Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where I am...

Where I am at the moment: Sitting on my couch in a dimly lit room - sipping tea, eating one piece of dark chocolate from my friends Lukas & Dita (European chocolate is on a different level from Hersheys)

What I'm currently reading: The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd - I got it at the Friends of the Library sale - yay for $1 hardback...not sure what I think yet of the story line, but she is a good writer. Oh, I'm also flipping through my latest Domino magazine - my friend Alyson got a promotion to senior designer & she is quoted this month when the mag asks people who work there what their favorite luxury is...she says, "all-natural, great-smelling cleaning products, especially for laundry." Really Aly? I'm still more of a diamonds girls myself...although Josh will attest that I do take a deep breath when I get into bed the first time after the sheets have just been washed...not so much the smell as the crispness of the sheets perfectly tucked! I love it!

What I'm listening to: At this moment - Brook Fraser's album "Albertine" I'm in need of some good new music...any suggestions?

Favorite funny moment this week - calling Leslie off the stage during worship on Sunday morning to let her know her zipper was down...her face was priceless.

Favorite thoughtful moment this week - meeting Marvin (aka Martin Luther) at Sonic. He is homeless & I had literally just left the Feast or Famine lunch at Pursue where we talked about the marginalized of society and facing injustice. I leave, pull into Sonic, and Martin walks in front of me. I got to buy him an extra long chili dog & coke. The moment was at the end of our conversation. Martin said, "Miss Paige, do you know Jesus?" I said, "Yes I you know Jesus Martin?" He replied, "Yes I do, Miss Paige. And earlier today, Jesus told me that if I would come to Sonic someone would come buy my some lunch." I'm glad Martin & I both listened to Jesus...

Most Favorite moment this week - Asking Dita to go to India with me & seeing her had to be there...

What I'm looking forward to: 1. our annual zoe costume party on Friday night...does anyone have a pillbox hat I could borrow? I want to go as Jackie O... 2. an upcoming quick get-away with my hubbie - I think we are going to NM next weekend. 3. Meeting my new niece Molly Kate in less than 2 weeks

Friday, October 24, 2008

Heart Dreams

So, I'm sitting in my kitchen sipping a cup of coffee and trying my best to get ready for the next three days...You know, when you put not only hours but your heart into a project it at first feels like eternity before it will arrive but somehow it always sneaks up on you. I've felt that way this week, but instead of panicking I've had such wonderful peace. I'm sure it is grace of God, but I also know it is because I have this AMAZING team of people huddled around me and this vision.

A little background...Two years ago, I had this idea pop into my heart to start an annual missions conference at our church...but I don't want it to be just another thing that our church does but rather a vehicle that people from around our region and even the US taps into. So, we had our first one last year, and it was wonderful! I named it Pursue and that is what it felt like last year - people pursuing God, God pursuing us in return, and then a call to consider how we might each of us in our own way pursue the people of this world...

We are now embarking on year #2, and everyone that has been a part of planning Pursue have gone above what I had ever dreamed. The creativity has been endless (literally - on Tuesday I said, "I love you all, but we cannot come up with anymore creative ideas this late in the game"). The willingness has been overflowing. This week I have had people just show up and ask what they can do to help. I have had friends bring me encouraging little gifts (Joe Reed even brought me Godiva chocolates!) and most importantly, I've known people are praying. My heart is excited but not anxious. Our work is finished and we don't start until 7 tonight. And people are coming - the phone is ringing away, the online registration continues...

So, yay! Here we go. Thank you to everyone who has had even the smallest part to play. I'll post pics when it is over, and in the mean time - tell God thanks on behalf of this girl. My heart is more than full. I am in awe of Him.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm here!

So, I'm here...working away on Pursue & although I'm tired I'm loving it and loving what is in store this weekend. I had the most AMAZING crew of people helping me yesterday and we got the entire main building finished - it doesn't look like the same place & it's totally different from last year - yay! So, whether you are coming to Pursue this weekend or not, if you live in Lubbock you should stop by COTR and check out the Gallery of Faces...there is something about faces from around the world that stops my heart everytime!

