Friday, August 19, 2011

Things that Make Me Happy (August 2011 Edition)

I love finding new discoveries that make life a bit richer!  Here are a few things that have captured my attention recently (basically this could also say: here are a few things that I'm tempted to start addiction to recently - but holding off as best as I can).

Products I Love:
Dry Shampoo - have you discovered the greatness that is dry shampoo yet?  I know, I know...I used to be quite judgemental as well of the hippies who used this stuff, but with a baby and working full-time I'm confessing my judgmental ways and jumping on the band wagon!  I LOVE dry shampoo!  A little spray and I'm set to go for the day!  I've only gone up to day four with this stuff, but I'm tempted to see how long I could go - maybe a full week?! (I know my mother is absolutely cringing with horror at this prospect).

Nutella - I've have long been a Nutella fan.  My greatest Nutella experience was a Nutella and banana crepe that I had on the streets of Paris - the delicious bites still linger in my mind...But I've reacquainted myself recently with this delectible concoction of chocolate and hazelnut (hello, if that combination doesn't sell you I'm not sure what to say) as I was reminiscing about college. 

You see, when I was at ORU, every Monday night we had hall meeting (which were usually boring) and because we were 30 girls living in a dorm, the one redeeming factor of hall meeting were the snacks.  Somehow, the girls in my dorm discovered that if you dip animal crackers into cake frosting it is a party in your tummy (I've been watching a lot of Yo Gabba Gabba)!  And, since we were eating animal crackers, we deduced that this was a lower calorie snack than cream!

So, the other day these memories came flooding back to me as I was looking at the animal crackers that I had bought Selah for a snack.  I did not have any frosting in my pantry...but behold - a jar of Nutella!  And an addiction was created!  So now Selah is out of animal crackers and I'm trying to limit myself...but dang, this is good!

Movies & Music that I Love:
The Help - Have you seen the movie?  Have you read the book?  I have done both & so should you.  That is all I will say.

BBC Miniseries on Netflix - I love period pieces.  And although I don't consider myself a romantic - Josh definitely plays this role in our relationship, there is something that I love about these shows!  Yes, there is a bit of romance, but what I'm drawn to is the simplicity of life...the sweeping scenes of British countryside...and the immensity of simple nuances.  If you like period pieces too, I recommend: Wives & Daughters, North & South, and Downton Abbey.  The BBC version of Pride & Prejudice is my all time favorite.

 The Civil Wars - So, I know that I'm late to this party.  I've had friends rave about them for awhile, but they are playing almost non-stop this week on my Spotify (see below).  And once I discovered that Joy Williams was a part of this duo I couldn't help but smile because my momma LOVES Joy Williams and used to ask my sister to sing all of her songs...Joy has come a long way and I rather like it!

Internet Discoveries that I Love:
Spotify - It's a free way to legally listen to ANY music you want on your computer.  There are commercials, but I'm loving this!  To see more go to:

Pinterest - I've been doing pinterest for a couple of months and it is another addiction that I am holding at bay.  I LOVE pretty pictures, and I love the fact that I can use this as a tool to remember the ideas that I find online and want to to later.  In fact, I've had to start being wise and stop pinning every pretty picture I see.  I'm now only pinning things that I may use in the future or that are a reference for something I want to do in the future.  To check out my pinboards you can go to:

Instagram - This fun little program is on my iPhone & I've loved using it to share moments captures throughout my day.  Honestly, I'm primarily posting pictures of Selah, but they are pictures of her life - not posed shots to make her look just so...but pictures that I hope will help me remember what it was like to do life with my little girl.  Here are a few of my favorites:

What are you loving right now?  I'd love to hear about things you think I and others should check out!  Please share in the comments - can't wait for a list of new discoveries!


Wendy said...

I can see why we're such good friends! I love all the things you wrote about and many are on my list of favorite things. Let's see...
Nutella and Strawberries = delightful.
Pinterest - you introduced me and I'm hooked.
The Civil Wars - I want to see them live!
Rachel Yamagata - great voice and melancholy lyrics.
The Wailin Jenny's - love their music and just heard about them.
Running - the joys and challenges of training for a Half-Marathon (and pushing a 3-year old in the stroller).
Evernote - creating some fun lists in my iphone such as "Concerts to go to" - fun for future planning.
Yay for the little things in life!

Lindsey V said...


As I was reading, I was like check, check, check....almost all of these are my favs too, namely dry shampoo, recently rediscovered Nutella again too, Arno's boss gave him tickets to go see The Help - EXCITED!, period pieces, and am new to Pinterest myself! Lots of fun! Thanks for sharing!

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