Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When the Mountains Feel a Bit Closer to Heaven

When my Sabbatical first began in June, I quickly realized that although I had every intention of taking time to rest and refocus, it would not come easily or naturally for I am far too accustomed to a rhythm of busy.  A few days into my time off, and after answering my 3rd phone call of the morning in reference to work at the church I climbed into the bathtub and begged God for a true reprieve.

My mom called and as I was lamenting about my inability to find rest, I casually commented that perhaps I should just get in the car and head to the mountains.  The only roadblock was the thought of driving for 8 hours alone with Selah.  Imagine my delight and surprise when my mother offhandedly commented that she’d like to get away as well and that perhaps we should just go to the mountains together.  

I suggested we leave the next day, half in jest and half in hope.

And I had not even had the time for my toes to properly prune up in the bathtub  when my mom called back to explain she had reserved  us a hotel with my father’s airline miles (thanks, dad) and if it was fine with Josh we should head out tomorrow!  

We did just that!

Our impromptu trip to Colorado was refreshing and delightful in so many ways.  I could tell you stories about driving to a waterfall and almost running out of gas (we may be spontaneous but we are both blondes at times). 

I could tell stories of swimming and shopping and drinking tea. 

I could tell you about dinner with our sweet friend Sharon who always spurs me to love Jesus more and to see life from a new angle.  

I could tell you about the conversations on that trip that have stuck with me to this day…my mom sharing about God truths she’s discovered in Ephesians…or Sharon painting a picture of prayer for me in such a way that I’m hungry to discover His secrets as well…or the simple encouragement from my dearest mom to go get my dreams – to stop questioning my abilities and comparing them with what could be and just go for it! 

I could tell you that it was here that my mother introduced Selah to guacamole and the song “If You’re Happy And You Know It” and it changed her little world forever (we sing that song at least 50 times a day…and that kid LOVES Mexican food). 

I could tell you about the rocks jutting up from the ground and the trickling stream in their shadows.   

I could tell you all this and more, but time and limited words cannot convey how those 3 days on an impromptu trip set my heart aright - not only for my Sabbatical but for today and tomorrow as well.

And so today…I will give thanks for the beauty and moments I discovered in Colorado:

179.  Impromptu trips
180.  The lilt in my mother’s voice at the prospect of getting away from it all!
181.  Orange sun setting on the mountain tops
182.Bed you could sink into forever.
183.  Mounds of fluffy pillows
184.  Perfect timing for a road trip stop as we cross paths with Holly & Jenn
185.  Tiny feet with dirty soles =the product of running free
186.  The compliment of giving good advice – perhaps because I’m closer to the Him?
187.  Baby breath in deep sleep
188.  RAIN – the smell and crispness in the air
189.  Selah Scribbles
190.  Quaint tea shops
191.  Reindeer sighting – furry antlers
192.  Bright red doors
193.  The soothing sound of running water
194.  My mother singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It”
195.  Jagged rocks llifting to the sky
196.  Abba’s whisper to LOOK UP – and then I see it – beauty
197.  Wise words and perceptive questions from Sharon
198.  My baby’s chubby white hand grasping the dark hand of my beautiful friend
199.  “My motive for prayer is that I’m nosy.  I pray because I want to know what God is doing.” – Sharon Miller
200.  Fearless jumping into my arms
201.  Journals covered in colorful Indian saris


Jennifer said...

*I* could tell you...I told you so. ;-) (ALWAYS listen to Jenn!)

I could tell you...several sarcastic comments, but pretty sure I already have.

I could tell you...that I'm SO happy you took this trip, regardless of the timing.

I could tell you that I'm actually over here in the blog world to post my list today...and your #184 is actually my #275...

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