Thursday, January 5, 2012

We Announce If We are Having a He or a She!

On Tuesday morning we went in for a Dr.'s appointment and ultra-sound with the hopes that we would get to find out if we are having a little boy or girl.  At first, our little nugget was sitting perfectly still with legs crossed as if to protect this great secret...

But then, our little bundle got to moving and the Dr. said she was 95% certain of the sex.

So, what was left to do but have a little party with our family and friends!

I've never been to a gender reveal party, but I'm always game for a good party and this seemed like a worthy event.  Probably there was an added level of excitement because my parents have 3 daughters and 6 granddaughter - there is not a boy to be found in our brood & there is always a burning question in the minds and on the lips of those who know us as to when a boy might make his entrance.

We've had COUNTLESS people say that they KNOW we are having a boy, so there was an added level of anticipation for this reveal.

I decided to ramp up the team boy vs. team girl aspect by asking people to vote for which sex they thought we were having, and some even wore blue or pink based on their predictions.

Leslie and Ava cast their vote for a boy

And after voting they took either a mustache or pair of lips to show their spirit!  As you can tell...we had quite a few more voting for the boy than girl.  Afterall, as one friend commented - what are the odds of having 7 girls in a row?  Surely it was time for a boy...

So, mustaches abounded this evening

Eric & Kimberly both went for the boy vote

A house divided - Lisa took a pair of lips while Roy took a mustache!

Heather, Elizabeth (our friend from Thailand), and Terri all wearing their blue & showing off a mustache!

Even Selah chose a mustache

The oldest of our girls - sweet Taylor!

We also had a station where people could share name suggestions with us...and oh the names we received!  I couldn't pronounce most of the suggestions, and there also seemed to be a large contingent of Hunger Game fans because we had some suggestions based on the characters of the book.  Probably the best suggestion was Evan which was made by my 5-year old niece (I think this is her current crush).

Kimberly & Heather cast quite a few suggestions for names!

Here I am reading the name suggestions - wasn't too sure of names like...Avitar (thanks, Jay Phelps)

So after eating and much laughter it was time for the big reveal!  We decided to simply wrap a onesie for Selah to open for everyone to see - would that onesie be blue or pink?

Opening...What will it be?

Oh my goodness, it's pink!

The mustaches are in SHOCK!  But I am HAPPY!

Josh is happy too - and my mom will kill me for this picture, but I absolutely love it because this is her true laughter face - I love that we were all so happy and enjoying this moment - the Girl Streak is ALIVE!

All that was left was a bit of proof, so I showed off the ultrasound pics and we celebrated bringing one more vibrant, sweet, beautiful, and strong girl into the world!

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us!  I'm so very excited to welcome a new girl to our family - I feel like the Lord is doing huge things with women right now and it is a privilege to raise two beautiful girls who can change their world and mirror His beauty!  Here's to GIRLS!


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