Thursday, November 27, 2008

India & Thanksgiving

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! I will give a Turkey update tomorrow...we are cooking and getting ready for our festivities, but this morning I have been watching a lot of news about the attacks in Mumbai.

Most of you know that I have been to Mumbai the last two years and have fallen in love with the city, country and it's people. What was shocking when I first read about the attacks is that I've been to most of the places that were attacked - they are beautiful parts of the city and frequented by foreigners. The Taj was my favorite potty stop and Leopolds has delicious Chinese food (the first time I visited there a young Indian man who had converted from Hinduism at his first bite of was quite the momentous experience for him).

Anyways, I just wanted to ask you all to be praying for this city. I am attaching a note that I received from my goood friend Christie Weehunt who currently resides in Mumbai. So, as you are with your families today just stop and say a prayer for the families of Mumbai...not only do are most of these people without clean water and sanitary conditions, but today they also have an extra layer of fear surrounding them.

So pray for peace, wisdom, and that the Christian community would have God's wisdom to minister to scared and wounded hearts.

Until next time! Eat plenty of Turkey & pie!

Terror Attacks in Mumbai (from Christie)

Today at 3:50am
Hey guys,
Just wanted to let you know that we are safe. Yesterday Hannah, Season, Mark and I were outstation doing some documenting, and were on our way back to Bombay when we got news of the terror attacks in the city. With there being reports of attacks all over the city we were asked to spend the night up at the LIFE Center, as it there was no clear picture of what was going on...only that it was escalating. We drove back into the city this morning. As you may have heard they were targeting Americans and Brits, so we all covered our heads with shawls and headed into the city. (otherwise it was far too obvious that we were foreigners.) They city has been very quiet, as everything is closed today..schools have been cancelled, many shops are closed, and there is a heavy military and police presence all over the city. Literally at every corner there are police officers and vans, there are blockades and checkpoints all through the city, and apparently downtown is almost completely shut down, and they are checking every car. I don't know how much news you are getting about the situation here, but so far the most information is available at So this attack hits close to home. Literally three hours before all of this craziness began my parents were shopping along the causeway where the Taj hotel and Leopolds are. They just knew they had to leave, and got home to find out what was happening. The Taj hotel is greatly damaged, and they are still holding hostages. This hotel is just opposite the Gateway to India, and we frequent it with many of our teams as it is a tourist spot. (and they have/had beautiful, clean bathrooms.) Leos, where they opened fire killing many, is a favorite hang out for my friends and I, and has been for years...they have amazing chinese food. Metro Cinema, where they threw grenades into, and opened fire (from the police truck they stole) on people as they fled the exploding cinema, is directly across the street from my home church here. CST, the train station where they opened fire and threw grenades, is the main train station, and home to so many street children...and on and on the list goes. As best we know, we don't know any of the casualties. Things are still crazy, and there's not a very clear picture of what's going on, or how much longer this is going to last. Please just keep this city in prayer. A Pakistani terrorist group has laid claim to the attack, but please pray that they don't continue their rampage, and that there aren't any reactions from radical hindus. I will try and keep you guys posted as I get more info! Thanks for your prayers.Christie

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where I Am...Part 3

Where I am: Josh and I just returned home from a nice evening at Randy & Callie Boyd's home. We had the privilege of inviting some people to hear about their ministry and the entire evening was a reminder to me about what an amazing ministry they have...if you've never checked it out perhaps you should pray about connecting with them through prayer, finances or a short term trip -

What I am watching: The Amazing Race. Josh and I love this show and talk every time about what a great team we would be, although I'm sure I would lose my cool at some point and either start crying or nagging. They are in Moscow on tonight's episode & Josh swears that they were just in a monastery where he has been...

What I am reading: I just started Kabul Beauty School and I'm also reading Why Not Women? by Loren Cunningham as research for a class I'm teaching starting in January.

Favorite Picture: I didn't take this - Leslie did, but I just loved holding my new niece - Molly Kate, so this is my favorite picture from the past week.

Website I Enjoyed Looking at this Week: Josh and I got to know Lynette while at ORU, and it was exciting to see the many ways that she is influencing people across the world. I especially like the title of her book: Climbing the Ladder in Stilletos - hope to read it soon.

Funny moments from the past week: Josh and I received our new passports this week and we had fun making fun of one another's pictures - I look horrible, and it is sad to think that this picture is sticking with me until 2018!

Favorite moment from the past week: Josh and I went on a date on Friday night. We went to see Fireproof (I cried like a little girl) and then we had a nice dinner. I love my husband!

