Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter was a Beautiful Thing

I love Easter and as I get older I seem to understand in new dimensions this most amazing of days.  Yesterday as I awoke I had a genuine longing for His presence - just realizing that although Friday was dark and Saturday was silent - THIS day - THIS Sunday was for rejoicing!

Oh, and rejoice we did!  Church was a highlight for me as our service focused on stories of redemption and the fact that God has the final word.  As I listened to testimonies of people whom I know (some closely some from a distance) I couldn't help but think of how God has been faithful in my own life.

Those Josh losing his business or wondering if personal dreams would forever be lost have slowly been redeemed in my life.  God does have the last word, and my faith was strengthened for those areas where I still wait...those areas where it feels like the Saturday before resurrection day.  Those areas where all is quiet - I know He lives & He will shine in those day.

So, it was a fun day celebrating His power and triumph!

Oh, and my sister totally rocks - she came up with this idea to use Gungor songs to tell real stories of God's slow working in lives.  Here are a few pics I took from the service.

We moved our services to the Civic Center to accommodate the larger attendance.

Michael Koontz sang Please Be My Strength after sharing about looking to God after his parent's divorce.

One of my favorite people, Kyla Osborne, had me in tears as she shared her story of fighting cancer and the loss of her father.  I loved her honest words about having it out with God, and slowly simply knowing that in spite of it all...He loves her.

Jeremy & Kim Ruthhardt shared their story of a marriage restored.

Angie Romans shared her story of her daughters being brought back home & God's restoration.

And people flocked to the stage (it was the only empty space in the room) to receive Christ as the one who would make something beautiful in their own lives.  Loved this moment.
I pray that you had a wonderful Easter as well...and today, as I sit at a coffee shop sipping coffee and eating a muffin I pray that you too sense that He is alive - just awaiting His timing to turn what has felt like dust or ashes in your life into that beautiful thing He sees in you.


Jennifer said...

Beautiful words. Beautiful post.

Abby said...

Wow you got some great pic of the service! Loved what Leslie did for the testimonies

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