Friday, March 30, 2012

Treasure the Ordinary - Project 365 is Alive!!!

Project 365 is still alive!!!

I know you probably don't care, but I really am committed to this project, and I'm excited to get caught up - this time posting a full two-weeks worth of pictures.  I wasn't sure what to title these two weeks but I settled on Treasuring the Ordinary because that really is what this project is all about.

From March Madness to the dawning of spring weather we have been living each moment fully (perhaps too fully I feel sometimes)...but that is what life is like sometimes - riding the waves as I like to call it...some weeks are crazy busy while others leave you a bit more space to breathe.

I'm just trying my best in the midst of those wave riding weeks to keep my head above water and keep my eyes open for the ordinary moments that somehow (by His grace) turn into the extraordinary.

Here are a few of those extraordinary moments I'd like to share with you.
Day 118 - It's been March Madness around our house!  Especially anytime that North Carolina is playing - notice my hubby with Selah's NC blanket over his shoulder - he has discovered great joy in swinging it both with joy and in heartache.  It was a sad moment in our home this last week when one of their stars broke his wrist & then again when they were eliminated from the tournament.

Day 119 - Selah loves sidewalk chalk.  And she especially loves for me to draw her pictures!
Day 120 - As I mentioned in a previous post, my laptop died a couple of weeks ago and I've been debating on what to get.  After quite a bit of debate and research, Josh and I decided to take the leap and move me from the PC world to a MAC....and can I tell you that I love it!  Seriously, I love it.

Day 121 - A little fact about Josh you may not know...he is a CPA.  He doesn't practice accounting, but he has his license (studied super hard to pass that test)...and as a result he always does our taxes (and several other people's as well).  So, he finally sat down to do our taxes on this evening and was in deep thought when I snapped the pic of the day.

Day 122 - We felt like we needed a little Papa and Gigi time so we took dinner over to my parent's house and just hung out.  We watched March Madness together and Selah asked her Papa to draw some pictures for her.  He is the greatest artist in her mind...and tonight he grew in esteem as he drew all of the Yo Gabba Gabba characters for her.  She was quite impressed!

Day 123 - I decided that today would be a good day to clean out Selah's clothes (we are blessed with a plethora of hand-me-downs) and get ready for this next season as well as the new baby.  What I was  not expecting was how Selah wanted to "help" me in this process.  So, here we are (notice the pile of clothes on the floor - they were stacked neatly in the chair until Selah decided she needed to sit and read).

Day 124 - Have you been loving the weather?  We most definitely have enjoyed and spent as much time outdoors as possible.  Selah took sometime to pick flowers (I think they were weeds) but it was precious none the less.
Day 125 - Selah has been begging for months to go "wimmin" - this would be swimming in Selah speak.  So, imagine her delight when Josh filled up our little plastic pool and let her splash to her heart's content.

Day 126 - This is me at 5:45pm.  You see I had jury duty on Monday and assumed that they wouldn't choose the pregnant girl...well, I was wrong.  And in truth it was an interesting experience for me (I've always wondered what it would be like to serve on a jury)...but here I am after hours of waiting, answering questions, and then listening to testimony for a few hours...and my day was not over.  It was my first night to teach a Teaching & Preaching course and I was cramming for it (you see, I'd really thought that morning that I'd be back at my office at least by lunch time).  That was not the case, and I think my face let's you know how I was feeling.

Day 127 - Can you tell my kid loves to have her hair dried?  And she especially loves for the warm air to blow in her face.  Don't worry, it was on low...

Day 128 - I wanted to capture this moment because Josh gave Selah one of his ties on Wednesday morning.  He took her to school for me and I assumed that he would remove the tie as he dropped her off.  This was not the case.  In fact, her teacher informed me that Selah proudly wore her tie until they were on the playground and the teachers feared strangulation.  So, it was removed at that time, but once we got home she promptly found the tie in her bag and preceded to wear it for the remainder of the day.

