Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Becoming Paige

I gave myself a quick facelift today...the blog that is...still not loving it, but I was wanting to simplify it so it will work for now.

You may also notice that I finally settled on the name Becoming Paige for my blog.  Thanks so much to everyone who voted...this was the overwhelming favorite, although Angie Neal's combination of my ideas was also a favorite!

I've been thinking quite a bit about why I'm blogging and how I want to change things up - mostly, I'm blogging as a way get out my thoughts, journal my life, and occasionally share thoughts that might encourage or cause others to think.  But I was needing some structure to help me be more diligent about decided I should narrow down what I really want to talk about in this venue.

On a recent road trip to Dallas with my mom we were discussing blogs and it was her idea to focus on ministry, mommyhood, missions, musings (my random thoughts) & to also throw in my crazy stories as I seem to make a fool of myself often (thus the mayhem)...I realized - these are the areas of life where I'm passionate (at least at this point in life)...and as I share about them perhaps I'll learn more about Becoming Me...Becoming Paige.

With that said, here are snippets about each of these areas:

I preached this weekend for Mother's Day about Sabbath - I was shocked how many people afterwards talked to me about how they needed permission to rest...I'll talk more on this some other time...but until then we should all go take a nap...

Oh, and I recommend The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan

I cannot believe how quickly my Sweet Selah is growing!  She loves to smile and talk to me now-a-days...and today we had a photoshoot...

So, I'm planning an event NEXT Thursday, May 20th that will bring awareness and raise funds for a wonderful ministry in Mumbai, India that works with women and children rescued from human trafficking.  My heart was literally ripped out my first year in India as I heard stories and wiped tears off of precious faces.  I told God then that I would do whatever I could to help...and I'm honored to have the opportunity a few years later to be a small voice for these women.

If you are in Lubbock you should come out.  It is at The Cactus Theater - 7pm - Thursday, May 20th

My husband bought me the book Downtown Chic by Robert & Cortney Novogratz...and it has me thinking about finding a wreck of a house & completely renovating it.  The only problem is that we are less than handy - I can paint...but otherwise Josh and I are a mess...thus - simply a musing...

Have I ever shared the story about accidentally mooning two full boats of highschool boys?  Yep, not only did I moon them, but once I realized that they were there I actually began running with my pants down...thus making the incident 100x worse...there is far more to this story - but I was thinking about it yesterday as we talked about going water rafting with our young adults...

Until next time...


Enid said...

I am glad you bring the point of rest on Shabbat....this is so important in my opinion in our walk with God. I totaly aodre my Shabbat and look forward to it every week....on anticipation of what God will speak to me!

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