Monday, October 6, 2008

Shallow Recommendations

So, if you happened to read both my and Leslie's blogs earlier today, you know that in response to my book recommendations she lists her "veg out" recommendations. She claims that I'm the intelligent one while she is lazy, and I just felt that I should set the record straight.

1. We are equally intelligent. Honestly, she is smarter than I naturally...just ask our mother and she will tell you it is true. Leslie is one of those people who knows a little about everything and never had to work at school yet still made straight A's. I on the other hand would work hours on end, induce panic attacks, and agonize about my grades...I did well, but wish I could be more nonchalant like Les.

2. I too veg out a fact, reading is one way that I tune out the world. Reading is simply the "smart way" to be lazy.

3. I don't have kids & I have a feeling that once I do, it will significantly cut into my reading time.

Anyways, in honor of Leslie, I wanted to share my shallow appreciations lately...hope you enjoy!
1. Domino Magazine - This has been a fav of mine for the last three years, and now that my friend Alyson works for them in NYC, I love it all the more! It makes me want to redecorate my fact, I'm thinking about doing something crazy to my office...

2. Felicity DVDs - so, Josh and I joined the Blockbuster club where you get a DVD in the mail and then you get to turn it back in to the store and get a new one and then another one comes in the mail...yada, we realized that there are not actually that many movies that we want to watch all the time, so I have ordered all the seasons of Felicity for the ones we receive in the mail. Felicity was in college the exact same time as me, so I almost feel like I am reliving my college years! I'm on the final season (I've been slowly watching for over a year)...who will she choose: Ben or Noel??? Since I'm almost finished I would love any other recommendations for old TV shows.

3. Online Scrapbooking - I use shutterfly and have almost finished the past fun and a lot easier than doing it by hand.

4. - so much to love & buy! I mostly just look through it though!

5. I love photography blogs. I just jump from one to the next and think about how I want to take amazing pictures.

6. TV shows - so, I currently watch Project Runway, Top Design, the Hills (not sure why I continue to tune in), Grey's Anatomy, and Josh and I like to watch The Amazing Race (wouldn't we be an amazing team?), How I Met Your Mother, and The Office. Yes, I watch WAY too much TV, but most of it is DVR'd so we watch it when we have time...oh, I also love John and Kate Plus Eight and random shows on the Travel Channel.

Well, that is it for now! I'm waiting for Josh to come home, so maybe I'll go to etsy or flip on the TV...or maybe I'll be smart and read! Good night!


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness respect for you just greatly grew cause you watch The Hills!

Is that statement an oxymoron?

I fully admit that I started wearing headbands a couple years ago purely because of Lauren. AND- I'm about to paint my office dark gray because I love how their houses have looked.
I'm sick I tell you.
How are YOU gonna redecorate???

Fab recommendations...I'm totaly taking notes.

mandal said...

I keep Alyson's niece at Southcrest KDO. Sometimes I imagine having her in NYC...ahhh the city life. Anyway, there ya go!!!

The Louders said...

You've got me checking out now. Pretty cool, never heard of it. :)

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