Day 129 - I have a small group that meets in my house on Thursday mornings - it's a group of new mommies and we just encourage one another, talk about our babies and pray together.  I took a quick pic on my iPhone, so let me introduce you to Aarden & Natalie in the background & Jessica with her twins Zoe & Ellie.  Selah calls this time "The Babies Comin" and she wanted her picture with these adorable little ones!

Day 130 - This was today!!!  And wonder of wonders, I actually went shopping with my most favorite gals - my mom & sisters.  We all shared a babysitter (thanks Annie for refereeing our 5 girls) and we took a few hours to go Easter shopping & of course eat!  I don't remember the last time we spent time together like this, and I love that we still all love to get new Easter outfits.  So thankful I have built-in friends in the form on my family!

I hope you are able to treasure your ordinary this next week!  If you are capturing your days in pictures via Project 365, please link up below!  And it's never too late to start!  Would you consider joining us this next week?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Flu, The Zoo, and a Birthday Party Too! Project 365 - Week 16!

I have been looking forward to this week for at least a month - I had grand visions of taking a few days off for our Spring Break!  We traveled to Dallas and I was excited to rest and of course do a bit of shopping (this is a must every time I'm in Dallas)...and, although we did go to Dallas...and, although I did end up was more due to the fact that I had horrible allergies/the flu then any type of vacation relaxation...I know, can you hear the violins playing as I complain?

BUT, that is just the way things happen sometimes.  I pressed through a lot of the discomfort to try and enjoy our time & I must say...looking back over these pictures it is evident that although I couldn't breath or perhaps was shaking from a fever, my sweet Selah  & Josh had a nice week...and therefore, it was still a good week for our little family!

Here is Project 365 and a look into the lives of Josh, Paige, Selah & the little nugget!

Day 111 - This was this past Sunday and we took Selah to jump on my aunt & uncle's trampoline.  Can you tell she was delighted?!  Selah loves to jump at this stage & I must admit that I even got on that trampoline (big belly & all) and jumped with her...I won't be posting those pictures - ha!

Day 112 - I had a long work day on Monday, and yet I was enjoying it as it was quite productive.  Mid-day I decided that I needed my one cup of caffeine for the day in order to keep going so this is me at Good Brews Coffee & Tea Lounge.  I also was reading this book Communicating for a Change - I'm going to use it for my Teaching a Preaching class that starts in just one week!

Day 113 - Before we left for Dallas, we had one VERY important thing to do - attend Madi & Pey-Pey (aka Madison & Peyton's) birthday party!  I took a lot of pictures at the party, but I think this might be my favorite.  We were trying to get the kids to line up for a picture and the birthday girls weren't too happy about the idea.  And, it shows how my sweet Selah is smaller than the rest...but she is scrappy!

 Now I need to show you pictures of the birthday girls - we sure do love these two!

Happy Birthday Peyton!  Can't believe you are two!

Happy Birthday, Madison - what a beautiful and sweet girl you are!

Day 114 - We traveled to Dallas on Wednesday and that evening I found Selah with Josh's iPad sitting in her Sabba's chair while he played with his own iPad.  They are quite a pair.

Day 115 - I have been wanting to take Selah to the zoo for quite some time, and this was the perfect opportunity!  It was an absolutely gorgeous day, some cousins joined us, and we all had a great time...oh, and can you see the little nugget?

Day 115 (part 2) - I had to add this picture, because this is Selah's cousin Zoe and she adores her!  They are the only two girls on Josh's side of the family so they are fast becoming friends!

