Saturday, January 16, 2010

My New Office/Guest Room/Josh's Office

With the addition of Selah coming next month I've been working to get my house a bit organized.  I'm so blessed to have a job that is willing to work with me in this time of transition and the church has agreed to let me work from home some - yay! 

I know myself well, however, and I know that I need an actual work environment to stay on track.  In the past we've had a guest room & an office that basically became our "junk room."  Josh is also going to work from home one day a week with Selah here, so we decided we needed a space where we would both actually be productive...AND this space would also have to serve as a guest room (and yes,we do have quite a few people stay with us)...

I stared at this room for A LONG time trying to decipher just how to make a need for 2  offices + a guest room work in this one space.  Enter my creative sister, Leslie, who suggested I make the closet into one of the offices.  So, that's just what we did!  All of my pictures won't upload, but wanted to share with you just a few shots of our new room.  I LOVE IT!  I've already spent some time in there writing, and it is wonderfully peaceful.

Welcome to our new space!

I only purchased the desk, paint, brackets, and orgnizers (from IKEA)...I still want a chair, but waiting for the budget to expand :)  Anyways, it was a fairly inexpensive project!

I found this black frame at IKEA and cut down an old bulletin board to fit it (actually my mom did this for me) - thanks handy mom!

I purchased the accent chair a few years ago at a garage sale (it was bright yellow velvet) and with the help of my handy mom, we recovered it in a fabulous fabric!

I found these super skinny book shelves at IKEA which help with the space issue...

I was shocked, but we were able to still fit in a bed for guests & a treadmill!

My next project is to finish the baby's room.  I've been working on it but still have a ways to go...perhaps I'll go do a little work on it now!


Leslie said...

The room looks amazing!! I want to make a trip to IKEA so bad right now and even more now that I see all your cute stuff!!

Enid said...

Awee so cute...I am sure all will work together once your precious baby is here!!

Jennifer said...

Lovely! You're such a good decorator! You're whole dang family is...I'm sorta jealous. Ok, a lot jealous.

And I freaking LOVE IKEA! I fell in love with them while in Norway when everything I would compliment in people's houses came from there. I kept trying to figure out how to ship large loads of stuff across the ocean...and was SO thankful they decided to make it easier on me and just started opening the stores in America. :-)
There's RUMORS of one opening in Denver...makes me heart happy!

Can't wait for pics of the nursery!!!

Sue said...

Love your site! and the room/offices! IKEA is great! is there one around us, here? Closes I know of is Frisco-Dallas area.
thanks for sharing

Kitty Deschanel said...

I love how cute your "office" is inside the closet! I'm trying to figure out how I want to decorate my office and I can't decide! :p

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