Thursday, February 20, 2014

5 Things Catching My Eyes & Heart Lately

Confession: I love Pinterest & a lot.  I'm tolerant of facebook as I see it's usefulness, but I really love Pinterest and Instagram because...I like pictures.  I like seeing what's capturing the eyes and hearts of my friends and family.

Life around here has been normal but also kind of fabulous!  Some moments of joy I know are meant to be tucked away into my heart to savor alone, but there have been a few moments and pictures and items that I've come to love lately that I thought I'd share with you!

So here are the 5 Things Catching My Eyes and Heart Lately

1.  Selah's 4th Birthday
If you've hung around my family either in person or via social media you likely know that Selah LOVES a good party.  In fact, she has informed me that she may just one day become a party planner.  (Firefighter, doctor, and mommy are also on her list).

For her first two birthdays I did my best to make Pinterest proud.  You can read about my dismal failure for her first birthday here & you can see a few pictures from her Yo Gabba party when she turned two here.  Last year, however we deviated from Pinterest worthy parties by going to the one and only Chuck E. Cheese.  And although this pizza joint usually makes me break into hives and want to hide under a table, I discovered that having a party at a location that entertains kids AND cleans up after them is actually quite brilliant!

So, we decided to carry on in that tradition with birthday number FOUR and we assembled quite a large party to play at a local gymnastics place.  Here are my favorite pictures.  I think the kids had fun.

On a side note, Selah chose Princess hats, Barbie plates, Yo Gabba napkins, and a Frozen themed cake.  I LOVE MY CHILD.  She utterly destroys all of my perfectionistic tendencies!

2.  Book LOVE!
I've read several books over the last couple of months, but I must mention a couple that I devoured while we took a short vacation to Mexico:

Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey was challenging, encouraging, and empowering.  Don't let this title keep you away - it's not what you think.  I actually went to college with Sarah, and as I read her words with sand under my feet I kept thinking about how much I wish we would have had deeper conversations when we lived down the hall from each other.  Sarah is wise, warm, and open with her life in this book.  What I loved the most is that it wasn't a rant or a how-to book...but it was a story.  Her story, the story of women who have gone before us, and the story that might be - if women - like she and I and you...will accept who we were created to be and live out the gospel.  The last chapter of the book is a commissioning...and I'm not sure what happened in my heart, but as I read these words - meant for me but also meant for women in India and Uganda...I found myself crying and praying for the women on the other side of the ocean.

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell was a great little beach read!  If you are looking for something fun - good chic lit - this is one you might consider.

Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist - I'm a major Shauna Niequist fan and although this was her first book, it is the last one of hers that I've read.  It is a book about celebration...and when I read her books I feel like I know her.  I want to go to one of her dinner parties or have her over to teach me to cook.  I feel like we are soul sisters...but I suspect that everyone who reads her books might feel like that!

What I'm reading right now:
To Live is Christ by Matt Chandler
wild by Cheryl Strayed

3.  Sales at Anthropologie have also caught my eye this past month.  Does anyone else love Anthropologie?  I walk in and the Volcano candles tell me that it's going to be a good day...and somehow I've walked in the last couple of months and found a few great deals!

                                                          Hello pretty shoes! ------------------------>

4.  My favorite pins from Pinterest lately

I love this little kitchen nook!

I want to LIVE this!

My Favorite Instagram this week:

5.  Road Signs Love
So I've taught the first two live teaching sessions for my Bible study - Road Signs, and I was beyond blessed when one of the ladies in the class this past Tuesday night emailed me this poem that she wrote as she was doing the daily Bible study.  Her words are rich and beautiful and I just love how God spoke to her through my words & then He spoke to me through her words!  Isn't that just like God to use us all to minister back and forth to one another?

So I'll leave you today with her poem.  Thank you Terese.

Rolling Away The Stone Lord, what are the walls
That I've built against You;

That keep me secluded

And far from Your TRUTH?

Deep in the shadows

Where light cannot shine;

Safe at a distance

And hidden by time.

For the walls that I'VE built

Are MY stone at the tomb;

Keeping death locked away

Protecting every deep wound!

But what IF ~ MY faith,

Could reach PAST the walls;

Building a bridge

From MY heart to YOURS, God?

What IF I trusted;

YOU, Lord, By FAITH;

To breathe LIFE into death

And OPEN the grave?

For it's only THEN, Lord,

I can walk into TRUTH;

Where the Light Of God Shines

And True Life Is In You!

So, TODAY, I ask, Lord,

That You'd HEAR when I pray;

And Command Of The Stone ~


Terese Holloway


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