Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Lovely Week - Tents, Toes, and Tons of Love

This week is mostly pictures of Selah and the many ways her daddy spoils her...I think it is fitting as we are a couple days away from Valentine's Day - he definitely loves her well!  And he loves her momma well too!

Day 71 - One of Selah's favorite things right now is playing in the car - especially pretending that she is driving.  So, what fun it was when her daddy let her "drive" in our church parking lot.

Day 72 - Another new joy is building tents!  Almost every night Josh and Selah make a new tent - this is when they were creating one of their fortresses!

Day 73 - Just having a little yogurt...

Day 74 - This was Monday of this week and Mondays are sometimes hard because I have about an hour at home with my precious girl between work & teaching a class.  Mostly we take that time just to we are side by side (oh, and this will have to count as my weekly picture of myself).

Day 75 - My girl is quite the colorer now (did you happen to see the picture I posted this week on facebook & twitter?).  Yep, we are trying to keep the coloring to paper!

Day 76 - This is technically NOT day 76 - woops!  I didn't take a picture this was non-stop and I just never thought to pull out the camera.  So, I thought I would share one of my favorite pics from this week.  This is Selah with her cousins Peyton & Molly riding a toy at the mall!  I'm so thankful that Selah has such wonderful cousins in her life.

Day 77 - We went to visit my Mema on Thursday and Mema  had other visitors as well.  My 5-year old niece Ava was showing off her new reading skills & Selah was captivated!

Day 78 - We've been talking to Selah about her upcoming birthday party and she is most excited that I mentioned we might have a Yo Gabba Gabba excited in fact, that we printed off some free Gabba cards online & she was excited to play!

That is a peek into our week!  I hope you had a lovely week as well - I am currently getting over a stomach bug and watching the snow fall in giant, fluffy flakes.  Can't wait to see what your weeks looked like & I pray next week is filled with moments of love and joy!

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