Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Pregnancy "Essentials"

When you are pregnant it is amazing how the simple things can become the essentials in your life.  What used to simply be elastic - something you took for granted - now has an entire new meaning...it is the only option for comfort in pants...AND it lies to you as you are able to continually pull those pants on your constantly expanding tummy - it’s glorious!  Thank you elastic inventors!

With that random diatribe out of the way, I thought I’d share a few of my Pregnancy “Essentials” for those who are pregnant or soon to be - you should absolutely check these out. 

Chocolate Cake

This has been my pregnancy go-to anytime I have had a craving.  I was a little shocked by this because when I was pregnant with Selah I disdained chocolate and instead had sampled EVERY cinnamon roll in Lubbock, TX by the time I gave birth (by the way, in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with the cinnamon rolls from Apple Tree).  But with this pregnancy I merely glance in the way of cinnamon rolls while in comparison I’ll run people down for a piece of great chocolate cake!  You think I’m joking...

I think my craving is starting to affect Selah...
And yet, there is a problem with this craving.  It is difficult to find chocolate cake in a pinch.  I have contemplated making entire chocolate cakes for myself just so I could have them as a stand-by, but my self-control is stronger and I have yet to give in to making an entire cake (I still have a month to go, so we’ll see if that lasts).  HOWEVER, I have found one solution to needing chocolate cake at a moment’s notice and that is Rosa’s Tortilla Factory.

Although it’s known for Mexican food, they also have chocolate cake with decadent icing for sale...and wouldn’t you know that Rosa’s is only 3 blocks from my house?!  It’s as if God knew 5 years ago when they built Rosa’s that my craving would need an answer, and thus He whispered this location into the ear of the builders...because of course He loves me...and He thought - in 5 years, Paige is going to NEED some fast chocolate cake.  Thanks God!

True Blue Spa Super Rich Body Cream from Bath & Body Works

Now, it is my belief that stretch marks are really a genetic issue - some people get them while others don’t and it’s just not fair.  I don’t know if there is really any miracle cure to stay away from the tiger stripes, but someone told me that this stuff would definitely help (if for no other reason because it’s just intense & keeps your skin hydrated).  I used it with Selah & I was blessed to only get a couple of stretch marks...so I went on the search when I found out I was pregnant with this little nugget.

It’s a little pricey for lotion, but it doesn’t take much so one or two bottles last me the entire pregnancy & although they aren’t a miracle cure, I do think that they help a bit!

Sarah Bessey’s blog on What Not to Ask a Pregnant Women
I was shocked when at only 4 months a doctor asked me if I was expecting twins!  I knew that I had popped quickly, but I didn’t think I was THAT large!  But as he continued to insist that I was in deed quite large I decided that I had to tweet my outrage.  I received a response from a college friend that she had written a blog for 5 Minutes for Parenting in which she shares her top 16 things to NOT say to a pregnant woman.

I was pleased to see that #1 was asking if one was pregnant with twins, and when I occasionally need solace that I am not alone in insensitive comments I’ll peruse her list and smirk at the thought of printing this blog out and handing it out as a response to the well meaning comments of “Are you supposed to be that big?”

You can read Sarah’s blog here.

Belly Couture

It’s hard to find great pregnancy clothes, but thankfully Lubbock has been blessed with a store that actually helps pregnant women look stylish and cute!  I’ve only purchased a few items from Belly Couture (if you are like me, it is painful to spend much money on clothes that will only last a few months), but I must say that every time I wear something that I purchased from BC - I can’t help but feel more confident and lovely!

I got this fun top from Belly Couture - it makes me happy!

During my last pregnancy I had an unforgettable moment in which I fainted in Red Lobster while surrounded by men.  I blogged about it here, and it lives in infamy in my mind.  Looking back I realize that I pushed myself too hard during my first pregnancy and neglected some basic things like drinking enough water.

So, with this go round I’ve been a faithful water drinker and have not had any fainting spells.  I still balk at the suggestion that I drink a gallon a day that my doctor mentions every time that I see her, but I’m working on it and I really do hope to keep drinking lots of water after the pregnancy too.

Big Sister Books

I decided that I should do something to prepare Selah for her new role as Big Sister, and I must say I’m in love with this book: Big Sisters are the Best!  Selah seems to like it too - especially when it says that babies drink bottles and big sisters eat cupcakes. 

I still think she doesn’t have a clue at how this baby will change her life and her role of being the center of attention...but hopefully, the books are making her a bit more familiar with the idea!

 My Hubby
Without a doubt, my ultimate pregnancy essential is my amazing husband.  He has gone out of his way to help me at every turn & I especially love him when he runs to get me a piece of chocolate cake.

Skinny Jeans from Heidi Klum
I was determined to find one great pair of maternity skinny jeans and succeeded while in San Francisco.  I didn’t know that Heidi Klum had a maternity brand, but she has a version at Motherhood Maternity & a higher end line at A Pea in the Pod.

Anyways, these gems that I found back in January have been my constant companion for the past few months, and I’m a big proponent of investing in one or two items that you feel great in and can wear constantly! 

I’m not sure if one can be pregnant in this day and age and not know about Baby Center, but I have their app on my phone and I find myself going to their site with the many questions that pop up often.

It makes me wonder just what exactly people did before google & the wonderful world of the internet.

The Great Outdoors
My final pregnancy essential is the great outdoors.  I have found that nothing helps my out of sorts hormones quite like the sun on my skin or the breeze in my hair.  So, I’ve been sitting outside at every chance I get trying to soak it all in.

What pregnancy essentials have you discovered either in the past or present?  I still have a month to go so I just may need to indulge a bit more!


Anonymous said...

I dealt with a lot of sickness throughout my last pregnancy and the only thing that helped me was chocolate milk. I was thinking that you could always get a chocolate milk if your chocolate cake is not available. Just a thought.

Unknown said...

Chocolate cheesecake has become my absolute essential (at 36 weeks). I'm 38 weeks pregnant now and I can look disdainfully on vanilla cheesecake - only chocolate will do!
Also, until I developed SPD I would have said that swimming and walking were pregnancy essentials - I feel so much better and the baby seems wrigglier after I've done something "energetic".
Thanks for your blog - your family is beautiful and your way of writing is very engaging :)

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