Friday, August 26, 2011

Taking Up a Pinterest Challenge

My college friend - super-blogger mom, Sarah Bessey, put forth a pinterest challenge today on her blog.

She wanted to challenge those on pinterest to actually make one thing that they have pinned.  What a novel idea!  I was immediately challenged because I must admit that I pin way too much.  It's addicting, many lovely ideas and crafts...and yet, I have only made ONE (that's right - a grand total of 1) item that I have actually pinned.  It's a shame really.  And it is time that changed.

So, I picked up some spray paint & got busy on a table in our living room.

I've pinned these images (see here) over the last few months because I really want a pop of color in my living room.  So, I'm painting furniture this weekend.  Will you take the challenge and make something too?

If so, we can all share it when the weekend is over.  How fun!

Thanks, Sarah for the challenge. 


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