Least favorite moment from the past week: In all honesty, this was a rougher week for me. I didn't feel very good for a portion of it - almost threw my back out and just generally felt down. I can't seem to pinpoint the culprit of my woes, but I'm ready to be back to myself - hopefully it will come in the morning.

What I am Looking Forward to:
This is going to be a great week! Here is what awaits me!
  • Traveling to Dallas with Josh and Courtney Faulk - love that I get to hang with Court
  • Spending time with Josh's family in Dallas
  • Coffee & shopping with Angel on Friday - I haven't seen my best friend in over a year - I'm super jazzed about this one!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Give Presence

So, I just went to my friend, Sarah's blog & she had this amazing video on there...

After watching, I realized that I haven't shared my latest thoughts on Christmas...and the truth is, with Christmas just around the corner, Josh & I have been talking about our annual shopping day on Black Friday every year in Dallas. Somehow we seem to get caught up in the craziness of it all and wind up spending much more than we ever planned and also end up just exhausted! So, we are talking about keeping me somewhat away from the malls and trying to do Christmas (particularly the gift giving) a little differently this year. The plan is to only give each other hand made gifts and to use the money we would have spent on Christmas towards purchasing a water well in Inida over the course of 2009.

We aren't parents, but we are trying to think of some creative ways to share this train of thought with our nephews and niece in Dallas too...if anyone has some creative ideas we would love it!

By the way, I'm not trying to be scrooge like..Josh & I will buy gifts this year - I love giving gifts! But what if we bought just one less or even fact, if I'm honest, it is more of a sacrifice and really more of a gift for me to give my time than my money...and that is the meaning of that is my goal this year - to really think about those that I want to give to, and then give them something - whether it is material or a bit of me - that shows them they are loved...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Los Angeles...oh how I miss thee!

So, I got home early tonight from MTS and I'm watching The Hills. Yes, I hate to admit it, but I kind of love watching The Hills...yes, it's not reality...yes, they are horrible actors...yes, I know this is a show primarily watched by teenagers...but yes, I love it...yes, I sometimes yell at Spencer when he is being unreasonable...and yes, one reason I love it is because I miss L.A. I've been missing Los Angeles A LOT lately. For the five years that I was in seminary I traveled to L.A. at least once a year and last year I went out 4 times! At the time I would complain about being alone or in class 8 hours a day, but now I'm realizing that those weeks out there by myself were such a blessing! I'm an introvert at heart, so I always came home refreshed because I could just be by myself and think...and shop...and enjoy the California sun.

I know this is random, but The Hills are inspiring me...if you go to L.A. here are Paige's tips:
  • Fly into the Burbank airport - MUCH easier than LAX
  • Go eat at The Marmalade Cafe - I LOVE this place! Amazing food, quaint atmosphere, and I almost always saw someone famous
  • Must visit the Getty Museum!
  • Shop at The Grove and Santa Monica Promenade (go to the Promenade at night - some fabulous street performers)
  • Take a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway
  • Eat some type of ethnic food - there are so many different nationalities represented in LA that you can find some delicious authentic food - I ate authentic Mexican & Russian on visits! And there is great sushi to be had in LA
So, those are just a few recommendations - you aren't probably planning a trip, but just in case you can go prepared!

I got home early tonight from MTS, and I have to write that my students are AMAZING! We are wrapping up a preaching course and they all finished giving their sermons tonight. Every single student far exceeded my expectations & it wasn't just about presentation. Their sermons were heart-felt and Biblically sound...FABULOUS!!!!

I've noticed several people blogging about Christmas decor lately...and in all honesty I'm debating whether or not to put my stuff up. I probably will, but when I go to all the work it makes me want to have a party or it enough to do all that decorating just for Josh and I to enjoy?

Okay, I'm going to focus on Audrina & LC now...oh by the way...Jenn Beamer totally started wearing headbands because of LC and I've recently started trying the front hair braid in LC fashion, so I know I'm not alone in this guilty pleasure...Jenn, did you watch tonight?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Where I am...

My blog is in serious need of an update, and since I can't seem to find the motivation to move from my couch, this moment appears to be the ideal time to bring my blog up to speed. Since I last wrote, so many things have happened - took a weekend to rest in Ruidoso with the hubby, met my new niece - Molly Kate Rich, traveled quickly with Josh & Erin to Dallas, worked a lot, bought a fabulous purple coat, drank a lot of coffee, and read a few books...that's the update, here is where I am:
Where I am at this moment: Yes, I am sitting on my couch looking out my windows at Lubbock's crazy wind - sometimes I really do question God on why Lubbock couldn't be lovelier? I'm drinking hot tea and contemplating picking up my house & going into work a little today...the key word here is contemplating.

