Friday, April 6, 2012

Thinking of Thorns and Thanks on This Good Friday: Project 365 - Week 19

It's been a beautiful day (or days I should say) in our neighborhood this week!  We have spent lots of time outside enjoying the weather and I hope you are enjoying this time of year too!

Today is good Friday, and I'm mindful of just how blessed we are - because of the sacrifice of Jesus on that fateful day.  Thank you Lord for sending Your Son, and thank you Lord for each day...each moment that points to your grace and goodness.

On Good Friday I like to read Psalm 22 (this is what Jesus quotes when He is on the cross & states, "My God, My God, Why have Your forsaken Me?"  I always teach my Bible classes that when you see the first statement of a Scripture quoted in the New Testament that you should read the entire original Scripture for this would have been in the minds of both the speaker & hearers of that day.  

And oh my, what a powerful statement Psalm 22 makes - though it starts with lament and a feeling of abandonment, it concludes with a promise to future generations that He will be praised.  Just look at these two verses:

 27-28 From the four corners of the earth
      people are coming to their senses,
      are running back to God.
   Long-lost families
      are falling on their faces before him.
   God has taken charge;
      from now on he has the last word. 

And this morning as I share my picture a day from this past week I do in fact fall on my face saying thank You!  I am but dust - each of these moments was a gift from You.

Day 131 - My backyard was OUT of CONTROL!!!  So Josh and I worked about 5 hours on Saturday morning trimming rose bushes, cleaning out flower beds and just welcoming spring into our little place of rest.  Unbeknownst to me, Josh grabbed my camera and took this picture - so there is my belly (growing by the day) trimming rose bushes as my naked kid plays with the water hose (we were keeping it classy) - ha!

Day 132 - And the outside fun continues!  I'm starting to feel the 31 weeks that I am so I was letting Josh and Selah play while I propped up my feet for a bit!

Day 133 - I teach a class on Monday nights and I had given them a group project to work on something we had just learned.  So I took a quick pic with the iPhone - I really do LOVE teaching this class!

Day 134 - It was our little nugget's final sonogram!!!  And isn't she just beautiful?  Well, she was actually smashed up against my stomach and wasn't being very cooperative so this is the best picture we got.  It's still just amazing isn't it?!  I must say that little nugget really must get more prepared because her mother will be taking her picture A LOT!

Day 135 - Selah had an Easter Egg hunt at her Kid's Day Out and I was so mad at myself that I forgot my camera!  Oh well, the trusty iPhone snapped this shot and I love it!  They had just loosed the 2-year olds to go find eggs & as you can tell they were making a run for it!

Day 136 - This is my mom - isn't she just the cutest?  Yesterday we went fabric shopping because she is going to make bedding for little nugget.  And as is often the case with me, I had a vision when I entered the store, but I came out with something totally different.  I kind of loved this print with giraffes on I decided to go for it!  Selah's room is very soft and feminine and I have this sense that little nugget is going to be a bit more colorful and therefore her room will reflect what my pregnancy hormones are telling me!  So thankful for my mama - she is talented beyond measure.
Praying you all have a wonderful Easter Weekend!  Christ is Risen!


Anonymous said...

Christ is Risen indeed!

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