Friday, February 3, 2012

It's February! Finding Love in the Simple: Project 365

Project 365 Continues!

Day 65 - This is what I came home to after preaching on Saturday night.  This is one of Selah's favorite hiding spots at the moment.  She can wiggle right into this cabinet shutting the door and waiting until we discover her.  I'm glad she is not afraid of the dark, but don't love this new desire found in hiding!

Day 66 - What lovely weather we have been having lately!  Josh is on a mission to teach our wee girl the art of golf!

Day 67 - We've all been battling colds in our house this week and my dear husband was kind enough to bring this to me as I taught my Monday night Hermeneutics class (Oh, and this will have to count this week as a picture for me).

Day 68 - My amazing assistant, Kyla Osborne is moving on to a new career so this was our going away party for her at the office.  I made a Kyla board documenting the many ways she has served (and made us laugh) over the here are a few of our fine staff checking out her pictures!

Day 69 - I got a new camera lens on Wednesday (so excited) so I've been taking pictures of almost everything you can imagine!  Selah's doll was my subject this night...

Day 70 - After a busy work week and lots of time apart, sweet Selah and I had a day of fun together!  We spent the better part of the morning playing with her farm animals!  She loves saying Nay, Nay for the horses and Moo, Moo for the cattle.

What did your week look like?  I'd love to see!  Link up and share love with one another!


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