Friday, April 13, 2012

Our Love Story - The Stalker Phase

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I like to call the next phase of our courtship the STALKING phase.  Josh, of course takes great exception with this title emphatically stating that there was not stalking involved but rather happenstance moments in which our paths intersected.

The interesting thing is that although I had never seen nor spoken to Josh before the Baylor sweatshirt incident, I now seemed to be running into Josh all over the ORU campus.  He was a business major and I was in communications but somehow the paths to our classes seemed to coincide OFTEN and he was also becoming friends with my friends.

Again, he insists there was no stalking involved....

I will let you be the judge of in point.

I’ll never forget one week day morning.  I went to the cafeteria for breakfast which was out of the ordinary for me.  I much preferred my sleep to nutrition but for some reason (I think I got up early to study for a test), I went to eat a nutritious bowl of Fruit Loops & then headed out to my class.

I had no more than descended the steps of the cafeteria when I began to hear loud footsteps behind me also coming down the staircase.  I though nothing of this, but realized I was late for class and began to quicken my gait to the test that awaited.

I had quite a walk ahead of me and my mind was rehearsing the facts that I had just crammed into my brain over Fruit Loops.  I was in my own little world when I heard those loud footsteps again.  And it was interesting that they seemed to be gaining ground.

I’m not quite sure why but I had this sense that someone was following me and is only natural I also began to walk faster.  I felt more than a little alarmed when my faster pace did NOT put a distance between me and the loud walker but rather the loud walker just got louder and those footsteps were increasing by the second!

I had forgotten all of the facts crammed into my short-term memory at this point and my sole thoughts were to get away from the creepy fast walker when all of a sudden, the fast walker’s pace slowed...

That’s odd, I remember thinking.

And then I heard in an out-of-breath voice, “Oh, hey Paige!  I didn’t realize that was you!”

And there he was...AGAIN...Josh.

And a smirk formed over my lips.  Did he really think I was going to believe he just happened upon me?  Where was the fast walker now?  Those loud and fast steps had all but come into sync with my own steps...

And this moment solidified in my mind that we were now in the stalker phase...

But, if I’m honest I kind of liked this stalker.

PS - Josh would like for me to state one more fact.  Apparently I was wearing a short skirt that day (mind you, we had a dress code at ORU so this really means I was wearing a skirt that went to my knees)...and Josh would like the record to show that when he noticed me in said skirt that he had no other recourse than to catch up with me and start a conversation.  He also maintains until this day that he is a naturally fast walker & he did in fact just happen to catch up with me.

Hmmm...I still call it stalker phase.


Lindsey V said...

I love it!! Hahahaha!!

Angie Neal said...

I love these stories! I'm glad he stalked you, I can't imagine either of you without the other :)

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