Monday, November 17, 2008

Los Angeles...oh how I miss thee!

So, I got home early tonight from MTS and I'm watching The Hills. Yes, I hate to admit it, but I kind of love watching The Hills...yes, it's not reality...yes, they are horrible actors...yes, I know this is a show primarily watched by teenagers...but yes, I love it...yes, I sometimes yell at Spencer when he is being unreasonable...and yes, one reason I love it is because I miss L.A. I've been missing Los Angeles A LOT lately. For the five years that I was in seminary I traveled to L.A. at least once a year and last year I went out 4 times! At the time I would complain about being alone or in class 8 hours a day, but now I'm realizing that those weeks out there by myself were such a blessing! I'm an introvert at heart, so I always came home refreshed because I could just be by myself and think...and shop...and enjoy the California sun.

I know this is random, but The Hills are inspiring me...if you go to L.A. here are Paige's tips:
  • Fly into the Burbank airport - MUCH easier than LAX
  • Go eat at The Marmalade Cafe - I LOVE this place! Amazing food, quaint atmosphere, and I almost always saw someone famous
  • Must visit the Getty Museum!
  • Shop at The Grove and Santa Monica Promenade (go to the Promenade at night - some fabulous street performers)
  • Take a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway
  • Eat some type of ethnic food - there are so many different nationalities represented in LA that you can find some delicious authentic food - I ate authentic Mexican & Russian on visits! And there is great sushi to be had in LA
So, those are just a few recommendations - you aren't probably planning a trip, but just in case you can go prepared!

I got home early tonight from MTS, and I have to write that my students are AMAZING! We are wrapping up a preaching course and they all finished giving their sermons tonight. Every single student far exceeded my expectations & it wasn't just about presentation. Their sermons were heart-felt and Biblically sound...FABULOUS!!!!

I've noticed several people blogging about Christmas decor lately...and in all honesty I'm debating whether or not to put my stuff up. I probably will, but when I go to all the work it makes me want to have a party or it enough to do all that decorating just for Josh and I to enjoy?

Okay, I'm going to focus on Audrina & LC now...oh by the way...Jenn Beamer totally started wearing headbands because of LC and I've recently started trying the front hair braid in LC fashion, so I know I'm not alone in this guilty pleasure...Jenn, did you watch tonight?


Jennifer said...


But no, I haven't seen it yet. I actually don't have cable at home- so I have to catch up via the internet and I haven't had time for that lately. It makes me REALLY sad (and a little stressed even!) to not know what's going on- and i quickly turn off the radio if they talk about the updates so nothing is ruined.

The Hills is also responsible for my black nail polish AND the fact that I'm painting my office dark grey. Which actually- is the same color we've just painted Summit Rock- so in my heart of hearts- I believe Renee' is a closet Hills watcher.

We should so go clubing in LA Paige! We would SO totally make an episode ;-)

Anonymous said...

I must admit Hills is one of my guilty pleasures as well. I was screaming at Spencer last night very loudly! Just hearing about LA makes me want to plan a trip. I thought we were suppose to be planning one for this summer!?!?! We still really want to go. Heath has never been able to enjoy the Cali. sunshine, and it has been way too long for me. Let me know if y'all are still interested?

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