Friday, April 27, 2012

Hot Days, Happy Faces, and Hope - Project 365 (the long edition...catching up after 3 weeks)

Project 365 has been on the back burner of my blog lately, but I've continued to snap away - sometimes with nothing more than my phone and other times in an elaborate attempt to try and capture that moment.

So, here are the last 3 weeks - one picture for each day.  And although the last 3 weeks have been a whirlwind, as I look back over these pictures I'm so thankful for the people I get to do life with and the way that each day we not only make memories but hopefully make small impacts in lives of others.

Day 137 - A day at the park.  Our girl is growing daily and becoming quite the active little toddler.  She runs fast and plays hard!

Day 138 - This was the day before Easter and we went to my grandmother's assisted living home for an Easter Egg Hunt.  After it was over my niece, Ava, started to do gymnastics & to her delight she had a crowd, what to do, but perform some more!  I love this picture - Ava was taking a big bow before her adoring crowd.

Day 139 - Easter Sunday...I had a lot of pictures to choose from, but this was my favorite - it was a happy day!

Day 140 - I had the day off of work so Selah and I indulged in a lazy day of watching Blue's Clues!

Day 141 - Although it was nice to have the previous day off, I more than made up for it on Tuesday as I frantically tried to get together final details for our Miles for Missions race & Missions Training Weekend.

Day 142 - Even though we are over a week out from this day I still remember it vividly.  It was a stressful day and I only had an hour in the afternoon at home with Selah before I had to go back to the church and teach a class.  And although I was tempted to just sit on my couch and stare into space...Selah kept beckoning me..."Come on Mama!"  So I followed her outside & she showed me with pride that our first roses had bloomed!  And then she started to pick was a great two hours & ended up being more relaxing than any time sitting on my couch.

Day 143 - Selah was on the phone with her Safta...and they had quite the conversation.  I love this picture because this is how Josh stands when he is talking on a business call.

Day 143 - Loving our blooming roses in the backyard!

Day 144 - Our Missions Training weekend arrived and it was a great time!  Here is my cute hubby explaining the rules to our Amazing Race team building time.

Day 145 - Selah was watching The Fresh Beat Band and started asking to play the guitar.  You cannot begin to imagine her joy when she found out that her daddy actually had a guitar!  Josh pulled it out and let her strum it.  They made up songs and laughed, and it was a glorious horribly sounding moment.

Day 146 - So, I've been craving one thing during this pregnancy - chocolate cake.  Yep, I'm loving it!  And my friend Abby heard about this craving & actually made me the MOST delicious cake!  Selah and I were quite excited!

Day 147 - This is in our COTR staff meeting, and Josh was being honored for his 10 years serving as college pastor.  So proud of my hubby.

Day 148 - Our church is about to start a new building...and you should know that this is a LONG time coming.  We were actually going to build a few years ago when our senior pastor stopped the process because he felt like we needed to reach our city - so we started weekly outreaches on the other side of town & it all became The Lubbock Dream Center, which is just an amazing place of hope.  So, to see this come back around and yet our hearts be in a new & right place as we move's all just exciting & right.  Anyways, on Wednesday a fence was erected to protect the area & we had people write scriptures on the fence.

Day 149 - A nice morning in my backyard...I need more moments like this.

Day 150 - This is my kitchen filled with college students laughing at YouTube videos.  A great moment...just look at all of these expressions!

Day 151 - We took a picnic & fed the ducks!

Day 152 - On Sunday night I was honored to host Sower of Seeds ministries in Lubbock for a night of hope as we heard stories from women who were rescued from human trafficking.  It was a powerful night, and the entire reason I was first introduced to this amazing ministry was because of this dear friend.  Christie came into my life as a college sophomore and is now a dear friend...and how fun that we are pregnant together!

Day 153 - We had a luncheon on Monday to raise funds for these amazing this working for a cause I believe in
Day 153 - part 2 - Just had to share this picture...this is Renu.  She is my hero & this is my mom...another hero.

Day 154 - It was a HOT day and we made strawberry smoothies after a full day of Kid's Day Out.

Day 155 - Speaking of hot days...sometimes the only solution is to strip down to your undies & play in the water.  And it's even better when you are a little mischievous and make it your mission to spray your daddy.

Day 156 - Blowing Bubbles

Day 157 - Last but not least, we are at today!!!  I had the privilege of taking a few pictures of one of Selah's beloved babysitters - Heather - before she left for prom.  Isn't she gorgeous?

