Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hallway Transformation for CHEAP - My March Pinterest Challenge

Addicted to Pinterest?  Oh, me neither...I only glance at it on my phone at least once a day - just hoping I don't miss that idea that is going to change my life.

I have gotten more selective about what I post on my boards though - I try to limit to those images or links that I might actually use one day...and let's be honest those days don't come around too often.

So, this weekend I decided to take up the Pinterest Challenge (something that I hope to do monthly) and actually follow through on an idea that I saw on this addictive site.

I've posted a few images of black & white picture collages with the hopes that I would somewhat replicate this in my little nook of a hallway.  Here are the images I had posted:
Source: via Paige on Pinterest

And I especially liked the first image...but I had a few issues:

1.  I didn't want to spend much money
2.  I wanted to keep it simple since it is a small area
3.  I wanted it to flow well into my girls' rooms (they both have a somewhat vintage feel)

So, I went through boxes of old frames and found a shelf that I had used a few years ago and was saving just because a shelf is always something nice to save.  I then chose a few of my favorite pictures and photoshopped them all with the same finishing.  I then sent them off for printing & here is the final result!

And the best cost me a grand total of $12.  Yep, a little transformation for $12 definitely makes this girl happy!

And I also get to daily see some of my favorite snapshots of our little family.

Like this one of Selah last Easter so happy and taking the stage in front of all the family!

As you can tell, I used all sorts of frames, some with mats and others without.  I tried to keep everything black and white with the exception of the desk and an antique clock from Josh's family.

Do you have any cheap transformations in your house?  It's amazing how a new look just makes you feel excited all over about where you live!


Enid said...

Very Nice Paige....!! is beautiful!!

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