Day 116 - Josh and I ate at In-N-Out Burger while in brought back good memories.  When I was in seminary in LA I would eat here often (probably more often then I should).
Day 116 (part 2) - I know it's supposed to be one picture a day, but once again here is another.  On Friday night we had dinner with Josh's cousin Heather (seen here) and his aunt & uncle.  It was so nice to see them, and we thought Selah and Heather needed their picture together since they were looking so similar!
Day 117 - On our way home!  I was sick this day, so this is my one photo that I snapped on the phone while we were in the car.  I let Selah get a sucker at the gas station, and was practicing her parade wave as we drove.
That is it for our week!  I'm back home and ready to jump back into work...realizing more and more that we just have two & a half months before the little nugget there are things to do!  Praying for a productive week filled with small moments of joy!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Loud Music, Lovely Girls, and Lots of "I Do's" - Project 365

It was more than a full week in my life, but looking back I realize it was also filled with so much joy and true fulfillment.  This week I've noticed people getting stirred to be more proactive (perhaps in response to the Kony2012?)...and I'm thankful that in a lot of ways my normal is just that - working hard in my own way to make a difference.

When I'm not doing something that connects with a global purpose or to just something bigger than myself, that is when I get frustrated and tired.  So, I'm looking back at this week of...what to call it?...fullness perhaps?...with an overflowing heart!  Oh, and I'm so excited that we are escaping for part of this week to get recharged so we can continue to be our normal - pressing forward as best we know how!

Here is a look at my week: Project 365 Style!

Day 100 - On Saturday I took pictures for my mom's cousin's wedding.  Shara & Brad had a beautiful wedding and it was so special to watch as they blend their two families together.  My favorite part of the ceremony was that during the lighting of the unity candle they had a candle for each of their 5 children to light & then they brought all 7 candles together into ONE!  Oh, and this picture I took with their rings - I kind of love it!

Day 101 - This is the only picture I took all day - Mostly because my pregnant self was exhausted after 7 hours of taking pictures the day before (a new found respect for professional photographers was something I discovered along the way)...but Sunday was also focused on prepping for the Gungor concert that we were in charge of the following day.  I was personally responsible for feeding 25 people 3 meals, and if you know me that is somewhat ridiculous since my cooking is sporadic at best (yes, I catered it all)...but this was a laundry basket full of my hot drink supplies...tea and coffee were going to be an all day must & I was well organized for the event!

Day 102 - It was another long day for us but oh so worth it!  Here is Michael Gungor singing Beautiful Things...and it was in deed a beautiful night.

Day 102 (part 2) - Just had to share this quick picture because I was so proud of my husband at this moment.  We both finally sat down to take a deep breath & enjoy the concert - just looking around to see that people in our little city had responded so well & were sitting with expectant hearts for what God would made all the work fade in the distance.

Day 103 - I think I see a pattern developing because once again this is the only picture that I took on Tuesday.  After a day of work we found ourselves at home together for an hour before the night's responsibilities called...and so we sat (all three of us) with feet propped up in the living room.  It was a nice hour!

Day 104 - Selah got food poisoning the night before so I stayed home with my sweet girl on Wednesday...BUT by the afternoon she was feeling much better so we went outside to enjoy some sunshine (isn't it amazing what a little sunshine can do)?  I snapped a few pictures and this one is my favorite.

Day 105 - I typically work from home on Thursdays but since I was out of the office on Monday and Wednesday I decided to sneak into the office at 7am and actually cleaned my desk & made my to-do list for this upcoming week.  My desk hasn't been this clean in a very long time!

Day 106 - My sister Leslie took this picture while she kept Selah for me (Josh and I were at a wedding rehearsal)...and I absolutely adore this picture!  Apparently Selah and her two cousins (Ava & Molly Kate) decided to dress up!  Selah loves her older cousins so much - they are her heroes and I'm thankful that we live close enough for moments like this just to happen.

Day 107 - Josh and I officiated the wedding of Drew Parsley & Tiffany Goforth together & it was a lot of fun!  We've both been involved in other weddings separately in the past, but it was our first time to do an entire wedding side-by-side...and it was just right.

I hope you also had a great week!  And here is to an anticipated upcoming week of rest!

PS - My computer died this week, so my blog postings will likely be light until I get a new one (which I'm hoping is sooner than later)

If you are also participating in Project 365, I'd love for you to link up below!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hallway Transformation for CHEAP - My March Pinterest Challenge

Addicted to Pinterest?  Oh, me neither...I only glance at it on my phone at least once a day - just hoping I don't miss that idea that is going to change my life.