It feels so good to finally get caught up!  Hope you all find moments worth capturing in your everyday!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

When Laughter Replaces Tears

On Sunday night I have the privilege of hosting two women from India who will be sharing their stories of horror & hope.  These two heroes were rescued from human trafficking and have walked through an amazing journey to wholeness and redemption.

I am passionate about this cause, and would LOVE for all you women in Lubbock to come hear their stories - THIS Sunday (April 22nd) at 6pm at Church on the Rock (10503 Slide Road).

Want to know why I'm so passionate about this?

Here is one reason why…

From a blog I wrote in August of 2008

I had the privilege of being involved with a retreat in India at one of the most amazing places I have ever visited. It was an oasis in the middle of crazy India and it housed men, women, and children who have been rescued from the streets and all manners of horror.

The retreat was specifically targeted towards 85 women who were rescued from sex trafficking. Many of these girls were sold or kidnapped into prostitution and others of them were the daughters of prostitutes who also were abused and mistreated on the streets. If you can imagine, I was literally on the verge of tears when I allowed myself to imagine the horrors these girls have faced. Yet, I didn’t see pain or sadness in their eyes, but great hope and joy. There was an occasional flicker of longing or lament, but most of the time I just saw life!

I preached on Friday night about being a daughter and of course in my mind, I envisioned it looking something like what I experienced last year – girls crying, sharing their hearts, praying with the all-wise Americans, etc… Guess what? After I finished what I thought was a pretty good sermon and gave the invitation for prayer, only five girls came forward – yep, that’s it…five. I hate to admit it, but I was about to question God about why He would send me and not use me when Mandi (a fabulous girl from Dallas) started to sing a song acapella – “Child of God”

I stopped in my mid-complaint as she began to sing because this song was explanation enough from the Lord. You see, God’s revelation to my heart about being His daughter as my identity occurred before I got married, and the story was the focal point of my sermon that I shared that night. Over 8 years ago, the one song that ministered to me in that time was “Child of God,” and it was so instrumental that I even had it sung at my wedding. So, when Mandi started singing this song that is almost 10 years old, the Lord said to my heart…"Paige, you just do what I tell you to do and then trust me to heal their hearts – they are my children.”

I looked out over the sea of women and saw that though they weren't coming up for prayer, some were silently crying, some were writing in their journals, and some were sitting and letting the Father love on them. So, although I didn’t see what I had envisioned, I left with an unwavering knowledge that God is at work in the hearts and lives of these young women.

Later that night, I found out that God wanted to redefine "ministry" for me. He reminded me that there are different seasons – a time to cry & a time to laugh. And after dinner we laughed so much! In fact, I think that perhaps the most good I did that entire weekend was allow the girls to teach me to Bollywood dance…They were doubled over in laughter at times - not sure if they were laughing with me or at me...but the point is - they were laughing!

And as I went to sleep that night, God whispered to my heart, "Paige, they've seen enough tears - tonight I just wanted them to laugh." Who knew my ministry this year would not just be in speaking or prayer but Bollywood dance?!

So, I share a few pics of this fun night, and I ask you to pray for these women - and maybe you might even come Sunday night & really let these ladies stories...their faces become etched in your hearts.  It changed me...and it will change you.

If only we might do our small part to see more laughter replace the pain that MILLIONS of women face across the world.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When the Student Becomes the Teacher: Remembering Izzy Gomez

Source: via Denise on Pinterest

One of the many hats that I seem to wear is that of a Bible teacher.  I teach in a small Bible school once a night here in Lubbock, and over the last 8 years of teaching one of my greatest delights is connecting with students and watching as God develops and grows them into amazing leaders.  I am a teacher - I try to challenge - to help others see God and His Word in truth and perhaps with new eyes.

I love teaching students...and yet, so often I find that in my journey with certain students I look up to realize that in fact, they are the teacher and I the student.  This is the case with a student I had a few years ago who became a dear friend.

I’ll never forget the first conversation I had with Izzy Gomez about taking classes through our Bible school.  I had known Izzy at a distance - he was the maintenance man at the church, and I had been working there for a couple of years.  Izzy was always joyful - a true servant by every definition and a man who obviously had a genuine relationship with the Lord.

He walked into my office with the humility and peace that always seemed to follow him and he timidly asked if there might be a chance for him to start taking classes.  I immediately said “Of course!” and then Izzy held up his hand beckoning me to pause as he continued.

