Monday, May 10, 2010

Counting my Gifts (Mother's Day Edition)

First, I need make the statement that I have been away far too long.  I come to my blog often (almost everyday)...and I'm working (in my mind at least)...about what it should be...what I should say...I'll hopefully be back on a consistent basis soon - I'm shooting for this week...

Until then, I just had to share my many Mother's Day gifts...for I am thankful!

74. Working from home next to my sleeping/smiling/growing girl

75. Waking up on Mother’s Day for the first time and feeling happy to be in this hard working club…mostly though feeling loved for simply loving her

76. The hubby’s thoughtful gifts – books!

77. Preaching to a room full of people who trust me enough to simply listen

78. Nursing Selah between services – although it was a realization that my life has drastically changed, it also helped me to stay focused and remember who I am

79. The hubby cooking Pioneer Woman Cobbler…the aromas filling the house as I took a nap

80. Dinner with my mom – watching her love her granddaughters


Enid said...

Happy first mother day Paige!!

Jennifer said...

Love the list!!! And love that you had to feed Selah in between preaching sermons. Such a whole new world you're bringing there Ms Paige! heeheehehehee...

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