Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Little Nugget Gets a Name & a Room!

My Little Nugget is only two weeks away from her due date, so I guess it is time to give her a name and let the world know what we have chosen!  After much debate and thumbing through baby name books we've decided to name Little Nugget - Haven Joy Allen.

I just love this name!  Haven was the name that first came to me, and Josh wasn't sure about it at first, but it grew on him.  He mentioned it to his mom & tears immediately came to her eyes so that was the clincher in his mind (thank you Marcy)!

It is my prayer that little nugget will be a haven - a safe place - for people throughout her days.  And in my heart I also feel like our family is about to enter into a season of living in a haven of hiding.  Not sure if that makes sense, but after 12 years of marriage in which we've run at full speed, Josh and I are in agreement that we need to take more time to breath and listen.

Our sweet Selah has the middle name Hope, and therefore, Joy seemed to be a fitting connection for this little one & with her big sister.  Also, Josh's sister is named Joy, and we've both always loved claiming JOY over our child.

So, little Miss Haven Joy - you are welcome to come at ANY time!

Onto Haven's Room!
We have had a back bedroom that has been the catch all for the last 3 years.  As of a month ago, this room included:
  • 2 office spaces (one for Josh and one for me)
  • A guest bed with side table
  • A treadmill (can I admit that I haven't used it in over a year?)
  • And our extra television with a comfy chair
Seriously, it was a random room in which we stuffed all of our "extras" in one space.

So, we cleaned everything out & simply started with brown walls, a guest bed, and ONE office that is in the closet.

You can read a previous blog about how I transformed my closet into an office here.
With the brown walls & the idea of JOY in my mind, my mother and I picked out some vibrant fabrics for Haven's room!  I walked into the fabric store without a plan, and I was inspired by a bright fabric with giraffes.  It is completely different from the soft hues and romantic feel of Selah's room, which perhaps is why it felt perfect.

With the choice of some random fabrics I didn't fully know what to expect, but as usual, my mother's talent and creative eye created beautiful bedding for Haven!  And what I love even more than the beauty is the simple knowledge that where my baby will lay her head has been created with love - each stitch covered in prayer and the thoughts of her Gigi.

Lovely soft quilt with colors of coral, brown, off white, and green
I just LOVE every detail - the bright bows and colorful sheet...

And the trim is truly JOYFUL!
Thank you, Mom!  Can't wait for my girl to lay her head here.

With the bedding as our inspiration, my mom and I decided to add a bit of flare to the room with 3 paper lanterns above the crib. 

I also decided to keep the guest bed in the room - We live in a old house and are blessed with huge rooms - so, this room will still serve multiple purposes.  I decided to keep the bedding simple on this guest bed - a simple white down comforter & striped pillows with the same color as the baby bedding.

We also decided that because the baby bedding was so colorful to keep the curtains simple - they are white ruffles - so girly...yet simple.

And then we focused on finishing touches.  Like this changing table area.

I found this giraffe print for just $13 - I'm now in love with giraffes!

In fact, I'm so enamored with giraffes that I also included one on the dresser that houses Haven's clothes and blankets!

Our guest bed & this dresser were my great-grandmother's.  I had this furniture when I was a kid, so I love that it is being passed on to my girls.
Here is the giraffe!  Hello, my friend!
This was Selah's favorite book when she was under 1...I read it to her everyday and hope to continue that tradition with Haven.  You can't hear how much you are loved enough!

As I mentioned, we are keeping this room as a multi-purpose room, so I"m keeping my in closet office!  It is now OUR place for writing, business docs, and storing a multitude of books.

It was a fun transformation, and I'd like to say another thank you to my mom who helped with every step along the way!  Oh, and also a big thanks to the soon-to-be BIG Sister...

She was a big help & she loves Haven's room so much, that she wants to make it her own...uh oh!


Leslie said...

I love Haven's room! Now we just need her to come make it her own!

Angie Classen said...

I love the name Haven! I know a girl with that name and I've always thought it was so beautiful!

Sarah said...


Angie Neal said...

I love the room so much! The fabrics are beautiful and fun. And I noticed that furniture right away, so gorgeous. How neat to have that in your family for so long!

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