Izzy explained that he had not graduated from high school and wasn’t sure if he could handle the academic portion of the program, but then he started to share his heart.  The hunger deep inside to learn more about his maker.  To delve deeper into Scripture that had become his constant companion, and I was mesmerized.  We talked for quite a while that day and came up with a plan for Izzy to succeed in our Bible School.

He would work hard and at times turn in assignments via a tape recorder, and I must say I never once regretted that decision.  Even without the education that we so often laud, Izzy was my star student.  He turned in assignments early and although the grammar was not perfect, the depth to his papers and the depth to his relationship with God was astounding.

And yesterday, as I wiped the tears from my eyes at the news that Izzy had gone to be with Jesus - the Lord he loved so dearly after a ferocious battle with cancer - I couldn’t help but think of the many ways he truly had become my teacher.  Here are just a handful of truths that Izzy taught me...

Izzy taught me that there is strength in humility.  Moses describes himself as the most humble man that ever lived, and I realized yesterday that if I had to give that title to any man that I have personally known, I would say Izzy was the most humble man I’ve had the privilege to know.  And yet...Izzy was strong.  Izzy was a leader.  Izzy was a hero.  He taught me through his life that humility is strength that emanates from a dependence on the Lord.

Izzy taught me that doing your work unto the Lord really is enough.  Whether Izzy was sweeping, fixing a project that I had messed up, or cleaning toilets, he was joyful.  He saw purpose behind the tasks he was given to do, and he did them with excellence.

Izzy taught me that ministry can happen in a simple hello or acknowledgement.  Around the church, Izzy was never too busy to stop and say hello or even take an hour to talk with someone who had just walked in off the street.  I cannot count how many times I would walk down the hallway to see Izzy in a heartfelt conversation or in prayer with someone.  At times it was a staff member that Izzy was encouraging and other times it was a lonely soul who had entered our church doors looking for answers...I was always so thankful that they had found Izzy...because he always pointed people simply yet clearly to Jesus.

Izzy taught me that justice should be fought for.  I only saw Izzy get angry once, but it was a situation in which justice had been overlooked and someone had been slighted.  I learned that being humble and a servant does not mean you have to lie down - that there are moments in which justice needs a voice.

And Izzy taught me that to be a pastor one does not need a title.  Izzy was a pastor...a shepherd to so many people.  He listened, he comforted, he gave wisdom and guidance, and he loved.  He was a pastor even though that title never preceded his name. 

And he loved his pastors - he prayed for us.  I’ll never forget one day when he came into my office and asked to take a picture of me.  I was busy (as is too often the case) so I obliged but didn’t pry as to why he wanted a quick snapshot of me.  And then about a month later I was down in Izzy’s office asking for help with something that I had once again botched when I noticed that picture.  There I was smiling a goofy smile behind my desk - next to pictures of my dad and another pastor at our church...pinned up neatly on a bulletin board.  And above our faces was a simple note card that said “Pray.”

I stared at the picture...and I remember at this moment as tears spring to my eyes...Izzy was praying for ME!  And I’m so thankful for those prayers.  I’m going to miss those prayers.  I’m going to miss the lessons he taught me - not with eloquent words or long lectures - but with a life of humble obedience to the One he knew so well.

I’m going to miss Izzy, but my heart also rejoices because I know now that he is with the ultimate teacher - One who will impart to him all that he longed to understand. 

Did Izzy teach you something?  Would you take a minute and share in the comments a lesson that you learned from Izzy?  I’d love to compile a list for his wife Janie and kids, Fabian & Ivy.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Our Love Story - The Stalker Phase

Source: via Paige on Pinterest
I like to call the next phase of our courtship the STALKING phase.  Josh, of course takes great exception with this title emphatically stating that there was not stalking involved but rather happenstance moments in which our paths intersected.

The interesting thing is that although I had never seen nor spoken to Josh before the Baylor sweatshirt incident, I now seemed to be running into Josh all over the ORU campus.  He was a business major and I was in communications but somehow the paths to our classes seemed to coincide OFTEN and he was also becoming friends with my friends.

Again, he insists there was no stalking involved....

I will let you be the judge of in point.

I’ll never forget one week day morning.  I went to the cafeteria for breakfast which was out of the ordinary for me.  I much preferred my sleep to nutrition but for some reason (I think I got up early to study for a test), I went to eat a nutritious bowl of Fruit Loops & then headed out to my class.

