Monday, August 1, 2011

Becoming a Woman who Sees His Gifts Abound

I'm back from my Sabbatical - and the past 40 days have brought rest and refocus to my life.  This blog is called Becoming Paige and I'm more aware than ever that becoming truly is a process - an unending stream of change and growth and pain and joy.  It's a stream that is filled with gifts - gifts from ABOVE - the orange trumpet flowers cascdading off my back roof and the small joys of Selah's first ponytail.  Small and precious gifts that remind me of His faithfulness and that are meant to woo my heart so that I can come with hands wide open trusting where He might lead.

It's my choice each day whether I will pause long enough to recognize those gifts and more importantly the Giver...

There have been far too many days in my 32 years in which I've not looked up to see the gifts, but the last 40 days were different - gift abounded at every turn - so many I cannot begin to list them all here...but let me share with you a small glimpse of the first few gifts that came my way as I set aside 40 days to rest...40 days to refocus...and 40 days to see Him all around.

My Gifts List Continued...

160.  Discovery of New Life
161.  New fluffy feathers of baby birds
162.  The watchful stance of momma bird
163.  Intricately woven nest
164.  The hint of a smile from a tiny beak
165.  Cool morning to sip my coffee
166. Painted toenails on tiny feet
167.  Orange blooms like a trumpet
168.  Color coordinated books
169.  Time to type out my heart thoughts


KarenW said...

Amazing pictures! God's gifts are all around. Thanks for sharing some of yours.

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