Saturday, July 19, 2008

Golf Recap & Help

So, I didn't know my wife was going to flash pictures of my belly as I was swinging nor insunuate that my calves have some kind of impact. Today I will set the record straight and give you a precise, moment by moment insight to a successful golf swing. I know you can't wait for this valuable information, but after years of practice (walking across the street to just putt, chip, and play as little 8 year old to playing at Pebble Beach in California with my father) I thought I would share.

It first starts with visualization. It's much like a positive attitude verses a negative attitude. Statistics show it takes 2 times more energy (mental, physical, and emotional) to think and produce negative thoughts/attitudes than positive. This is an amazing thought as most people look at life as half-empty. Those of you who know me, realize I am most often the extreme opposite- almost to a fault. I truly believe the best in life, my Abba God, my marriage, my family, my business, and especially people. This translates into my golf game....

I visualize where my ball is going to go (it helps I have played enough to actually know where it should go although not all the time.) So on the hole where you saw the lake, I saw myself hitting the ball with a slight movement from left to right avoiding the lake and avoiding Rosa's Restaurant on the right. Guess what...I turned my hands over and hit it in the lake (kinda funny huh.) Well that is much like life. You can visualize a positive attidue and sometimes life doesn't work out that way. But it's now what happens to you that really matters, it's what you do with what happens. So I teed up another ball, and smashed a drive all the way near the hole; plunked my next shop by the flag pin, and knocked in the saving putt for Par (see the victory dance)!!!

I have just decided to use the mechanics and lessons of a golf swing to parlay thoughts about life. So tune in next time (maybe from India/Thailand) as I introduce the physical aspects to a great golf swing. Maybe it will help lower a few strokes off your personal game and allow you to beat that feared golf rival of yours, or maybe it will just spawn some additional thoughts about life helping us all to reach for a higher standard!


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