Monday, July 28, 2008

We are in Thailand!

So, it's day 4 in Thailand and I'm sitting in some random internet place with intense Thai gamers all around. It is crazy - the boy next to me is hunting some type of "bad men" in a storage facility, and there is a girl to the right playing a game that looks like Thai spice girls? Oh, and they are all yelling at each other across the room. It's fabulous!

So far the trip has been wonderful - easy travel - I even had my own row during the 14 flight so I got lots of sleep! We finished our first ladies conference last night, and although it was different than I had imagined it was no less powerful. We were able to mostly love of these ladies who work tirelessly, and the team also shared some powerful principles about community, living life loved, and fighting for our freedom. One of the most powerful moments was after we shared about doing life together and the power of relationships, we had them pray for one another, and there wasn't a dry eye in the room. Last night was special too as we had an unbelievable 10 course dinner and concluded by giving each of the ladies a necklace. Also, a muslim woman came to know Jesus last night...

So, it's been great! We went into schools today and dazzled them with the chicken dance and games of chubby bunny. We have also eaten all sorts of strange foods and our team experienced the infamous Thai massage...all I can say about it at this time is that it was better than my last experience although again I found myself contorted in ways I did not know was possible.

I can't post any pictures yet, but these people are just gorgeous! They love simply yet powerfully, and give even when they have so little. So, keep praying for us, and we'll try to post more later!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kup-Kum-Kai & Namastay

So, we are off today for Thailand and India! I'm super excited and nervous all at the same time! I've been to both places before, and both of them stretched me like nothing else! In Thailand a couple years ago I found myself switching between laughter and tears...It was one of the funniest experiences of my life with the 3-hour Thai massage from hell (I'd love to tell you the story), watching Thai people sing hours of karaoke, laughing at Pastor Simon Lee as he cackled like th the same time, I was often in tears as I people with piercing smiles, jumped in the Indian Ocean, and prayed with beautiful women.

India had a similar effect on me - I absolutely fell in love with the women and children in this country, and as desperately as I felt the culture shock and wanted to go home at times, something in my heart told me that I was forever captured by this country. I've told many of you stories about my trip - standing in sewage while people scavenged for food, listening to young girls open up about the abuse they had suffered for years, preaching to women who had been rescued from prostitution and the joy that now shined through their eyes. Yet, more than anything else, I remember the tears that I saw in India. The tears of my team & the tears of the women that I met...This is a hard country, and yet I've never felt the presence of God more than I did last year- His peace, strength, and confidence carried me through. So, I'm going back with trepidation and joy mingled together.

I will try to blog and upload a few pictures while we are away...but if we come to mind would you please pray for us? Here is the plan:

After flying for 29 hours...
Thailand - Women's Conference, sharing to over 1,000 teenagers at 2 schools, sharing in two communities, church service & women's meeting

India - Young Women's conferece (750 girls ages 16-35), 2 Ladies Events, 2 days at schools for kids ages 2-4, Church Services, special children's day at Life Center, Teen Challenge retreat for 75 women rescued from prostitution.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Golf Recap & Help

So, I didn't know my wife was going to flash pictures of my belly as I was swinging nor insunuate that my calves have some kind of impact. Today I will set the record straight and give you a precise, moment by moment insight to a successful golf swing. I know you can't wait for this valuable information, but after years of practice (walking across the street to just putt, chip, and play as little 8 year old to playing at Pebble Beach in California with my father) I thought I would share.

It first starts with visualization. It's much like a positive attitude verses a negative attitude. Statistics show it takes 2 times more energy (mental, physical, and emotional) to think and produce negative thoughts/attitudes than positive. This is an amazing thought as most people look at life as half-empty. Those of you who know me, realize I am most often the extreme opposite- almost to a fault. I truly believe the best in life, my Abba God, my marriage, my family, my business, and especially people. This translates into my golf game....