Okay, I'm off to work again! I'll give a fuller update soon...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Book Lovers Dream

So, just had to quickly share a most wonderful discovery! Josh and I went to the Friends of the Library book sale at the Mahon library...not sure what I was expecting, but it far exceeded my expectations! Thousands of books - books I actually want to read all priced between 25 cents & 4 dollars! I felt like a kid in a candy shop & Josh was equally excited.

We may have even gone a little overboard - we bought 35 books (almost all hardback) for $62! Seriously, that is a phenomenal deal and now the only question is where to start?

So, if any of you book lovers who live in Lubbock happen to read this, you should check it out - it's in the Mahon Library basement and ends tomorrow!

I'm off to read!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pink Giraffes and Paige on Hyperdrive

So, yesterday was day four of the marathon you ever have those - where you work crazy hours everyday but love every minute of it? Well, that has been my week...Starting Monday I have worked 12-15 hours EVERY day, and yet God has been so wonderfully gracious to help me enjoy and love every minute of it!

Last night I preached at zoe & as I was about to go up at 8:30pm, I realized that my body was about to crash, thus I had two options - preach as mellow-Paige (which could work) or preach as crazy-hyper-Paige (I chose this option and loved every minute of it). I was telling crazy stories, I even got some huge giraffes that just arrived for the fair-trade bazaar at pursue and used them to illustrate the story of Joseph that I was talking about. Anyways, as it was over I had one person say it was the best message ever although if they didn't know me better they would have thought I was slightly drunk, and another person also gave me a compliment and said it was preaching on crack...should I take those as compliments? Would Jesus be happy? I think so, because I'm completely aware that it was just him speaking through me and encouraging me to be crazy-Paige. And seriously folks, it was either crazy Paige or comatose this was a good thing.

I just wanted to encourage someone with the thought of my was "How big is you God in mundane life" and we talked about Joseph in the prison. As I was studying I saw that 4 conditions of the mundane life are: 1. you feel confined 2. you are busy working for others 3. it feels as though others are dreaming around you and thus your dreams are long gone 4. you feel forgotten...this is all right there in Genesis 39-41

I could have preached about Joseph and all the great things he did to enjoy his mundane life, butg instead I wanted us to focus on where God is...because for some reason it is especially hard to see him when life is just plain boring.

Genesis 39:21 says, "But the LORD was with Joseph and showed him steadfast love and gave him favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison."

And I is simple...
Even in mundane life that feels confining and without much hope, God is with us, He is SHOWING us His love, and if we can get our eyes off ourselves we just might find that He is giving us favor.

So, just a few words to encourage you readers...whether you feel on top of the world or like you are stuck in a boring life...God is with you! Open your eyes and see the many ways He loves you (this week, He showed me by having a friend give me a card, someone brining me a surprise HUGE Diet Dr. Pepper, opening a delivery that was filled with brightly colored giraffes - trust me, nothing puts a smile on your face like a random box with giraffes, and good conversations with friends), and He wants to give you favor...

Okay, that is Paige's sermon for the day.

By the way, if you want one of the fabulous giraffes & you are in the LBK, you should come to PURSUE next weekend. I can't even tell you how AMAZING it is going to be....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Bit of This and a Bit of That...

So, it is Sunday afternoon, Josh is watching the Cowboys and I feel like I have much to say - although my thoughts aren't very well organized.

First, just want to say that I had a super week! I spent A LOT of time teaching, doing research, etc. for MTS, but as Katie Skeens so lovingly labeled me - I'm a nerd so I really loved getting to spend my work week this way! Oh, and my MTS module on The Life of Christ was FABULOUS! My students were enthusiastic, open, and thoughful the entire weekend. We had some amazing discussions and I was pleasantly surprised that 25 hours of teaching in a 3 day period was refreshing rather than draining!