I had no more than descended the steps of the cafeteria when I began to hear loud footsteps behind me also coming down the staircase.  I though nothing of this, but realized I was late for class and began to quicken my gait to the test that awaited.

I had quite a walk ahead of me and my mind was rehearsing the facts that I had just crammed into my brain over Fruit Loops.  I was in my own little world when I heard those loud footsteps again.  And it was interesting that they seemed to be gaining ground.

I’m not quite sure why but I had this sense that someone was following me and is only natural I also began to walk faster.  I felt more than a little alarmed when my faster pace did NOT put a distance between me and the loud walker but rather the loud walker just got louder and those footsteps were increasing by the second!

I had forgotten all of the facts crammed into my short-term memory at this point and my sole thoughts were to get away from the creepy fast walker when all of a sudden, the fast walker’s pace slowed...

That’s odd, I remember thinking.

And then I heard in an out-of-breath voice, “Oh, hey Paige!  I didn’t realize that was you!”

And there he was...AGAIN...Josh.

And a smirk formed over my lips.  Did he really think I was going to believe he just happened upon me?  Where was the fast walker now?  Those loud and fast steps had all but come into sync with my own steps...

And this moment solidified in my mind that we were now in the stalker phase...

But, if I’m honest I kind of liked this stalker.

PS - Josh would like for me to state one more fact.  Apparently I was wearing a short skirt that day (mind you, we had a dress code at ORU so this really means I was wearing a skirt that went to my knees)...and Josh would like the record to show that when he noticed me in said skirt that he had no other recourse than to catch up with me and start a conversation.  He also maintains until this day that he is a naturally fast walker & he did in fact just happen to catch up with me.

Hmmm...I still call it stalker phase.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Little Faces Teach Me So Much

What is it about little girls running through the grass looking for eggs one minute & running just for the shear joy of it the next so delightful?  Chubby legs and bright eyes and occasional tears at the swiping of eggs...

Just watching their joy and laughter...I slowly start to give myself permission to take delight in the little things as well.  When every moment is an opportunity to discover, it brings a sense of expectation and exuberance to the what-ifs of life.  

What just might be on the other side of that door that always looms so large?  Is it really a mountain to be conquered or has it just become a mythical monster that is actually no bigger than a dream?  Watching these sweet ones reminds me that I should be ready to take off - open that door and pursue the dreams hidden deep within.

After all, we are all surrounded by those just ready to help - if only I'd lower the pride and lift up my hand.

For the truth is...that in the the the opening of doors and holding of hands...that is also the place of love.  Finding that we are not alone but there are others and One who walks with us - helping to push open with abandon...and LIVE!

Easter was a Beautiful Thing

I love Easter and as I get older I seem to understand in new dimensions this most amazing of days.  Yesterday as I awoke I had a genuine longing for His presence - just realizing that although Friday was dark and Saturday was silent - THIS day - THIS Sunday was for rejoicing!

Oh, and rejoice we did!  Church was a highlight for me as our service focused on stories of redemption and the fact that God has the final word.  As I listened to testimonies of people whom I know (some closely some from a distance) I couldn't help but think of how God has been faithful in my own life.

Those Josh losing his business or wondering if personal dreams would forever be lost have slowly been redeemed in my life.  God does have the last word, and my faith was strengthened for those areas where I still wait...those areas where it feels like the Saturday before resurrection day.  Those areas where all is quiet - I know He lives & He will shine in those day.

So, it was a fun day celebrating His power and triumph!

Oh, and my sister totally rocks - she came up with this idea to use Gungor songs to tell real stories of God's slow working in lives.  Here are a few pics I took from the service.

We moved our services to the Civic Center to accommodate the larger attendance.

Michael Koontz sang Please Be My Strength after sharing about looking to God after his parent's divorce.

One of my favorite people, Kyla Osborne, had me in tears as she shared her story of fighting cancer and the loss of her father.  I loved her honest words about having it out with God, and slowly simply knowing that in spite of it all...He loves her.

Jeremy & Kim Ruthhardt shared their story of a marriage restored.

Angie Romans shared her story of her daughters being brought back home & God's restoration.

