Wednesday, August 10, 2011

30 Things about My 30 Year Old Sister

 My Sister Leslie turns 30 today, so I thought it fitting that I share 30 things about her with you all today!

1.   She is the only girl to have ever beaten me up (I should say only person…no men have beaten me up either).

2.  She is a girl of many nicknames – Lala, Lester, Lindsay…

3.  She downplays how smart she is – her mind is lightning fast (wit, useless facts, musicality, the list goes on…).  In fact, she is smarter than me, and it kills me a little bit to admit it (I AM her older sister), but it’s true.

4.  Her ice blue eyes are captivating and full of wisdom.

 5.  She is oddly good at foreign accents (her Scottish one is my favorite).

6.  She has a passion to make a difference in her world and THE world.

7.  She is a good friend.
 8.  She is strangely organized yet also messy in a way that lets one know there is a lot happening in her brain.

9.  She is LOVED by her nieces.

 10.  She had an awesome Strawberry Shortcake collection that I was always a little jealous of.

11. She convinced me once that our parents had been kidnapped.  See here for the full story.

12.  She has taught me about the power of love, forgiveness, and second chances.

13.  Few people have really heard the full range of her voice…but let me tell you it is AMAZING.

14.  She is a wonderful mom.

 15.  She has a wacky sense of humor – she introduced me to The Office, The Soup, Best in Show, and so much more.

16.  She used to belong to a show choir that is oddly similar to the one in Glee.

17.  Have you tasted her cake balls?  Oh my Lord, the girl can cook!

18.  She feels deeply about most things.

19.  She is a loving and good wife.

20.  She can play 4 or 5 instruments (I lost count)…fyi, I can play none (we are quite different).

21.  She is beautiful – like in that strikingly gorgeous way…in fact, someone once told me, “Leslie most definitely is the most beautiful of you three sisters”…and then they seemed to realize I WAS one of the sisters and promptly walked away.

 22.  She once donned a blonde wig and played a role in “Honky Tonk Angels” – for my non-West Texas friends, call me and I can explain more.

23.  She is quite handy & crafty.

24.  She is a true worshipper and therefore is able to lead others into worship.

25.  Sometimes she is shy, but once you unlocked that brain and mouth you discover she could be a stand up comic or a really great day-time talk show host.

 26.  She is wise beyond her years.

27.  She is a witty writer (who needs to write more).

28.  She sees potential in the unlikely – whether it is a piece of furniture, a budding worship leader, or the people closest in her life – she sees through the eyes of what could be and she plays her part to help make that potential come to life.

29.  She is lovely in it’s truest sense – both externally and internal.

30.  She is my sister and I thank God today that for the last 30 years, and for many more to come He has graced me with her life.


Jennifer said...

LOVE! She IS truly fabulous!
FYI- To this day, I still can't hear the song "These Boots are Made for Walking"...without thinking about her Honky Tonk Angel self!

Paige Allen said...

Yay for a comment! And yay for my sister is the CRAZY wig - I loved that she was the scandalous angel in that play...

Angela Navarro said...

I remember that play too. Don't forget to mention she was also in rollerskates!!! This is a great post Paige. Your entire family is so precious.

Sarah said...

Love this! What an incredibly sweet blog about your Fab sister. Love all the white girls! :)

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