I have gotten more selective about what I post on my boards though - I try to limit to those images or links that I might actually use one day...and let's be honest those days don't come around too often.

So, this weekend I decided to take up the Pinterest Challenge (something that I hope to do monthly) and actually follow through on an idea that I saw on this addictive site.

I've posted a few images of black & white picture collages with the hopes that I would somewhat replicate this in my little nook of a hallway.  Here are the images I had posted:
Source: via Paige on Pinterest

And I especially liked the first image...but I had a few issues:

1.  I didn't want to spend much money
2.  I wanted to keep it simple since it is a small area
3.  I wanted it to flow well into my girls' rooms (they both have a somewhat vintage feel)

So, I went through boxes of old frames and found a shelf that I had used a few years ago and was saving just because a shelf is always something nice to save.  I then chose a few of my favorite pictures and photoshopped them all with the same finishing.  I then sent them off for printing & here is the final result!

And the best cost me a grand total of $12.  Yep, a little transformation for $12 definitely makes this girl happy!

And I also get to daily see some of my favorite snapshots of our little family.

Like this one of Selah last Easter so happy and taking the stage in front of all the family!

As you can tell, I used all sorts of frames, some with mats and others without.  I tried to keep everything black and white with the exception of the desk and an antique clock from Josh's family.

Do you have any cheap transformations in your house?  It's amazing how a new look just makes you feel excited all over about where you live!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sticky Notes, Sunglasses, Squirrels, and a Bit of Dust: Project 365

Time for my weekly Project 365 post...and if the lack of this week's posts is any indication that it was a busy week around our house then the multitude of iPhone pictures this week will also testify to the fact that taking a quick picture was all I had time to do this week.  Oh well, some weeks are just like that!

What I'm most excited about is that at the end of the week I'm at Day #99 - wow!  This little project has gone so quickly and it hasn't been that difficult.  I may just keep it up through the next year too (well, I'll wait until I'm at Day #365 and decide then).

Oh, and in other photography news, I'm taking pictures at a wedding tonight...which is REALLY making me nervous - so say a quick prayer for me tonight that I capture beautiful moments and that I get a few decent pics!

Here is our week in pictures:

Day 93 - This is me at 25 weeks!  I realized I haven't taken many pictures at all, and I just got a new tripod so I took these pictures of myself.  Can I just tell you that you feel ridiculous smiling at a tripod when no one else is in the house...yes, you do.

Day 94 - Sunday was absolutely gorgeous in Lubbock, so we found a new park to play at that had all sorts of fun places to explore.  Selah loved the little house & kept closing the window & then popping out - her new favorite saying is, "Ta-Da!"

Day 95: This one picture may give you a true glimpse into my life...note: 1.  It is almost 11pm and I'm about to go to bed when I realize I have not taken a picture all day.  2.  I need to dust.  3.  I tell people often that I'm constantly reading 5 books...and - yep, count em: 5.  4.  Want to know what I'm reading?  Hinds Feet on High Places, Half the Church, a Jane Austen wanna-be novel, The Blue Parakeet, and The Message.  5.  I have Tums...because I'm pregnant...and well, ya know.  6.  I really need to dust.

Day 96 - Another lovely day!  Selah and I sat outside after work and just watched a squirrel.  Seriously, we watched a squirrel and she cheered for him to climb the tree.  Once he finally ascended the tree she decided that she wanted to follow in his footsteps.  She was sorely disappointed.

Day 97 - Just hanging out with my mom's shades...

Day 98 - Selah hates the sun in her eyes.  So, this is often what I glance back in the car to find.

Day 99 - My dad has been Israel for the last week so Selah and I decided to surprise my parents with breakfast yesterday morning and spend a little time with Papa & Gigi.  It was really fun...and my dad kept Selah entertained by drawing her pictures.  I love my dad.
That was our week!  Hope you had a great one too!  I think I'll go dust now.
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