I visualize where my ball is going to go (it helps I have played enough to actually know where it should go although not all the time.) So on the hole where you saw the lake, I saw myself hitting the ball with a slight movement from left to right avoiding the lake and avoiding Rosa's Restaurant on the right. Guess what...I turned my hands over and hit it in the lake (kinda funny huh.) Well that is much like life. You can visualize a positive attidue and sometimes life doesn't work out that way. But it's now what happens to you that really matters, it's what you do with what happens. So I teed up another ball, and smashed a drive all the way near the hole; plunked my next shop by the flag pin, and knocked in the saving putt for Par (see the victory dance)!!!

I have just decided to use the mechanics and lessons of a golf swing to parlay thoughts about life. So tune in next time (maybe from India/Thailand) as I introduce the physical aspects to a great golf swing. Maybe it will help lower a few strokes off your personal game and allow you to beat that feared golf rival of yours, or maybe it will just spawn some additional thoughts about life helping us all to reach for a higher standard!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Golfing with the Hubby

So, most people who know Josh seem to know that he is quite the golfer. I think it is the result of growing up with an avid golfing father...or perhaps his crazy large calves? Anyways, Josh LOVES to golf, and he especially loves it when I come out with him. I tend to stay away due to the allergies, but I went out with him one night last week - we played until it got dark - it was just gorgeous! So, I thought I would show you Josh's fabulous swing and form. I don't have any other insights (maybe he will get on here and share a tip or two)...all I know is that it has something to do with one's form, hip movements, and maybe the calves??? Enjoy!
I guess this is the hip action part...


Notice the calves...

Thursday, July 17, 2008


So, Josh and I leave on Tuesday for our three week adventure through Asia. A week in Thailand, 2 weeks in India and even a day in Hong Kong...We are super excited and a little nervous at the same time. If any of you reading are taking trips of some sort this summer - whether it is vacation or missions, check out this article:

It gave me a good perspective this morning...Enjoy!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Marcy

Monday is Marcy (Josh's mom) birthday. If you haven't met her you are missing out - she is this amazing, beautiful, and inspiring woman. Every time we are around her, Josh and I are challenged to draw closer to the Lord. So, to celebrate her, I thought I would post a couple pictures!

Josh and Marcy at The Getty in LA a few weeks ago...

Josh with his mom, and sister Joy!


So, I've been listening to the song "Beautiful" by Gateway Worship (Kari Jobe)...and I've been thinking about recent stories I've heard from friends - little reminders to them that God knows, He cares and He loves.

For instance, my dear friend Christie Weehunt who is a missionary in India told me as we chatted over skype last week, "You won't believe how God blessed me today!" She proceeded to tell me about the shower she got to take that day! She has only been getting 2-3 hours of running water a day, and on this day she desperately wanted a shower. She tried at home, but no running water, so she went to the gym and after a workout she found that their showers were under reconstruction. She went home sad that what awaited her was another sponge bath, when she thought to try the shower one more time. Guess what?! Yep, water - just long enough for a shower (it was out for the rest of the day). And her response - "He loves me!"

Then my sister Leslie wrote a cute blog about their dog Nash who was kidnapped. After days of looking, a horrifying trip to the pound, and Taylor's tears, she asked God to bring Nash back. And wouldn't you know it...that night they got a phone call from someone who rescued Nash from his kidnappers and returned him home! He cares!

For me, it reminds me of the time that I was running a 15 miler (during marathon training) and we didn't put out any water before hand (just assumed we would find some along the way) mile 12, I literally thought I might kill over. I told the girl I was running with that we were going to pray for some water (oh yeah, we were in the middle of no-where). It wasn't eloquent, something like, "God, we need water and we really need it now, please." To my amazement we turned a corner and there was a college girl getting out of her car. My friend said, "you don't happen to have any water do you?" She went around to her trunk and said, "Actually I just went to the store and bought tons of water!" She handed each of us our own water bottle and we went along our way.

