Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stickers, Snow, and Some Beautiful Eyes: Project 365 (The Week of LOVE)

It's been one of those weeks that had some real lows but also some delightful highs!  The stomach flu came to visit me early in the week and it took me a couple days to fully bounce back...but I'm back now and I've had so much fun planning for Selah's 2nd birthday party!  This week has also had some special times with the Lord for me - I find that it is so true that when I feel weakest He is just a "Help me!" away...He's given me some direction this week & blessed me in unexpected ways.

Here is what's been happening around our home!

Day 79 - We had a birthday photo shoot on Saturday and afterwards Selah and I were just hanging out in the car while Josh picked up his new glasses...I pulled out my camera and got a few shots of my beautiful girl in the car.  Love this one!

Day 80 - SNOW!  Sunday is when the flu hit me, so this picture is from inside looking out our backyard windows - I cannot describe how beautiful and big the snow flakes were on this day - I decided that if I had to be sick it was the perfect day to sit and watch the loveliness accumulate outside!

Day 81 - SNOW DAY!  Selah's Kid's Day Out was cancelled and I was still on the mend so we stayed in most of the day and played until our hearts were content!  I pulled out some Dora stickers thinking that she would decorate coloring pages...but oh no, all 30 stickers went on top of the other on her hand!

Day 82 - I know that one day my child will want to kill me for this picture but I couldn't resist!  I feel like this is the epitome of our Valentine's Day.  We were low-key to say the least (after a disastrous Valentine's Date when we were first dating Josh and I decided long ago to keep this day to a minimum).  Anyways, my dad bought Selah a box of chocolates & after dinner I let her eat one.  She loved the box even more than the other chocolates and before bed I found her lounging on the couch clutching that heart-shaped box.

Day 83 - Wednesday was a rough day for me...not sure if was the hormones or that it started off with a cup of yogurt being dumped all over me as I tried to get Selah out of the car, but regardless I was just somewhat of a mess.  Ever had one of those days?  After a day at work and a couple of hours at home I was back at the church trying desperately to get caught up and put out some fires that seemed to be ablaze!  Right after taking this picture (I realized I had not taken one all day & tried my best to look awake :)), is when I finally stopped and cried out for God to simply come.  And He was so faithful to meet me in my mess.  I cancelled my plans to go to zoe (our college group - sorry zoe people...but you wouldn't have wanted me there in the state I was in)...and I just spent the next 3 hours praying and listening.  Wow, it is what my soul needed.  I'm a slow learner, but I'm definitely discovering that sometimes the most important thing is to stop doing what I should do and listen to what my heart needs.

Day 84 - This is my dear friend Mindy (I just love this girl), and she is also my Mary Kay woman.  She came by the house on Thursday while I was working from home to talk and get me caught up on the latest Mary Kay products.  I told her that Selah loves to watch me put on make-up & that I let her pretend...and that was all Mindy needed to make my girl VERY happy!  Selah got a full make-over (appropriate of course for one her size).  She was in HEAVEN!

Day 85 - We were getting ready for Selah's birthday party and had just purchased a handful of balloons...obviously, Selah was wanting more than the one in her hand, but it proved to be a dilemma.  

Would love to see a glimpse into your life this past week!  If you are capturing everyday link up below (I think there are only a couple of us left...but it's never too late to start)!


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