Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Flu, The Zoo, and a Birthday Party Too! Project 365 - Week 16!

I have been looking forward to this week for at least a month - I had grand visions of taking a few days off for our Spring Break!  We traveled to Dallas and I was excited to rest and of course do a bit of shopping (this is a must every time I'm in Dallas)...and, although we did go to Dallas...and, although I did end up was more due to the fact that I had horrible allergies/the flu then any type of vacation relaxation...I know, can you hear the violins playing as I complain?

BUT, that is just the way things happen sometimes.  I pressed through a lot of the discomfort to try and enjoy our time & I must say...looking back over these pictures it is evident that although I couldn't breath or perhaps was shaking from a fever, my sweet Selah  & Josh had a nice week...and therefore, it was still a good week for our little family!

Here is Project 365 and a look into the lives of Josh, Paige, Selah & the little nugget!

Day 111 - This was this past Sunday and we took Selah to jump on my aunt & uncle's trampoline.  Can you tell she was delighted?!  Selah loves to jump at this stage & I must admit that I even got on that trampoline (big belly & all) and jumped with her...I won't be posting those pictures - ha!

Day 112 - I had a long work day on Monday, and yet I was enjoying it as it was quite productive.  Mid-day I decided that I needed my one cup of caffeine for the day in order to keep going so this is me at Good Brews Coffee & Tea Lounge.  I also was reading this book Communicating for a Change - I'm going to use it for my Teaching a Preaching class that starts in just one week!

Day 113 - Before we left for Dallas, we had one VERY important thing to do - attend Madi & Pey-Pey (aka Madison & Peyton's) birthday party!  I took a lot of pictures at the party, but I think this might be my favorite.  We were trying to get the kids to line up for a picture and the birthday girls weren't too happy about the idea.  And, it shows how my sweet Selah is smaller than the rest...but she is scrappy!

 Now I need to show you pictures of the birthday girls - we sure do love these two!

Happy Birthday Peyton!  Can't believe you are two!

Happy Birthday, Madison - what a beautiful and sweet girl you are!

Day 114 - We traveled to Dallas on Wednesday and that evening I found Selah with Josh's iPad sitting in her Sabba's chair while he played with his own iPad.  They are quite a pair.

Day 115 - I have been wanting to take Selah to the zoo for quite some time, and this was the perfect opportunity!  It was an absolutely gorgeous day, some cousins joined us, and we all had a great time...oh, and can you see the little nugget?

Day 115 (part 2) - I had to add this picture, because this is Selah's cousin Zoe and she adores her!  They are the only two girls on Josh's side of the family so they are fast becoming friends!

Day 116 - Josh and I ate at In-N-Out Burger while in brought back good memories.  When I was in seminary in LA I would eat here often (probably more often then I should).
Day 116 (part 2) - I know it's supposed to be one picture a day, but once again here is another.  On Friday night we had dinner with Josh's cousin Heather (seen here) and his aunt & uncle.  It was so nice to see them, and we thought Selah and Heather needed their picture together since they were looking so similar!
Day 117 - On our way home!  I was sick this day, so this is my one photo that I snapped on the phone while we were in the car.  I let Selah get a sucker at the gas station, and was practicing her parade wave as we drove.
That is it for our week!  I'm back home and ready to jump back into work...realizing more and more that we just have two & a half months before the little nugget there are things to do!  Praying for a productive week filled with small moments of joy!


Jennifer said...

I totally think she looks like your Mom in that first picture! Just had to share...

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