Monday, February 6, 2012

How Do You Give Thanks?

I have not shared my gifts in quite a while, but they continue to mount as I see the goodness and grace of God at every corner.  Today, as I often do on Mondays I contemplate the gifts in my life and give thanks to start off another week…and today, I’m very aware of the many gifts that have been brought into my life by the presence of one person.

Today, as I head into my office…it will be the first time in 7 years that I will not get to brainstorm, laugh with, and even boss around a bit a woman who started 7 years ago as my assistant and now is most definitely my friend.  So my blog today is to let you all know about the many gifts God graced me with over the last seven years in the form of Kyla Osborne.

Today I wonder…How do you give thanks to someone who…

Believes in you – who fights your battles alongside you and honors you (even when you are a bit hormonal or wrong)

Makes you laugh

Makes you think from a new perspective – as she honestly shares her own opinions and view

Gives you fashion advice and ensures that you do not go too far into the mommy-wear zone

Opens her heart to the things that stir your own – opens it so widely that those passions…that desire for justice becomes alive in her own heart.

 How do you give thanks to someone who…

Faces some of life’s cruelest battles – the loss of a loved one…the loss of a hoped for dream…cancer…and yet, continues to move forward – winning those battles…and facing the pain that accompanies each while still faithful to do the job and do it well

Is more talented than most will ever know…who has more gifts that she will ever admit to herself…

Is honest with their faith – and yet never walks away – choosing instead to wrestle and ask the hard questions so that the faith becomes more genuine and true

How do you give thanks when words are not enough?

I’m not sure I know how…but after 7 years, I give thanks today to the One who brought this friend into my life.  

And I give thanks to Kyla by encouraging her to GO!  May you continue to dream BIG and yet see the beauty in the ordinary.  May you find joy and peace and fulfillment in all that your hands touch.  May you continue to grow in faith and grace and in knowing Him.  And as you do, may He open doors that your heart longs for most – using those gifts and talents and incredible fashion sense the way you were created to do.

Thank you.


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