Second, I want to let you know that I'm SUPER excited about Pursue. It is coming in less than two weeks, and if you are in Lubbock Oct. 24-26 you should come check it out. We have lots of creative and special aspects to this conference up our sleeves, but even more importantly, I just know that God will show up and you will leave different. To find out more, go to our website -

Thirdly (oops, I mean Third - did you know "thirdly" is not a word? I learned this from Kay Whitten), I just want to say I love my husband! We have been going in two completely different directions over the last couple of weeks and as a result haven't spent much time together. So, we went on a date Friday night and are hanging together today. We went and saw Eagle Eye on our date, and I was a bit disappointed...are you serious about this story line? Oh, and Shia Labouf may always be 14 in my mind...I find it hard to see him as a man.
Speaking of my husband...I was tagged this week via someone's blog to list Josh's favorite things. Most of you put cutesie pics, but here is my quick list: Business Magazines (Forbes & Fortune are his preferred choice), golf, football (Cowboys), The Wall Street Journal, college basketball (NC Tarheels), me, beautiful ties (they must be tied correctly), travel (with me as his travel buddy), fantasy football, books and more books, and talking!

Fourth, have you seen my nieces lately? Seriously, they have to be some of the cutest kids on this earth. Taylor is just GORGEOUS - her eyes are breathtaking and she is becoming this amazing young woman. Ava is a super star & starting to speak in full sentences. She came by my office this week and we sang Barney's "I love you" together. She knows all the words AND motions - seriously, she is adorable and brilliant. And Madison, is a doll! Josh and I babysat her on Wednesday night and we had such a great time (we were both a little nervous before she arrived)! We took her on a walk and everything intrigued her! The only small problem was that she got excited before I put her in the bath and she peed all over me...

Fifth, I miss my college friends - Wendy and Angel. We usually have a trip over Labor Day but couldn't do it this year because Wendy just had a baby...anyways, I've been missing them lately. Yes, I have some great friends here in Lubbock, but these two girls just seem to know me at a different level than most people and spending time with them is one of my favorite things. We are all three COMPLETELY different. I am the ridiculously motivated one who is a bit too Type-A. Angel is the life of the know that type of friend who just makes life fun, adds spice to any conversation and also makes you believe that you can conquer the world? And Wendy is the sensitive, loving, amazing listener - she has a huge heart and is intensely loyal. So, just wishing I could have a coffee date with my besties right now...I'll close by posting a picture of them and saying a little prayer that they know today just what amazing people they are!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Shallow Recommendations

So, if you happened to read both my and Leslie's blogs earlier today, you know that in response to my book recommendations she lists her "veg out" recommendations. She claims that I'm the intelligent one while she is lazy, and I just felt that I should set the record straight.

1. We are equally intelligent. Honestly, she is smarter than I naturally...just ask our mother and she will tell you it is true. Leslie is one of those people who knows a little about everything and never had to work at school yet still made straight A's. I on the other hand would work hours on end, induce panic attacks, and agonize about my grades...I did well, but wish I could be more nonchalant like Les.

2. I too veg out a fact, reading is one way that I tune out the world. Reading is simply the "smart way" to be lazy.

3. I don't have kids & I have a feeling that once I do, it will significantly cut into my reading time.

Anyways, in honor of Leslie, I wanted to share my shallow appreciations lately...hope you enjoy!
1. Domino Magazine - This has been a fav of mine for the last three years, and now that my friend Alyson works for them in NYC, I love it all the more! It makes me want to redecorate my fact, I'm thinking about doing something crazy to my office...

2. Felicity DVDs - so, Josh and I joined the Blockbuster club where you get a DVD in the mail and then you get to turn it back in to the store and get a new one and then another one comes in the mail...yada, we realized that there are not actually that many movies that we want to watch all the time, so I have ordered all the seasons of Felicity for the ones we receive in the mail. Felicity was in college the exact same time as me, so I almost feel like I am reliving my college years! I'm on the final season (I've been slowly watching for over a year)...who will she choose: Ben or Noel??? Since I'm almost finished I would love any other recommendations for old TV shows.

