Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where I Am...Part 3

Where I am: Josh and I just returned home from a nice evening at Randy & Callie Boyd's home. We had the privilege of inviting some people to hear about their ministry and the entire evening was a reminder to me about what an amazing ministry they have...if you've never checked it out perhaps you should pray about connecting with them through prayer, finances or a short term trip -

What I am watching: The Amazing Race. Josh and I love this show and talk every time about what a great team we would be, although I'm sure I would lose my cool at some point and either start crying or nagging. They are in Moscow on tonight's episode & Josh swears that they were just in a monastery where he has been...

What I am reading: I just started Kabul Beauty School and I'm also reading Why Not Women? by Loren Cunningham as research for a class I'm teaching starting in January.

Favorite Picture: I didn't take this - Leslie did, but I just loved holding my new niece - Molly Kate, so this is my favorite picture from the past week.

Website I Enjoyed Looking at this Week: Josh and I got to know Lynette while at ORU, and it was exciting to see the many ways that she is influencing people across the world. I especially like the title of her book: Climbing the Ladder in Stilletos - hope to read it soon.

Funny moments from the past week: Josh and I received our new passports this week and we had fun making fun of one another's pictures - I look horrible, and it is sad to think that this picture is sticking with me until 2018!

Favorite moment from the past week: Josh and I went on a date on Friday night. We went to see Fireproof (I cried like a little girl) and then we had a nice dinner. I love my husband!

Least favorite moment from the past week: In all honesty, this was a rougher week for me. I didn't feel very good for a portion of it - almost threw my back out and just generally felt down. I can't seem to pinpoint the culprit of my woes, but I'm ready to be back to myself - hopefully it will come in the morning.

What I am Looking Forward to:
This is going to be a great week! Here is what awaits me!
  • Traveling to Dallas with Josh and Courtney Faulk - love that I get to hang with Court
  • Spending time with Josh's family in Dallas
  • Coffee & shopping with Angel on Friday - I haven't seen my best friend in over a year - I'm super jazzed about this one!


Hall-a-days said...

I totally think you and Josh would be perfect for this show! Do it! Apply!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE Why not Women!!!
Loren is actually NOT one of my favorite authors- and being a ywamer-I had to read sooooo many of his books. But I think I like it so much cause it's mainly that other guy writing. :-) But it's a great source for sure!

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