Monday, April 9, 2012

Little Faces Teach Me So Much

What is it about little girls running through the grass looking for eggs one minute & running just for the shear joy of it the next so delightful?  Chubby legs and bright eyes and occasional tears at the swiping of eggs...

Just watching their joy and laughter...I slowly start to give myself permission to take delight in the little things as well.  When every moment is an opportunity to discover, it brings a sense of expectation and exuberance to the what-ifs of life.  

What just might be on the other side of that door that always looms so large?  Is it really a mountain to be conquered or has it just become a mythical monster that is actually no bigger than a dream?  Watching these sweet ones reminds me that I should be ready to take off - open that door and pursue the dreams hidden deep within.

After all, we are all surrounded by those just ready to help - if only I'd lower the pride and lift up my hand.

For the truth is...that in the the the opening of doors and holding of hands...that is also the place of love.  Finding that we are not alone but there are others and One who walks with us - helping to push open with abandon...and LIVE!


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