And people flocked to the stage (it was the only empty space in the room) to receive Christ as the one who would make something beautiful in their own lives.  Loved this moment.
I pray that you had a wonderful Easter as well...and today, as I sit at a coffee shop sipping coffee and eating a muffin I pray that you too sense that He is alive - just awaiting His timing to turn what has felt like dust or ashes in your life into that beautiful thing He sees in you.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Thinking of Thorns and Thanks on This Good Friday: Project 365 - Week 19

It's been a beautiful day (or days I should say) in our neighborhood this week!  We have spent lots of time outside enjoying the weather and I hope you are enjoying this time of year too!

Today is good Friday, and I'm mindful of just how blessed we are - because of the sacrifice of Jesus on that fateful day.  Thank you Lord for sending Your Son, and thank you Lord for each day...each moment that points to your grace and goodness.

On Good Friday I like to read Psalm 22 (this is what Jesus quotes when He is on the cross & states, "My God, My God, Why have Your forsaken Me?"  I always teach my Bible classes that when you see the first statement of a Scripture quoted in the New Testament that you should read the entire original Scripture for this would have been in the minds of both the speaker & hearers of that day.  

And oh my, what a powerful statement Psalm 22 makes - though it starts with lament and a feeling of abandonment, it concludes with a promise to future generations that He will be praised.  Just look at these two verses:

 27-28 From the four corners of the earth
      people are coming to their senses,
      are running back to God.
   Long-lost families
      are falling on their faces before him.
   God has taken charge;
      from now on he has the last word. 

And this morning as I share my picture a day from this past week I do in fact fall on my face saying thank You!  I am but dust - each of these moments was a gift from You.

Day 131 - My backyard was OUT of CONTROL!!!  So Josh and I worked about 5 hours on Saturday morning trimming rose bushes, cleaning out flower beds and just welcoming spring into our little place of rest.  Unbeknownst to me, Josh grabbed my camera and took this picture - so there is my belly (growing by the day) trimming rose bushes as my naked kid plays with the water hose (we were keeping it classy) - ha!

Day 132 - And the outside fun continues!  I'm starting to feel the 31 weeks that I am so I was letting Josh and Selah play while I propped up my feet for a bit!

Day 133 - I teach a class on Monday nights and I had given them a group project to work on something we had just learned.  So I took a quick pic with the iPhone - I really do LOVE teaching this class!

Day 134 - It was our little nugget's final sonogram!!!  And isn't she just beautiful?  Well, she was actually smashed up against my stomach and wasn't being very cooperative so this is the best picture we got.  It's still just amazing isn't it?!  I must say that little nugget really must get more prepared because her mother will be taking her picture A LOT!

Day 135 - Selah had an Easter Egg hunt at her Kid's Day Out and I was so mad at myself that I forgot my camera!  Oh well, the trusty iPhone snapped this shot and I love it!  They had just loosed the 2-year olds to go find eggs & as you can tell they were making a run for it!

Day 136 - This is my mom - isn't she just the cutest?  Yesterday we went fabric shopping because she is going to make bedding for little nugget.  And as is often the case with me, I had a vision when I entered the store, but I came out with something totally different.  I kind of loved this print with giraffes on I decided to go for it!  Selah's room is very soft and feminine and I have this sense that little nugget is going to be a bit more colorful and therefore her room will reflect what my pregnancy hormones are telling me!  So thankful for my mama - she is talented beyond measure.
Praying you all have a wonderful Easter Weekend!  Christ is Risen!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our Love Story - It Started with a Sweatshirt

Josh and I are teaching our final series in Zoe (our college & young adults group that we’ve led for the last 9 years).  We say good-bye reminiscing about the young people who have walked into our lives over the last 9 years - amazed at God’s goodness and the fruit springing forth from their God, if we had even a sliver to do with that - thank you.  Thank you for the opportunity to do life with them in those “wet cement” they were making beliefs and opinions their own. 

Over the last 9 years we’ve discovered that one of our most popular sermon series is one in which we focus on relationships.  What 20-something doesn’t like to talk about relationships - if for no other reason because it allows them the opportunity to ask all those what ifs that they typically keep private in their thoughts.  So, we are going out with a 20-something bang so to speak by talking about relationships one final time...spouting our opinions and trying our best to encourage them that there is such a thing as healthy relationships out there.

One of my favorite Zoe Relationship Photos - this was on our ski trip & AJ (the young man in gray coat) proposed to Jessica (this is her in the white coat) on the mountain.  They snowboarded down together and our group was waiting to celebrate!  Jessica was telling everyone about the proposal - such a memorable moment!

