Monday, August 29, 2011

Ta Da! My Pinterest Challenge Results

Hey Everyone,

I told you on Friday that I was taking up the Pinterest Challenge from Emerging Mummy, and I actually followed through - yay me!  I needed this challenge.  I have countless ideas, crafts, and recipes waiting in the wings to become a reality.

One challenge in particular was to refurnish my t.v. stand.  I've been eyeing pictures of brightly colored pieces of wood furniture, and I thought this piece would be perfect to add a pop of color to my room that is filled with honey colored wood!

However, I have been terrified that I would ruin this furniture piece, so I decided to first try painting a small table for the same room.  Anyways, it turned out pretty well!  Below you can see my journey to the bright turquoise television stand that I now LOVE!

This is the side table I decided to make my practice table.  I don't even know where we got this from - I think it is the one piece of furniture that Josh brought into our marriage.

Up close, this table is in bad shape.

And this is the dresser that we have been using as our t.v. stand.  We were given this by a family that I was a nanny for in college.  It was also really knicked up & I've always secretly wanted something else in this room...but here it is.  And if you've never seen my house...welcome to "the lodge."  The pictures do not do it justice, but it is covered in a honey colored wood - walls, ceiling, etc.  Luckily, the back is full windows so it keeps the house bright - but I'm on a mission to tame the wood!

I started on Saturday with a bit of sanding.  I don't like sanding, but it was necessary.

Then I painted.  I decided to use spray paint (everything that I read said this was the easiest and typically goes on smoothly).

Then we reassembled our many cords that go along with the television.  Here is my Stud Hubs doing his part of the project.

And here is the big reveal - TA DA!  Here is the new side table.  The color makes me happy!

And here is our new T.V. stand!  Selah loves it too - I think she is a bit mesmerized by the color.

 I didn't properly pick up our mess for this picture, but you can see the project as it works with the rest of the room.  I really wanted something to break up the color of the wood and I feel like it does it in an unexpected way.

So, thank you Sarah for issuing the challenge, and I want to know...did anyone else join me?  If so, you can link up your blog over at Emerging Mummy, or you can tell us about it in the comments.  I can't wait to hear and see what you did!


Vanessa said...

Visiting from emerging mummy! I LOVE that pop of color! I'm actually thinking of painting some of my furniture too for the same reason. Good work! :)

Liz said...

I didn't take on anything too big but completed several little projects that I am thrilled with. Thanks for the challenge!

Randee said...

Paige- both pieces look awesome!!! You did a great job! A couple of weeks ago I decided I want to add some turquoise pops to my front room- what color spray paint is this?


Angie Classen said...

I seriously love it! We just re-did our hardwoods and I'm re-imagining everything in the house as we move back in. This gives me a lot of inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Bessey said...

I can hardly stand how great those look! Wow, turquoise is brilliant. Way to go, Paige. (And you cracked me up with your comment about "welcome to the lodge" because that is just what I thought when I first saw the photos! That it looked like an old fashioned cottage, so cozy.) (And that little cutie? I die.)

Paige Allen said...

Thanks for the love everyone! Liz, I can't wait to see some of the projects you finished!

Randee, I think it is actually called teal - it was really the only one close to turquoise in the brand I used.

Sarah, I'm so glad you appreciated "the lodge" We actually had several people over tonight and many were commenting about how homey and different our home is. I really DO love it, but sometimes I secretly wish for a white wall.

The Barnyards said...

Looks so beautiful, Paige!!

Rosie said...

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