Back to the song "Beautiful," the last line is "I just want to dwell on Who you are." Hmmm...beautiful in deed, and with all His gestures of love, I'm assuming He thinks we are beautiful too.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Josh wrote about rest, so I thought I might as well too. It seems to be that lesson in my life that I am constantly revisiting, and in some ways it doesn't make is good...God created it for is a time to get refilled...and yet it causes me to give up control and that is where I fight with it, a lot. I once read in "The Soul of Ministry" by Ray Anderson that Sabbath is actually us stopping and allowing God to complete what we started. We rest and He works - in fact when you go back and reread the creation account it says that God finished His work on the 7th day...So, I'm trying to embrace this truth - that although rest does require me giving up control, it's not arbitrary, but rather I'm relinquishing my control to the One who knows how to best finish the work I've started.

In other news, we just sent out an email letting everyone know that zoe is moving to Thursdays at 8pm in the fall! Yay!

Oh also, I totally cooked for a group of ladies last night - those who know me will attest that this is a small miracle. I even got recipes of food network - oh yeah, I was cooking for real! Although I was running around crazy when they arrived everything turned out relatively tasty! yay!

I will leave you with this picture. It's my nephew Levi who loves making funny faces! We had fun with them in Dallas a couple of weekends ago!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Slowing Life Down

Well, here is my first "blog". Please forgive any rambling, but this is how I get my thoughts out.
So this summer, Paige and I are trying to "slow down" from the hectic but exciting pace we normally run. I have to be really honest as much as I love this chance to pull back, IT'S REALLY HARD! Maybe I am a little neurotic (and my wife won't completely disagree), but when there is large gap of time with little or no responsibilities I begin to feel antsy as if I should be busy and just "do something."
Paige and I leave for our longest and possibly our most difficult missions trip to Thailand/India in about 3 weeks. It's doesn't seem like we have lots of responsibilities, meetings, engagements, etc. in this time. I sense very strongly God keeps saying "slow down, rest, let your body refresh, rejuvinate, and recharge. It's okay to not do much." I really know God is speaking that to me, but it's just hard to shut the busyness of my mind and life. So I'll boil it all down. I either slow down, enjoy the subtle moments of peace and quiet, or run myself so ragged I lose all effectiveness for my life, my marriage, my business, and impact on others. Guess it's not that hard if I look at this way. I hope you don't struggle with constantly "doing" opposed to just "being", but if you do stop and smell the roses and enjoy life. You and I both know around the corner is another round of fast paced life.

Happy Fourth!

I realised yesterday that I really love the Fourth of July! It's one of those days where you just get hang with your favorite people, eat good food, and watch bright lights in the sky...I really like it! Anyways, we had brunch with my family at my parents house and sat outside for hours talking...At night we went to Mackenzie Park for the festivities!
My mom, Ava, Abby & Leslie
Lacey, Ashley, Bethany, Kimberly & Hannah playing some cards
Here we are with Randy smiling in the background
Terri, Callie, Erin & Becca

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer Travels So Far

So, since May we have been going all over the US...showing our friends Tomas and Miriam around. (They were in the US for 4 months and we decided it would truly be a shame if all they saw while here was Lubbock - and Levelland). Lots of details came together and we were able to take a road trip across the West.

The Grand Canyon
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
Here are a few pictures from some of our journey!

At the Grand Canyon during Sunset

With Tomas & Miriam

I took Josh's picture next to the "Danger" sign after he kept scampering around on the rocks and ledges...

Oh, the reason for the trip to LA was my graduation from grad we are with my parents!

A couple weeks after our road trip out West, we went with my family to Heath's parent's house boat in Arkansas. It was incredibly relaxing and some good family time...I don't have any crazy stories like past family vacations, but Josh did buy me a bikini off the side of the road - can we just stop and think about how many things are wrong with that scenario? FYI - I will not be wearing his gift...Here are pictures with the fam!

Josh wakeboarding

Heath was showing off some of his moves

Baby Madison (my newest niece) - isn't she a cutie?

Naked Ava=unresistable photo moment
Ava looks longingly at the lake
With my lovely sisters
Ava says "Cheese!"
Doesn't this look like a bad Olan Mills picture?
Beautiful Taylor

here goes our blogging

So, I've talked about starting a blog for months now, and I decided today that we just need to try and do it! I'll try to do my first posting tonight with pictures & more!
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