Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dance Parties, Lattes, and Becoming Paige's New Look: Project 365 and a Little More

Becoming Paige has a new look (have you noticed?).  I'm so excited to make it a little more clean and hopefully more user friendly!  I'm still working on updating a couple of the pages, but I wanted to direct your eyes to the Photography and Speaking pages on the navigation bar - this is where I'm telling people about two things I love to do!

Photography is NOT to drum up any business.  I"m quite happy to be an amateur and just take pictures of my sweet family...but I added it as a page to tell people about Project 365 and a few other ideas I have on taking pictures. I just find that taking pictures adds so much joy to my life & I want everyone to know that they can try it out too!

The speaking page is up because of my husband.  He knows how much I love to speak to all sorts of groups and thought I should let people know that I don't just speak at Church on the Rock (where I work), but that I take all sorts of speaking engagements.  So, you'll find my speaking schedule, a couple videos and audio clips of my speaking (still getting this up on the site) & other information on how to get in contact with me if you'd like for me to speak to your group.

So, those are a few of the changes around here!  And now...on to today's post:

It's Project 365 Day around my house - a quick look at my week as I attempt to take one picture a day.  I'm finding that some days I'm just in a picture taking mindset & on those days I have to scroll through at least 20 pictures to choose my favorite, but then on other days I'm lucky if I snap one picture on my iPhone.  I'm sure you can tell which days are which by the quality of the pictures, but I guess this makes my week more authentic - just like yours - some days there seems to be enough time to smell the roses and capture life through my camera while others I'm just running around trying to capture my breath!

Day 86 - I posted this picture on Selah's birthday post, but I just love it!  Just take a second to look at Ava's expression or Madison in the background shaking her little bootie...and don't get me started on my studly husband - ha!

Day 87 - This is going to have to count as my personal picture this week...I was preaching on Sunday morning  at The Dream Center and I went to a coffee shop an hour before hand to pray and look over my notes.  So here is a snapshot of my pregnant belly, my ONE cup of coffee for the day (oh, how I'm cherishing that cup lately), and a story about the Moravians that I used in my sermon.

Day 88 - After a long day at work Josh came home and played Tea Party with Selah.  This is the only picture I captured on this day with my iPhone...but I still love it!

Day 89 - This was as I was leaving my office (this is my computer - do you like my little glass birds that I stare at all day?).  Anyways, my sweet niece, Molly Kate, sat at my desk for a few minutes while I ran to the copier and when I returned I discovered that Molly had somehow rotated my computer screen sideways...and I couldn't figure out how to get it back.  My friend Liz who volunteers in the missions department each Tuesday said, "Well, at least it can be your picture of the day!"

Day 90 - It was Selah's birthday and before we headed off to school & work she skyped with her grandparents (Sabba & Safta) in Dallas.  She LOVES skyping with them & is in a deep conversation.

Day 91 - My sweet niece, Peyton, spent 7 hours with us on Thursday and these two girls played until they dropped!  They are only 3 weeks apart and love each other daily...I was shocked at how well they played together - everything from coloring to running outside & there were very few problems...well, until the last 15 minutes when Selah bit Peyton!  I was horrified - her first time to bite anyone (that I know of) I think 7 hours might be the limit...

Day 92 - Josh was out of town for a few days this week so Selah & I did some fun things like eating at Chipotle with my friend Erin.  I brought our extra chips home & a few hours later I walked into the kitchen to find this - she is her mother's I sat down on the ground with her and we just ate some chips.

That was our week!  Hope you had a great one too!  If you are taking a picture a day, please link up below - I'd love to see what you have been up to!


Lukáš Targosz said...

Nice! :-) Hey I have noticed that Josh is having glasses on all pictures now. Does he wear them more often now? I like it. He looks wiser! :-)

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