After some debating we decided stitches might be necessary and sure enough, my sweet man got a few stitches and proudly showed off his wound.  Ladies, I would not recommend showing this picture to your husbands if you are wanting help in the kitchen...
Day 51 - I took an all day photography seminar with Mark Umstot.  I've long been a fan of Mark's work - in fact, he took my sister's wedding pictures and I loved how he captured that day and yet also made everyone feel at ease as he got up close and personal snapping away.  The day was a fun learning experience - I'm already looking into purchasing a new lense that he recommended and I've been trying to practice almost daily.  For the last part of class we had a model come out & so here are a few in my class gathered around trying to practice their new found skills.
Day 52 - I'd like to title this picture, "A Meeting of the Minds" - ha!  In all truth I get some great advice from these four ladies - we meet for dinner once a month and have been doing so for almost 5 years now - wow!  I had the privilege of hosting this month and I have something to brag about...Are you ready?  Wait for it...I cooked!  Like really cooked - real food for adults.  I'm proud can you tell?
Day 53 - I had a very long day on Monday...I only had 2 hours at home with my sweet Selah before I had to go teach a class and during that time I was peeling some cuties for her to eat.  She wanted to try to peel her own little oranges, and to my great surprise she peeled 3 cuties her determined little hands!

Day 54 - Confession: this is the only picture I took on this day...but the more I look at it the more I kind of love it!  This was in the middle of our staff meeting at Church on the Rock, and I think in this moment that Candy said something funny & this is everyone's reaction (notice the craned necks to look her way)!  Our staff continues to grow and change and it there is a new excitement in the air as we enter 2012 - It is an honor to work alongside these people!

Day 55 - I love Instagram - seriously!  This is a snapshot from my iPhone & I used Instagram to quickly give it this feel - it is so easy & sometimes it is the perfect way to highlight those precious moments throughout the day.  Wednesday was another day where time was limited with my girl,so we made the most of it by playing outside - the weather was gorgeous!  And my girl is gorgeous - don't you think?
Day 56 - This is from yesterday as I worked from home & prepared for a message that I am preaching on the Core Value of LOVE.  It was one of those moments when it all seemed to come together (and believe me, this doesn't happen very often as I prepare)...if you live in Lubbock you can come hear this message next weekend at Church on the Rock (don't you love my little plug)?
So as you can see we went from slicing fingers to peeling oranges to preparing sermons - it was quite a week in deed!  AND today we began the task of potty training - exciting I tell you - ha!

I can't wait to see what your weeks looked like my fellow Project 365 partners!  Link up below!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Love The One You Are With

Source: via Paige on Pinterest

I’ve read several blogs on marriage recently – most in response to Mark Driscoll’s book Real Marriage (which I have no intention of reading – I’m not much of a Driscoll fan, but that’s all I’ll say on that matter).  Oh, except that I did love Sarah’s post over at Emerging Mummy describing the beautiful marriage she and Brian share. 

Other blogs have been in response to New Year’s resolutions or just a reminder to keep a focus on that most important of relationships.  I especially loved Ann Voskamp’s words and practical suggestions to connecting with one's spouse.

And as I’ve been reading these reflections on marriage my own thoughts have often drifted to my relationship with Josh.  I’ve never been the romantic or one to gush too much about what we have, but the more I’ve allowed myself to reflect the more I’ve realized just how precious and rare it is.  It is so different from what I see in others, and yet I believe each couple has their own rhythm that they find if and when they stay true and push through those frustrations and unmet expectations.  I’ve long given up comparing what we have to others – I like that ours is a bit different and that our roles cannot always be defined.  Because regardless of what books or others say we have a security in our love with the first goal being to simply serve the other.

After 11 years of marriage and over 13 years of becoming best friends I still marvel when he starts to fold towels in the early morning hours (like he did today).  I love that we can laugh at the goofiest of things when the lights are out and we are soon to fall asleep.  I love that there are no assumptions - even when it comes to our schedules and whose work or passions take precedence.  I love how he prays over me…how he throws Selah into the air with abandon…how he whispers love to our little nugget inside my belly. 

Too many things that I love to recount…but exploring San Francisco this week together solidifies that there is no one I’d rather explore with (he is my Boots so to speak – sorry, Dora the Explorer is on right now).   We’ve travelled the world together exploring and engaging new cultures…and although we’ve walked the streets of Paris at midnight, experienced Chinese New Year with all it’s fascinating colors in Thailand, and watched the sun set on beaches of Mexico…we still love new sights and rarely take a new adventure for granted.

So, thank you to my adoring husband for continuing to explore and see new sights – if you travel to San Francisco, here are a few recommendations from our travels.

A definite must is to purchase a new pair of sunglasses - well, this was our first stop as Josh left his shades at home and needed not 1 but 2 new pairs!

We decided to be true tourists on this trip since we were limited in transportation, and took the open air tour bus the first day to scope out the places we really wanted to see.
Josh is a fan of architecture & this was on his list of must sees: The Transamerica Pyramid Building...

I on the other hand, am a fan of Crepes...especially Nutella Crepes!  And we found a delightful little bakery called Honey Honey that made this gem for yours truly!

I am also a fan of tea and all things British!  Found the cutest Tea Shop where I located Jame Austen tea (how much more British can you get), a cute print of stuffed animals having a tea party that I bought for the new nursery, and just quaintness (not sure if that is a word) all around!

An aspect that I did NOT love so much about San Fran were the crazy steep streets.  I loved gazing up them as we drove by, but when it was time to actually walk these bad boys, I most definitely was aware that I have not run in quite some time!  I don't think the extra few pounds from the little nugget helped either...