What I am listening to: JJ Heller - "All I Need" Sara Casas gave me this suggestion on my last "where I am" blog & I love her! Thanks Sara - I especially loved that you could download her songs for free in October. You should all go check her out.

What I am reading: I'm actually reading 3 books at the moment - yes, they are some of those cheap books I bought at friends of the library, and you will see that they couldn't be more different from one another...French Women Don't Get Fat (she has some interesting thoughts...mostly common sense - I appreciate that she encourages you to eat what you love, but to do it in moderation), The Coming Storm by Tracie Peterson (a typical Christian fiction book - it's not fabulous but it is keeping my interest), and Prisoner for God by Dietrich Bonhoeffer (LOVE Bonhoeffer...these are actually his writings while he was in prison - fyi: he was a theologian in Germany that was arrested and ultimately killed during WWII).

Pictures that I Loved Taking:

Favorite Funny Moment: I have two - 1. talking with Erin in the car about what to say regarding ugly babies - you had to be there...and do not worry - this conversation had nothing to do with those who may read this blog - YOUR babies are beautiful! 2. Talking with my nephew Levi. He is three and said his head was hurting. I asked him what the problem was and he said, "Oh, it's just a little bit of lice." Ha! He does not have lice, but apparently Frisco, TX has the largest cases of lice in the country this he has heard lots of lice talk.

Favorite Overall Moments: Having a good conversation with Josh as we sat outside in the mountains in Ruidoso & of course getting to hold Molly Kate for the first time.

What I am Looking Forward To: 1. A quiet weekend 2. Having lunch with Marisa tomorrow 3. My Secret Dinner Club 4. The fall weather 5. Spending some time with my nieces

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Feeling Sporty

So, I don't know about anyone else, but this has been a sports-filled weekend in our household! First of course, we had the TTU vs. UT game last night, and although I didn't think it was possible...I was sucked in! Yes, I was one of those people who started yelling at the screen and when Crabtree caught that final pass I was jumping up and down and screaming my little lungs out! Usually, I'm the first one to start a seperate room at big games where conversation about other things is allowed, but this time I stayed in the room with the boys and cheered for Tech! I thought I would share a few pics from our little party! Go Tech!

Ava & I had lots of fun together at the game!

Get Your Guns Up!

Josh and Ava have a lively conversation about the game!

Madison sports her Crabtree jersey

Ava is cheering "Go Tech!"
Josh, Heath, Dad & Alan

The sports weekend continued as Josh spent most of today watching the Cowboys and watching sports shows to find out where Tech would land in the BCS standings. But it was also a sports weekend for me because today was the NYC Marathon! I ran the New York Marathon in 2006, and it was one of the most exhilerating experiences of my life. As I read online about Paula Radcliffe winning (she is this amazing runner) I have to admit that I was so wishing that I had run it today! So, I'm sitting here tonight contemplating whether or not I should start training for another race...the problem is that my A-Type personality says, "if I run another marathon, I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon." That would be the DREAM qualify I would need to run the marathon in 3 hours & 40 minutes...I ran my last marathon in 4 hours & 3 minutes, so I'm only 23 minutes off, which means I would need to shed a minute off each mile...not sure if it is doable, but I'm thinking about it! For now, I'll start by getting up in the morning and running a couple of miles!
(Can you tell that I'm doing my best to smile for the camera?
Inside I was wincing & mostly happy to be finished...
although it was pretty cool to finish in Central Park)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dressing Up is Fun!

So, most of you know that Josh & I are young adult pastors and every year we have a costume party on Halloween. I don't care how old I am, I think I will always love to dress up! The question is always who will we be? Typically we go for a famous couple of some type...We have been Sonny & Cher, J. Lo & Mark Anthony, Fred & Wilma, and last year Josh went as Dog the Bounty Hunter...
So pressure is always on although in all honesty we usually throw them together at the last minute. Our theme for the party was "Decades" so Josh and decided to be an iconic couple from over the decades...hope you enjoy the pics!

By the way, I'm watching College Game Day with Josh right now...can I just say, I'm so proud to be from Lubbock, although people are crazy here (if anyone else saw it on ESPN, I'm loving the my little pony sign), and I should definitely care more about the game...hmmm...I don't even have any Tech gear...I think I'll go buy a shirt today and see if it helps me get in the spirit. New clothes always make me excited!
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