Monday, September 20, 2010

Things that make me happy!

On Mondays I typically count my gifts in an attitude of thankfulness…and so I’m going to continue my list today by simply telling you about somethings I’m loving right now!  Please be advised some items on this list are superficial...but they make me happy!

113. My new Steve Madden chain sandals…my mom and I went shopping last weekend (haven’t done that in ages) and found Dillard’s fabulous shoe sale. I got an amazing deal on these and I love them…

114. Guacamole – I’m not much of a cook, but lately I’ve gotten on a kick of making guacamole. It just seems to be the perfect complement to so many meals! Plus, who doesn’t love saying the word…guacamole!

115. Hannah Katherine Photography- Miss Hannah took our family pics last Tuesday and although I haven’t seen all of the finished product she has leaked a few on facebook…it is REALLY hard to choose favorites, but this one is a definite favorite

This one is a favorite too...

Oh, and I also love this one...

116. These pictures make me think of another thing I love right now- baby fat rolls. Seriously, the fact that my child does not have wrists but simply a line where the two fat rolls merge makes my heart happy…love those rolls!

117. Prayer – It seems strange to segway from baby fat rolls to prayer…but honestly I’m loving prayer more than ever right now. So often prayer is difficult for me – it has felt rote or distant…but in this season of life it seems to be a part of my everyday life. I find myself talking to God about all sorts of things and as a result I’m also finding a sense of peace and purpose even though I’m definitely not seeing everything I want to see. I don’t have a magic formula – but would encourage others to just talk to God and talk to Him often…

118. The thought of jogging…if you know me you probably know that pre-Selah jogging was very much part of my life. With the pregnancy and a back injury I stopped for a lot longer than I ever planned on it. I have some friends that are wanting to do a marathon relay in October (we would each run around 6 miles), and I think I’m going to do it! I went running yesterday- did 1.5 miles and I felt great! So, I’m excited to reintroduce my body to this thing that was once a huge passion!

119.  Tea Parties - I babysat Madi & Peyton (my sister's girls) one night this week and Madi and I had a lovely tea party.  Sometimes it is lovely to be a girl - to take pleasure in pouring a nice cup of tea and sharing it with other girls (even if those girls are Scarlett O'Hara the doll...and another old scraggly doll that I grew up with)...I ended the tea party with Madi thinking - I want Selah to know the joy of playing simply - without the fancy toys and electronics!

120.. Teaching – I’m back teaching at Pursue Ministry Training School and I forgot just how much I LOVE to teach. So fun to see people learn something new!

121. The Arrogant Texan – so Josh and I and Selah had a family date night on Friday…we ate at home but then decided to go for a walk and a treat! Josh wanted to go down to the Tech area to see what all was going on with the UT vs. Tech game. At 8pm it was pretty tame, but we wandered in The Arrogant Texan which is a super cute candy/ice cream shop. They serve Amy’s ice cream and we ate way more than we should have. Selah loved the bright colors of the candy displays and I liked that it wasn’t a typical place in Lubbock!

122. Rooting for our team. In all honesty, I don’t really care. I don’t care if Tech wins (there are children starving in other countries)…I don’t care if the Cowboys win (there are things I would rather do with my time)…but I do love my husband…and he cares. He cares quite a bit in fact! So, I’m trying to get on the bandwagon and cheer (usually for at least one entire quarter)…and I gave myself props because I dressed Selah up to match her dad…so he knows we both care! (I should also say...I know I am being dramatic - most people I know who love football also care about starving children :))

Any great things that you are loving right now? Let me know!  Would love to find out what makes you happy!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Counting My Gifts (#101-112)

It has been far too long since I last counted my here are a few that were on my mind today.
101. Lots of girl cousins that Selah can grow and laugh with

102. Big Bows (although I still try to keep them size appropriate)

103. Long talks on long car rides

104. Sun-burned shoulders & a sun-kissed nose

105. Finding that His answers really are preferable to my wants.

106. Rousing discussions with new people

107. Being okay with the fact that I don’t have the answers

108. A blooming pear tree that we didn’t know existed

109. A little face covered in applesauce

110. Little eyes lighting up as she discovers new joys

111. Watching precious friends say “I do.”

112. Being asked to “be there” for someone’s special day
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