Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I want to tell you...

I need to update my life...actually...need is a bit of a strong word...SO I want to tell you (you being the blog world) things like An Evening of Hope went splendidly & thank all of you who came out to stand with women rescued from trafficking and slavery!

I want to tell you things like...I'm in need of a break...a refreshing from Josh and I and Selah are going to IHOP (the prayer place not the pancake place) this weekend in Kansas City just to proactively get in His presence...

I want to tell you things like...I had so much fun watching my cousin and dear friend - Erin Louder - get married to another dear friend - Mark Murray this weekend...

I want to tell you that I just ate a delicious cupcake from CAKE - thanks Les & Missy for the treat!

I want to tell you things like my yard is GORGEOUS this time of fact, a recent babysitter said that she felt like she was in a novel...made me realize just how much I take my yard for granted...

But MOSTLY...I want to tell you that my baby turned 3 months and is as cute as she can be!  We celebrated today with a few pics...

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Story of Hope & Ministry Redefined

I’ve decided to devote my blog to telling India stories this week because I REALLY want all my Lubbockites to come to Thursday’s “An Evening of Hope” (7pm at The Cactus Theater for free)…This is a cause that is deep in my heart…

Here is one reason why…

From a blog I wrote in August of 2008

I had the privilege of being involved with a retreat in India at one of the most amazing places I have ever visited. It was an oasis in the middle of crazy India and it housed men, women, and children who have been rescued from the streets and all manners of horror.

The retreat was specifically targeted towards 85 women who were rescued from sex trafficking. Many of these girls were sold or kidnapped into prostitution and others of them were the daughters of prostitutes who also were abused and mistreated on the streets. If you can imagine, I was literally on the verge of tears when I allowed myself to imagine the horrors these girls have faced. Yet, I didn’t see pain or sadness in their eyes, but great hope and joy. There was an occasional flicker of longing or lament, but most of the time I just saw life!

I preached on Friday night about being a daughter and of course in my mind, I envisioned it looking something like what I experienced last year – girls crying, sharing their hearts, praying with the all-wise Americans, etc… Guess what? After I finished what I thought was a pretty good sermon and gave the invitation for prayer, only five girls came forward – yep, that’s it…five. I hate to admit it, but I was about to question God about why He would send me and not use me when Mandi (a fabulous girl from Dallas) started to sing a song acapella – “Child of God”

I stopped in my mid-complaint as she began to sing because this song was explanation enough from the Lord. You see, God’s revelation to my heart about being His daughter as my identity occurred before I got married, and the story was the focal point of my sermon that I shared that night. Over 8 years ago, the one song that ministered to me in that time was “Child of God,” and it was so instrumental that I even had it sung at my wedding. So, when Mandi started singing this song that is almost 10 years old, the Lord said to my heart…"Paige, you just do what I tell you to do and then trust me to heal their hearts – they are my children.”

I looked out over the sea of women and saw that though they weren't coming up for prayer, some were silently crying, some were writing in their journals, and some were sitting and letting the Father love on them. So, although I didn’t see what I had envisioned, I left with an unwavering knowledge that God is at work in the hearts and lives of these young women.

Later that night, I found out that God wanted to redefine "ministry" for me. He reminded me that there are different seasons – a time to cry & a time to laugh. And after dinner we laughed so much! In fact, I think that perhaps the most good I did that entire weekend was allow the girls to teach me to Bollywood dance…They were doubled over in laughter at times - not sure if they were laughing with me or at me...but the point is - they were laughing!

And as I went to sleep that night, God whispered to my heart, "Paige, they've seen enough tears - tonight I just wanted them to laugh." Who knew my ministry this year would not just be in speaking or prayer but Bollywood dance?!

So, I share a few pics of this fun night, and I ask you to pray for these women - so beautiful...definitely changes one's view about what it means that "Jesus saves"...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Becoming Paige

I gave myself a quick facelift today...the blog that is...still not loving it, but I was wanting to simplify it so it will work for now.

You may also notice that I finally settled on the name Becoming Paige for my blog.  Thanks so much to everyone who voted...this was the overwhelming favorite, although Angie Neal's combination of my ideas was also a favorite!

I've been thinking quite a bit about why I'm blogging and how I want to change things up - mostly, I'm blogging as a way get out my thoughts, journal my life, and occasionally share thoughts that might encourage or cause others to think.  But I was needing some structure to help me be more diligent about decided I should narrow down what I really want to talk about in this venue.

On a recent road trip to Dallas with my mom we were discussing blogs and it was her idea to focus on ministry, mommyhood, missions, musings (my random thoughts) & to also throw in my crazy stories as I seem to make a fool of myself often (thus the mayhem)...I realized - these are the areas of life where I'm passionate (at least at this point in life)...and as I share about them perhaps I'll learn more about Becoming Me...Becoming Paige.

With that said, here are snippets about each of these areas:

I preached this weekend for Mother's Day about Sabbath - I was shocked how many people afterwards talked to me about how they needed permission to rest...I'll talk more on this some other time...but until then we should all go take a nap...

Oh, and I recommend The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan

I cannot believe how quickly my Sweet Selah is growing!  She loves to smile and talk to me now-a-days...and today we had a photoshoot...

So, I'm planning an event NEXT Thursday, May 20th that will bring awareness and raise funds for a wonderful ministry in Mumbai, India that works with women and children rescued from human trafficking.  My heart was literally ripped out my first year in India as I heard stories and wiped tears off of precious faces.  I told God then that I would do whatever I could to help...and I'm honored to have the opportunity a few years later to be a small voice for these women.

If you are in Lubbock you should come out.  It is at The Cactus Theater - 7pm - Thursday, May 20th

My husband bought me the book Downtown Chic by Robert & Cortney Novogratz...and it has me thinking about finding a wreck of a house & completely renovating it.  The only problem is that we are less than handy - I can paint...but otherwise Josh and I are a mess...thus - simply a musing...

Have I ever shared the story about accidentally mooning two full boats of highschool boys?  Yep, not only did I moon them, but once I realized that they were there I actually began running with my pants down...thus making the incident 100x worse...there is far more to this story - but I was thinking about it yesterday as we talked about going water rafting with our young adults...

Until next time...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Counting my Gifts (Mother's Day Edition)

First, I need make the statement that I have been away far too long.  I come to my blog often (almost everyday)...and I'm working (in my mind at least)...about what it should be...what I should say...I'll hopefully be back on a consistent basis soon - I'm shooting for this week...

Until then, I just had to share my many Mother's Day gifts...for I am thankful!

74. Working from home next to my sleeping/smiling/growing girl

75. Waking up on Mother’s Day for the first time and feeling happy to be in this hard working club…mostly though feeling loved for simply loving her

76. The hubby’s thoughtful gifts – books!

77. Preaching to a room full of people who trust me enough to simply listen

78. Nursing Selah between services – although it was a realization that my life has drastically changed, it also helped me to stay focused and remember who I am

79. The hubby cooking Pioneer Woman Cobbler…the aromas filling the house as I took a nap

80. Dinner with my mom – watching her love her granddaughters
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