All of this to say, I’ve been reminiscing about my own relationship with Josh as we’ve prepared this series and thought I’d do my best to slowly tell our story on this blog (if for no other reason than one day our girls can read with embarrassed faces about how their parents fell in love)...and maybe just maybe my story can encourage someone out there - that although in my opinion there is no formula to getting a man or establishing a Godly IS possible to have a healthy relationship where you are cherished and valued and encouraged to be all that God intended when He created you! 

“No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly.”  Psalm 84:11

So here is our story (Paige’s version)

The Introduction

It was a crisp November night (November 17th to be exact in 1997), and I had just gone to work-out at the aerobics center with my new best bud Wendy Jo (she prefers just Wendy but she will always be Wendy Jo to me).  We had gotten into the routine of working out late at night (that is when all the cute boys were there and we were learning that college life really got started after the sun set).

We had done our normal work-out of a half-hearted attempt at the elliptical and lifting a few weights.  We had checked out the cute boys (two blonde freshmen girls raising eyebrows and communicating without words every time certain boys would cruise by us on the indoor track).

I put on my Baylor sweatshirt as we finished our work-out and boy watching and we meandered towards the dorms deep in conversation about something like world peace or the difficulties of staying awake in Humanities class.

Like I said, we were in deep conversation oblivious to the world and were almost to the door of the dormitory when out of no where I heard a deep voice yell out “BAYLOR!”  The noise alone made me stop in my tracks and then my brain did a double take as I realized just what had been launched into the atmosphere - “Baylor”...and as I looked down I realized that I was in fact wearing a Baylor sweatshirt - so I turned my head to the left and right trying my best to decipher where the interruption had come from.

And then I saw him.  A dark-haired guy, about my height with a huge smile looking directly at me.  I was confused to say the least, but I think I answered with a lovely, “Yeah?”  As in “Yeah, are you talking to me?”

And then he launched into his speech.  He talked fast and was obviously nervous but in an endearing sort of way.  He asked if I was from Texas (explaining that he almost went to Baylor so that is why my shirt had caught his attention).  We talked for sometime about Texas - covering all the basics - where we were from, what dorm I lived in, the fact that I was a freshman and he was a junior.  All the while sweet Wendy Jo just stood there swiveling her head as if watching a ping pong match.  Josh would occasionally ask her a question but it was obvious that this was a Texas only conversation and my dear friend from Ohio was left on the outskirts.

We were about to part ways when this dark-haired bold young man who I had learned was named Josh said, “You are from Lubbock?  I know one person from Lubbock but I’m sure you wouldn’t know him.”  I gave him a look as if saying “Try Me.”  After all, it is Lubbock and as he would find out later on I am related to practically 25% of this small city.

So he continued, “My pastor, Dr. Morris Sheats, back home in Dallas is from Lubbock originally and started a church in Lubbock.  Any chance you know him?”

My ears perked up at that name, and I quickly told him that Dr. Sheats was actually very close to my father - he had given my father his first job in the ministry as his youth pastor more than 20 years earlier, and I had travelled to Israel with Dr. Sheats.

My response put a sparkle in Josh’s eyes as he replied that he had literally just returned from Israel (with Dr. Sheats) the previous month - what a small world!

And that was it.  We bid farewell, and although it was a simple connection, as an 18-year old hundreds of miles away from home there was something reassuring about meeting someone with a simple one degree of separation. 

Wendy and I giggled all the way back to our dorm room - an actual boy - a cute junior no less had just had a conversation with us!  We burst into our room to find our other friends Jennie & Angel sitting on our bed/couch and Wendy Jo immediately began to tell them about the boy who had flirted shamelessly with me. 

I honestly was shocked...what?  That was flirting - I was a bit naive and dense.  “What did you think about him?” asked Wendy Jo.  “I thought he was cute and he definitely liked you.”

If I’m honest I didn’t think much about this first introduction - it was nice to connect with someone who had similar connections, but other than that I just didn’t give it much thought.

I mean, what were the chances that I would even run into Josh again on campus?

...And then the stalking (he prefers the word pursuing) began.

PS - The Baylor sweatshirt still lives in my closet.

I tried to get a picture of Selah wearing it proudly...but this is all I could get...she was not understanding the significance of my sweatshirt.

But I later found her sitting on it as she watched Bubble Guppies...ha!

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