Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When You Wonder If It's Worth It

If you are like me there are days when I ask myself the big question of why I’m doing life the way I choose to do it.  I’m trying to live a life of simple obedience – doing my best to sense God’s direction and respond with an uncomplicated yes. 

Living a life of simple obedience means I try to write as He directs and I talk with young women when they request it and I work hard planning mission trips and college events and I even parent in a way that is right for our family.

And so there are days like today when I’m wondering if those small decision to go against what would be more convenient or easy are really worth it.  Do you ever feel that way too?

And then God graciously answers my silent question…my secret doubt…my selfish desire for an easier way.  He showed me today that “Our beauty is not ultimately reflected in the mirror but in the lives we impact.”  (Quote from a Lisa Bevere tweet today).

It was so simple – first it was coffee with a friend who although had some concerns about a decision I was attempting to make validated me by simply saying, “I trust you.  Whatever decision you make on this (it was a ministry idea) I will fully support.”

And then it was an email from a friend I have not spoken with in over 10 years.  A simple email thanking me for what I put out in this blog…for it has been what she needed to read at the moment and it has served as confirmation in her life from the Lord.

And then it was a meeting with a young woman whom I had supposed rejected the truth and theology I presented in a class that I taught 5 years ago…asking to meet so she could tell me about her journey with the Lord…and how my words…and my actions had played a role in that journey without my knowing.

As I sat across from this young woman – face radiant and eyes clear, sharing her story about God’s love and healing and freedom and joy - I realized that every sacrifice…every inconvenience…every difficult decision…every obedience is worth it.  And although I’m ending my day looking rather haggard and tired – there is also a beauty in my life…perhaps I don’t see it in the dark circles or frizzy hair today – but I can see it in the lovely lives I’ve been privileged to touch…and that beauty is enough.

And so to you out there today, I have two small encouragements for you:
First, trust the Lord with those choices of obedience that are more difficult than most would ever know.  Obedience to Him is always right - even when we don’t see the immediate results we would prefer.

Second, I encourage you today to let someone know that they have made a difference in your life.  That person whom you assume has it all together may be asking the big why question today.  Let your small act of saying thank you be one way God graciously answers their petition.  I’m going to do it right now.  Will you join me?

And to my friends (T, W, & L – that’s code for their names J).  Thank you.


The Louders said...

Thank you, Paige, thank you.

The Louders said...

that was kind of just meant it so reflects my heart as well, and thank you for making a difference through your obedience. Love that, obedience to the Lord is ALWAYS right. Thank you for being who God called YOU to be...fabulous Paige.

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