Saturday, June 25, 2011


I've been quiet for quite some's been a season where I've been asking questions and redefining some areas of my life...and I've found in those seasons it's best to keep your mouth shut.  So that's what I've done!

I'm currently on Day 4 of a 40 Day Sabbatical (after working at the church for 8.5 years, I'm tired and lacking vision)...  So I'm getting some rest & hoping to clarify what is next.  It's only been 4 days but I already am hearing the Lord more clearly than I have in a while - He's doing some work on my heart, opening my eyes to see beauty around, and challenging some actions and beliefs that I've held.  Who knows what the next 36 days will hold...but I'm expectant and nervous at the same time.

So, I'll continue to mostly be quiet...but I will be back.

Until next time - look at one of the little beauties that God has been pointing out to me.  There is a bird's nest on my back porch & Selah and I have become fascinated with these little ones as they grow!

These little guys still have their eyes closed...but are precious!

And of course I'm also quite taken with this beauty!  What a joy she is!

I just want to squeeze those little legs!

Until next time, I pray that God grants you restful days and eyes to see the beauty that points to His goodness.

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