Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kup-Kum-Kai & Namastay

So, we are off today for Thailand and India! I'm super excited and nervous all at the same time! I've been to both places before, and both of them stretched me like nothing else! In Thailand a couple years ago I found myself switching between laughter and tears...It was one of the funniest experiences of my life with the 3-hour Thai massage from hell (I'd love to tell you the story), watching Thai people sing hours of karaoke, laughing at Pastor Simon Lee as he cackled like th Joker...at the same time, I was often in tears as I people with piercing smiles, jumped in the Indian Ocean, and prayed with beautiful women.

India had a similar effect on me - I absolutely fell in love with the women and children in this country, and as desperately as I felt the culture shock and wanted to go home at times, something in my heart told me that I was forever captured by this country. I've told many of you stories about my trip - standing in sewage while people scavenged for food, listening to young girls open up about the abuse they had suffered for years, preaching to women who had been rescued from prostitution and the joy that now shined through their eyes. Yet, more than anything else, I remember the tears that I saw in India. The tears of my team & the tears of the women that I met...This is a hard country, and yet I've never felt the presence of God more than I did last year- His peace, strength, and confidence carried me through. So, I'm going back with trepidation and joy mingled together.

I will try to blog and upload a few pictures while we are away...but if we come to mind would you please pray for us? Here is the plan:

After flying for 29 hours...
Thailand - Women's Conference, sharing to over 1,000 teenagers at 2 schools, sharing in two communities, church service & women's meeting

India - Young Women's conferece (750 girls ages 16-35), 2 Ladies Events, 2 days at schools for kids ages 2-4, Church Services, special children's day at Life Center, Teen Challenge retreat for 75 women rescued from prostitution.


Sarah Bessey said...

What a great site, Paige! I love catching up on you and Josh's life together. I have some good friends in India right now and they often say the same things about it. Praying for you guys and looking forward to pics.

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