Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Year - Simple Joys!

Hi Everyone!  I'm continuing my picture a week, although I'm not very proud of my photography skills this week.  With that said, I also decided I wouldn't edit any of these, but just celebrate the simplicity of everyday moments as we began 2012!

Day 37 - The Joy of a Balloon!  We ate at Chic-fil-A and Selah got a green balloon.  Unfortunately her mother accidentally let the balloon go in the air and it was slightly traumatic...

Day 38 - The Joy of Cookies!  Have I ever told you that Josh has a small obsession with chocolate chip cookies?  It is his one vice, and Selah loves this vice because when daddy eats a cookie he usually sneaks her one too!

Day 39 - The Joy of Cartoons, Headpieces, and Just a Diaper!  Selah and I were lazy on my last day off work...she was dancing along with the characters on television.

Day 40 - The Joy of a New Sister!  If you haven't heard, you can read here about our Gender Reveal Party!

Day 41 - The Joy of a Great Babysitter.  This is Miss Annie who watches Selah on a weekly basis when we have our college ministry.  She watched Selah on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, and Selah absolutely loves her (oh, and I do too)! - PS - I did this using Instgram...

Day 42 - This was tonight as we took Selah to my parent's house.  Josh and I leave early in the morning for a get away to San Francisco.  I sure am going to miss this sweet girl!
Can't wait to see pictures from your first week of the New Year!  Link up below!


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