Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sticky Notes, Sunglasses, Squirrels, and a Bit of Dust: Project 365

Time for my weekly Project 365 post...and if the lack of this week's posts is any indication that it was a busy week around our house then the multitude of iPhone pictures this week will also testify to the fact that taking a quick picture was all I had time to do this week.  Oh well, some weeks are just like that!

What I'm most excited about is that at the end of the week I'm at Day #99 - wow!  This little project has gone so quickly and it hasn't been that difficult.  I may just keep it up through the next year too (well, I'll wait until I'm at Day #365 and decide then).

Oh, and in other photography news, I'm taking pictures at a wedding tonight...which is REALLY making me nervous - so say a quick prayer for me tonight that I capture beautiful moments and that I get a few decent pics!

Here is our week in pictures:

Day 93 - This is me at 25 weeks!  I realized I haven't taken many pictures at all, and I just got a new tripod so I took these pictures of myself.  Can I just tell you that you feel ridiculous smiling at a tripod when no one else is in the house...yes, you do.

Day 94 - Sunday was absolutely gorgeous in Lubbock, so we found a new park to play at that had all sorts of fun places to explore.  Selah loved the little house & kept closing the window & then popping out - her new favorite saying is, "Ta-Da!"

Day 95: This one picture may give you a true glimpse into my life...note: 1.  It is almost 11pm and I'm about to go to bed when I realize I have not taken a picture all day.  2.  I need to dust.  3.  I tell people often that I'm constantly reading 5 books...and - yep, count em: 5.  4.  Want to know what I'm reading?  Hinds Feet on High Places, Half the Church, a Jane Austen wanna-be novel, The Blue Parakeet, and The Message.  5.  I have Tums...because I'm pregnant...and well, ya know.  6.  I really need to dust.

Day 96 - Another lovely day!  Selah and I sat outside after work and just watched a squirrel.  Seriously, we watched a squirrel and she cheered for him to climb the tree.  Once he finally ascended the tree she decided that she wanted to follow in his footsteps.  She was sorely disappointed.

Day 97 - Just hanging out with my mom's shades...

Day 98 - Selah hates the sun in her eyes.  So, this is often what I glance back in the car to find.

Day 99 - My dad has been Israel for the last week so Selah and I decided to surprise my parents with breakfast yesterday morning and spend a little time with Papa & Gigi.  It was really fun...and my dad kept Selah entertained by drawing her pictures.  I love my dad.
That was our week!  Hope you had a great one too!  I think I'll go dust now.


Jennifer said...

Ok! So I'm about to start reading Hind's Feet...just waiting on it to arrive. Very excited cause I've wanted to read it forflippinever. AND...Blue Parakeet's been on my list to get for a tell me how you like it and if I should bump it up in my imaginary queue...

Lindsey V said...

I REALLY love reading about your week along with your pictures. It's fun to get a glimpse into your life!

And by the way...YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!

Lindsey V said...

P.S. The link up hasn't come up the past two weeks...wasn't sure if you were aware...


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