Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project 365 - Travels and More

Time to report in on Project 365!  Josh and I had quite a week with a little trip to San Francisco - I actually left my lap top at home so I couldn't blog or do much productive...and my oh my was it ever nice!

I took so many pictures that I'll do another blog devoted to our trip later in the week...but for now, I'll boil down each day to one picture.

Day 43 - After waking up at 4am we flew to San Francisco and got ourselves acquainted with this city.  We ended up eating at a delicious restaurant and I even got a dessert created by a fabulous contestant on Top Chef Just Desserts.  Dessert makes me happy - can you tell?

Day 44 - We continued to explore this new city and found ourselves wandering near the waterfront.  I loved the fresh crab stands and was somewhat disappointed the pregnancy would not allow me to get a meal from one of these stands.

Day 45 - We rode the famous San Francisco trolleys on this day as we went to locales like the Farmer's Market & China Town.  Highlight of the day was definitely just hanging out with my favorite friend and also mastering some of the steepest streets I've ever experienced.

Day 46 - We rented a car on our last full day in Northern California and explored the countryside.  It was difficult to choose a picture for this day - I loved the vineyards, beaches, and people we saw on this day, but without a doubt I am still in awe of the grandeur of the red woods.  This picture does not do these magnificent trees justice - they towered over us with strength and beauty.  I could have sat there for hours looking heavenward.

Day 47 - Before we boarded the plane to return home I was able to sneak in a bit of journaling and of course a bowl of authentic California granola & yogurt.

Day 48 - Back home and we both jumped back into work...funny enough, although we both spent countless hours together while on vacation, we scheduled a "meeting" for lunch on our first day home.  Do any other spouses do this?  We've found in our lives that we do best if we keep work discussions set aside from we discussed finances, zoe, and even a message we would be preaching together.  I guess we just can't get enough of one another!

Day 49 - Oh how I missed this little one, and today we got to spend together at home.  I pulled out a small chalk board and colored chalk that I purchased for a party and let her scribble to her heart's content.

So let's see how your week looks in pictures!  Link up below and be sure to give love and encouragement to all those participating with us!


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