3. Online Scrapbooking - I use shutterfly and have almost finished the past fun and a lot easier than doing it by hand.

4. - so much to love & buy! I mostly just look through it though!

5. I love photography blogs. I just jump from one to the next and think about how I want to take amazing pictures.

6. TV shows - so, I currently watch Project Runway, Top Design, the Hills (not sure why I continue to tune in), Grey's Anatomy, and Josh and I like to watch The Amazing Race (wouldn't we be an amazing team?), How I Met Your Mother, and The Office. Yes, I watch WAY too much TV, but most of it is DVR'd so we watch it when we have time...oh, I also love John and Kate Plus Eight and random shows on the Travel Channel.

Well, that is it for now! I'm waiting for Josh to come home, so maybe I'll go to etsy or flip on the TV...or maybe I'll be smart and read! Good night!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Perfect Moment

So, I just wanted to share my perfect moment that I've had this evening. I'm sitting in my living room looking out my huge windows as it lightly rains. I'm listening to Brooke Fraser, ignoring my phone (sorry if you are some of the 12 calls/texts that I've gotten), drinking hot tea (I discovered on my last trip to Europe that I LOVE tea), and I just finished the book "Nice Girls Don't Change the World" by Lynne Hybels (which reminds me, I'm actually not sorry for ignoring my calls - that is what a nice girl says, and I willfully chose to take this night for myself - and it's been fabulous). Josh has been out of town since Friday and I've taken a few hours over the last three days to slowly rest and recharge.

Have you ever been in that place where every part of you is exhausted? Not just your body but your emotions, mind, and spirit? I seem to come to this place far too often, crash really hard, and say that I'm going to learn to rest in the future. I'm trying to learn to rest, and thankfully this time around I did rest before I crashed although I was definitely on the way to a face plant.

Anyways, I'm good - at this moment - I'm great. Nothing like stopping, quieting everything and just being with my Jesus. So, to any who happen to read this, I pray that you too experience a moment this week - maybe it won't be perfect, but perhaps it can be refreshing, quiet, or full in some way that speaks to your soul. We need those more than we realize.

Oh, while I'm thinking aobut it, here are my book recommendations from the last couple of months...

Nice Girls Don't Change the World by Lynne Hybels - just read it in 30 minutes...super short & although not life changing, it was a perfect reminder about the importance that we can't make everyone happy, perform for God's love, etc...just rest, be you, etc.

Girl Meets God by Lauren Winner - Jenn, you need to read this book. This is a memoir by Lauren who first converts to Orthodox Judaism and then to Christianity. She is a professor at Columbia (super smart) and she just has a totally different but refreshing at times view on God.

Half-Life/Die Already by Mark Steele - Josh and I knew Mark when we lived in Tulsa, and this is his second book that chronicles a year in his life. I literally laughed out loud while reading this book but also was constantly convicted and sucked into the lessons he learned over the course of a year.

A Walk with Jane Austen by Lori Smith - I don't know what it is with me and memoirs lately (I think God keeps bringing them across my path because I'm supposed to write somewhat of one myself...). Anyways, this is a young woman who actually travels to all the significant places of Jane Austen's life and chronicles what happens in her own life at the same time...pretty good, but you probably need to be an Austen fan to fully understand.

The Organic God by Margaret Feinber - Loved this book, although I think the fact that I was reading it while on a house boat looking over the lake maybe made it greater than reality! I just liked the way she writes and thought she had some great thougts.

Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott - I started this a couple years ago but found it only half read a couple months ago...I don't agree with everythign Lamott says, but her writing makes me search my heart and think about everything from a different perspective.

Oh, and I've read some mindless fiction along the way - such as Confessions of a Shopaholic & Shopaholic Takes Manhattan, The Will of Wisteria, Baby Proof, The Last SinEater, and a few other random books...not sure if I actually recommend any of these though :)

I would love any book recommendations of your own! I'm off to continue enjoying my perfect evening! Hope you experience your own soon!
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