Sunday, September 25, 2016

5 Reasons I Always Fall for the Fall

Can you feel it?  The air is a bit crisper, people are singing the praises of pumpkin spice everything, and my kids are back in school (hallelujah)!  Must mean fall is here or almost here, and just today I was rekindling my love affair with Fall.

If you're unsure about fully embracing this best of seasons, I thought I'd share with you 5 reasons why it wins my heart every year.  I'm trying to make converts here today.

1.  Cozy Everything

Could Fall be any cozier?  With the onset of cooler weather, I feel like Fall beckons us to come inside, pull up a blanket, get a hot drink, and snuggle up for ultimate coziness.  And I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone in this love.  I heard today that Lubbock Starbucks were literally out of Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  People were ranting about it on social media - it was serious!!!  They are bringing in a special shipment so peace should resume shortly.  And at our last community group, we devoted an entire 10 minutes just to discussing the best places to get special fall drinks.

And the smells...ahh!  Breathe it in my friends - fall smells are the best!  I'm burning a Pumpkin Cheesecake candle as I type this.  I wouldn't eat a piece of pumpkin cheesecake, but I will most definitely let it's fragrance into my home.  It's glorious!

2.  Missions Launch

Every October for the last 9 years, I have worked to put on a Missions Conference, Banquet and announce short-term trips for the following year.  I love it!  It's  a season when I get to dream, work on projects that have my heart, and connect with friends from around the globe.  And want to know the absolute best part?  It's when people have light-bulb moments about God's heart for the nations.

When ordinary people begin to see that missions is so much more than trips, sad commercials, or memories of begging God as a kid to please not send them to Africa.  When people begin to see that their prayers make a difference...when they make a connection with missionaries or national leaders in a real way...when they or we...become sacrificial in our giving, our prayer life, and our time - it's what changes things.  And it makes me love the fall.

3.  Fall Fashion

Jeans.  Sweaters.  Booties.  Need I say more?  Here is what I'm loving right now in fall fashion.

I'm loving the booties trend right now, and I just purchased some leopard ones from Nordstrom Rack.  They don't look exactly like these, but they are close.  My mama has always told me that leopard counts as a neutral so they go with anything!

I bought a floral bomber jacket from Zara when we were in London and I just LOVE it!  It might be too much for some people, but I have already worn it once and can't wait for it to get a bit cooler so it can become one of my fall staples!  This one here is from H&M - adorable!

I feel like graphic tees are a little overdone, and yet I want to wear one everyday!  And this one right here from sums up my life.  I'm going to buy this right now.

4.  Fresh Starts

I still think about time in terms of school semesters, and so in my mind, the fall is the beginning of a new season.  The leaves may be slowing fading and falling, but it still feels like the start of new beginnings and opportunity!  So much so, that I've literally started 2 new groups and a new project all in the month of September.

I attended a conference this summer.  God clearly told me to go, and so I boarded the plane alone headed to North Carolina where I'd be surrounded by 700 women whom I had never met, but who I hoped would be a little like me.  I was super nervous to step out, and yet I went with so much expectancy in my spirit.  I knew God had sometime waiting for me there.  Within a couple of hours, I started having some amazing conversations with inspiring yet humble women.

I've been in groups before with women who love Jesus, but something felt different this time.  These women loved Jesus, but they were also running hard - after Him and after the dreams He placed in their hearts.  As I talked to women with bright eyes and contagious laughter, I found myself sharing my own dreams.  And these women, they listened, spoke life, and cheered me on in such a profound way that I left that place feeling like I could do the hard things that were hidden deep inside.

As I boarded the plane back to Lubbock, I started to ask God about the take aways from this time, and He told me to create a similar tribe of women back home.  So I'm working on that.  I invited 7 women who inspire me to lunch and told them about my experience.  I've often heard it said that if we have a need, we should try meeting that need in someone else.  And what better time to start than the fall!

OH!  And, I'm also working on another project that I'll be launching with this one (my sister, Leslie) in October.  It's still secret, but I think you will like it!

5.  Pumpkins

Finally, I love the fall, because pumpkins are so quirky and beautiful!  The girls and I purchased quite a few yesterday, and had so much fun placing them around the house.  They also painted masterpieces (Selah's words) on pumpkins and will be displaying them in their rooms.

Happy Fall Y'all!  Why do you love this season?
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