This handsome fella had pity on me and purchased us an all day trolley pass so I could steer clear of the steep streets.  And yes, we did take the customary picture of Josh hanging off the trolly...but I like this one better - isn't he a cutie?
We rode the trolley down to the Ferry Farmer's Market on Sunday afternoon & I was amazed at the care that local farmers took in growing all sorts of produce.  I especially found the mushroom stand intriguing.  These people were serious about their mushrooms...and I have a feeling they grew "special mushrooms" we didn't see here...

One of my favorite parts of vacation is when we just stop and find little places to sit and sip coffee.  This was outside the Ferry Building and Josh had purchased a coffee & an organic ice cream sandwich.  We people watched for a long time & enjoyed the sunshine!

San Francisco has great architecture...and although this isn't technically architecture, I loved this sign in China Town...there were lots of happy moments like this to be found as I looked up at the buildings!

Here is the famous Golden Gate Bridge - it was impressive.

But the Red Woods were far more impressive in my we are standing inside one of the tree trunks.

Again, just a quick snapshot to show how large the trees were in comparison to our small selves.

Ahh...Looking Heavenward!

We also found a secluded beach on the other side of the woods.  We sat in the sand watching this father and daughter playing.  I wish this picture could convey her delight and determination in chasing the bird.

My final recommendation is to visit Sonoma or Napa Valley.  We went into the small town of Sonoma and then also drove through several vineyards stopping occasionally...these are a few barrels at the Kunde Family Winery.

I loved the vineyards & will write another blog about my experience there.  For some reason it literally did not hit me until I was standing among the vines that I had chosen ABIDE as my word for 365...and within the first two weeks of January, here I stood getting an up close demonstration of John 15.

And the best piece of advice I have for visiting San Francisco...go with someone special - the one you love to explore with...the one you laugh easily with...the one who will let you have a moment in the vineyard and not ask any questions...the one who offers to give you a piggy back ride if your feet are hurting that badly...the one who knows you best...and will definitely be a trip you won't soon forget.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project 365 - Travels and More

Time to report in on Project 365!  Josh and I had quite a week with a little trip to San Francisco - I actually left my lap top at home so I couldn't blog or do much productive...and my oh my was it ever nice!

I took so many pictures that I'll do another blog devoted to our trip later in the week...but for now, I'll boil down each day to one picture.

Day 43 - After waking up at 4am we flew to San Francisco and got ourselves acquainted with this city.  We ended up eating at a delicious restaurant and I even got a dessert created by a fabulous contestant on Top Chef Just Desserts.  Dessert makes me happy - can you tell?

Day 44 - We continued to explore this new city and found ourselves wandering near the waterfront.  I loved the fresh crab stands and was somewhat disappointed the pregnancy would not allow me to get a meal from one of these stands.

Day 45 - We rode the famous San Francisco trolleys on this day as we went to locales like the Farmer's Market & China Town.  Highlight of the day was definitely just hanging out with my favorite friend and also mastering some of the steepest streets I've ever experienced.

Day 46 - We rented a car on our last full day in Northern California and explored the countryside.  It was difficult to choose a picture for this day - I loved the vineyards, beaches, and people we saw on this day, but without a doubt I am still in awe of the grandeur of the red woods.  This picture does not do these magnificent trees justice - they towered over us with strength and beauty.  I could have sat there for hours looking heavenward.

Day 47 - Before we boarded the plane to return home I was able to sneak in a bit of journaling and of course a bowl of authentic California granola & yogurt.

Day 48 - Back home and we both jumped back into work...funny enough, although we both spent countless hours together while on vacation, we scheduled a "meeting" for lunch on our first day home.  Do any other spouses do this?  We've found in our lives that we do best if we keep work discussions set aside from we discussed finances, zoe, and even a message we would be preaching together.  I guess we just can't get enough of one another!

Day 49 - Oh how I missed this little one, and today we got to spend together at home.  I pulled out a small chalk board and colored chalk that I purchased for a party and let her scribble to her heart's content.

So let's see how your week looks in pictures!  Link up below and be sure to give love and encouragement to all those participating with us!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Year - Simple Joys!

Hi Everyone!  I'm continuing my picture a week, although I'm not very proud of my photography skills this week.  With that said, I also decided I wouldn't edit any of these, but just celebrate the simplicity of everyday moments as we began 2012!

Day 37 - The Joy of a Balloon!  We ate at Chic-fil-A and Selah got a green balloon.  Unfortunately her mother accidentally let the balloon go in the air and it was slightly traumatic...

Day 38 - The Joy of Cookies!  Have I ever told you that Josh has a small obsession with chocolate chip cookies?  It is his one vice, and Selah loves this vice because when daddy eats a cookie he usually sneaks her one too!

Day 39 - The Joy of Cartoons, Headpieces, and Just a Diaper!  Selah and I were lazy on my last day off work...she was dancing along with the characters on television.

Day 40 - The Joy of a New Sister!  If you haven't heard, you can read here about our Gender Reveal Party!

Day 41 - The Joy of a Great Babysitter.  This is Miss Annie who watches Selah on a weekly basis when we have our college ministry.  She watched Selah on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, and Selah absolutely loves her (oh, and I do too)! - PS - I did this using Instgram...

Day 42 - This was tonight as we took Selah to my parent's house.  Josh and I leave early in the morning for a get away to San Francisco.  I sure am going to miss this sweet girl!
Can't wait to see pictures from your first week of the New Year!  Link up below!
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