Friday, January 27, 2012

I just turned 33 – Here’s a little about me!

Thought I'd let you know what I'm into...what I'm thinking & what is catching my eye as I grow another year older...yep, I'm now 33!

How I Celebrated – My actual birthday was a busy day at work and church, but my handsome hubby made me feel special from the moment I awoke until the day was done.  He woke me up with a fresh cinnamon roll from Apple Tree (yep, he got out that morning and bought it while I was still asleep).  He and Selah gave me sweet cards & gifts that morning and we were off to conquer our days!

Throughout the day I received special words from friends, flowers from Josh, a fabulous photography gift from my parents, and more facebook postings than I could respond to…and the day ended by spending a bit of quiet with the Lord…oh, and a cupcake!

I used to believe that birthdays were meant to be grand but I’m learning each and every year that sometimes the most special moments are when grandeur falls to the wayside and in it’s place are little moments of love and joy!

Here’s a Bit More about 33-year old Paige

What I’m…

Looking Like These Days
I'm look pregnant...and here is the typical bathroom picture shot that I usually make fun of...

Listening to 
All Sons & Daughters – I heard about this worship band from a Relevant Tweet & I keep coming back to this music.  It feels like a nice balance between worship and folk music.  I’ve also been listening to Katie Herzig’s new album The Waking Sleep – it’s quirky and lovely at the same time.

Watching – I’m trying to cut back my television consumption, but my current staples include Downton Abbey (LOVE it), Project Runway All-Stars (Love it less than normal – I think I want the old judges back…and the Miss Piggy episode almost made me leave the show all together), Selling New York & Selling LA (Josh and I love watching this together and sit with our mouths agape at how much property is on the coast – makes us thankful for cheap prices in Lubbock!)

Reading – Well, I’ve had a bit of a dry spell in the reading category lately – nothing seems to really capture my attention…but I have a feeling that this is now over.

You see, this morning I had the most delightful birthday tea with some of my favorite ladies, and Terri Reed asked each of them to bring either their favorite book or a book that they thought I would enjoy.  So, now sitting on my dining room table are 14 different books!  And, what I love most is that they are so different in type & topic (just like the friends who brought them to me).

I've got novels, a cook book, devotions, a fashion picture book, and spiritual classics in this pile!
I must say I thought this was such a great idea!  Not only do I get to read some new great books, but I know that as I open the spine they will have a more personal feel – I will think about the lady who gifted this book to me and look throughout the words wondering what it was that captured her heart.  So, thank you each for bringing me something that you love!  I can’t wait to start reading.

Pinning – I’m not sure if it is a nesting tendency or if it’s just the genes I inherited from my mother but I have been itching to redecorate little parts of my house.  So, I’ve been pinning various pictures for inspiration – here are just a few that I’m thinking about bringing to my home!

I'm loving these colors and a vintage feel for a nursery!
                                                                                   Source: via Paige on Pinterest

I'm planning on also keeping a large guest bed in the nursery so I love the idea of an antique quilt!
                                                                                  Source: via Paige on Pinterest



Thinking About – Oh my…my thoughts seem to travel great lengths lately.  In one moment I’m wondering if Selah needs to go potty and the next I’m deep in thought about what it really means to abide (I really will blog about this soon – I’m learning so much!).  I’ve spoken in several different venues lately so I’m also jotting down continual notes about love, parenting, and how to study the Bible.  And honestly, I’ve been thinking about my husband A LOT – schedules have been crazy and he graciously helps me with Selah in ways that would make most wives drool…and yet, in the midst of my craziness he has his own opportunities bursting forth like never before with big decisions on the horizon…so my thoughts are often with him – whispering prayers that God would grant him wisdom, joy, peace, and protection.

Well, that was quite a bit to share!  What are you into lately? 


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