Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Bit of This and a Bit of That...

So, it is Sunday afternoon, Josh is watching the Cowboys and I feel like I have much to say - although my thoughts aren't very well organized.

First, just want to say that I had a super week! I spent A LOT of time teaching, doing research, etc. for MTS, but as Katie Skeens so lovingly labeled me - I'm a nerd so I really loved getting to spend my work week this way! Oh, and my MTS module on The Life of Christ was FABULOUS! My students were enthusiastic, open, and thoughful the entire weekend. We had some amazing discussions and I was pleasantly surprised that 25 hours of teaching in a 3 day period was refreshing rather than draining!

Second, I want to let you know that I'm SUPER excited about Pursue. It is coming in less than two weeks, and if you are in Lubbock Oct. 24-26 you should come check it out. We have lots of creative and special aspects to this conference up our sleeves, but even more importantly, I just know that God will show up and you will leave different. To find out more, go to our website -

Thirdly (oops, I mean Third - did you know "thirdly" is not a word? I learned this from Kay Whitten), I just want to say I love my husband! We have been going in two completely different directions over the last couple of weeks and as a result haven't spent much time together. So, we went on a date Friday night and are hanging together today. We went and saw Eagle Eye on our date, and I was a bit disappointed...are you serious about this story line? Oh, and Shia Labouf may always be 14 in my mind...I find it hard to see him as a man.
Speaking of my husband...I was tagged this week via someone's blog to list Josh's favorite things. Most of you put cutesie pics, but here is my quick list: Business Magazines (Forbes & Fortune are his preferred choice), golf, football (Cowboys), The Wall Street Journal, college basketball (NC Tarheels), me, beautiful ties (they must be tied correctly), travel (with me as his travel buddy), fantasy football, books and more books, and talking!

Fourth, have you seen my nieces lately? Seriously, they have to be some of the cutest kids on this earth. Taylor is just GORGEOUS - her eyes are breathtaking and she is becoming this amazing young woman. Ava is a super star & starting to speak in full sentences. She came by my office this week and we sang Barney's "I love you" together. She knows all the words AND motions - seriously, she is adorable and brilliant. And Madison, is a doll! Josh and I babysat her on Wednesday night and we had such a great time (we were both a little nervous before she arrived)! We took her on a walk and everything intrigued her! The only small problem was that she got excited before I put her in the bath and she peed all over me...

Fifth, I miss my college friends - Wendy and Angel. We usually have a trip over Labor Day but couldn't do it this year because Wendy just had a baby...anyways, I've been missing them lately. Yes, I have some great friends here in Lubbock, but these two girls just seem to know me at a different level than most people and spending time with them is one of my favorite things. We are all three COMPLETELY different. I am the ridiculously motivated one who is a bit too Type-A. Angel is the life of the know that type of friend who just makes life fun, adds spice to any conversation and also makes you believe that you can conquer the world? And Wendy is the sensitive, loving, amazing listener - she has a huge heart and is intensely loyal. So, just wishing I could have a coffee date with my besties right now...I'll close by posting a picture of them and saying a little prayer that they know today just what amazing people they are!


Anonymous said...

You are such a wonderful aunt. Madison had a great time with you and Josh the other night. I know she can't tell me that in words, but she seems to love y'all even more now. You can watch her anytime!!!

Jennifer said...

Did NOT know thirdly was not a word.
Look at you Paige- ever the educator.

You're neices ARE fantastic. Not quite as fabulous as mine...but you know, close.

Sarah Bessey said...

I'm another one that didn't know that about "thirdly". LOL Thanks for the info.

Love the "stream of consciousness" types of posts....they just fit on a Sunday afternoon.

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