Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jumping Into the Story

Josh is out of town this weekend – he is skiing with our zoe young adults, and for the first time I’ve stayed behind because the Dr. asked me to not travel at this point in the pregnancy. It’s been a little hard on me – I LOVE our ski trips & Crested Butte…but I’ve tried to embrace this time & make the most of it. I finished putting together our new office/guest room (I’ll post pics tomorrow or Tuesday).

I also tried to do some reading, relaxing & getting ready for baby this weekend. I’ve almost finished Donald Miller’s book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, and I have to say it came at the perfect time in my life. I’m not big on new year resolutions but I’ve been contemplating my life – somewhat annoyed that I feel a bit complacent at this time. I’ve been asking the Lord a lot of questions…wondering what this next season of life will look like for me…and somewhere along the way I guess I’ve just waited for life to happen to me rather than going for and living the life I know He has created for me.

Does that make sense? Well, Miller’s book articulated my thoughts as he writes about jumping into the story that God has created for us. He explains that most people just pass day by day – lulled by television, job requirements, and they are basically spectators rather than people who are living an amazing story. There is so much more to what he says – you might check out his blog:

Anyways, it’s gotten me thinking this weekend. I’ve lived some AMAZING stories – my life has been an amazing story – I’m pretty passionate and I go for what I want…but I want more…I want to know that I’m fully engaged in the story God has written for me! So, I’ve decided to share 10 stories with you that I want to engage in more in 2010…I realized in church that it is in fact, January 10th, of 2010…so here are 10 stories that I hope to really live this year. I’m sharing them as a way to hold myself accountable.

1. A story with the Lord. I feel like God wants to have some really good dialogue this year – He has been teaching me to shut my mouth over the last couple of years…and I think a primary reason is so I am in a better position to listen to Him…

2. A Baby Story – I have a feeling that there are at least 10 stories within this one waiting for me.

3. My story with Josh. I have an incredible husband and I’m thankful for our marriage…but I want to discover more about the man I love this year. He’s brilliant, passionate, fun, and he has the craziest ideas. I want to engage those ideas more this year – show him that I believe in Him and walk more fully alongside him.

4. A story of obedience. God has spoken to me so clearly about a project that I’m supposed to do. I’ve worked on it for over a year, but it is far from complete…it scares me & I’ve never felt such resistance in my life – must mean it is going to be powerful. I want to face that resistance this year…finish what I started & trust God to make it happen or not.

5. A story of freedom. The first year that I went to India my heart broke as I met girls and women & heard their stories. I’ve been praying for over 3 years that God would open a door for me to do something about the injustice that I saw. I’ve gotten to do small things, but just recently I was invited to serve on a committee (Project Red Light Rescue)…and I’ve decided that I’m going to give all that I can…even to see one life safe…you’ll hear more about this in the future.

6. A story of friendship. I’m a horrible friend – seriously, it is a major weak area in my life. I like being alone…and yet I don’t. I have a lot of “friends” but very few people who I let in. I’ve decided I want to enter the narrative of having a few great friends.

7. A story of health. I love to run – it is exhilarating, stress relieving, and a time to reflect. After the baby, I’ve decided I have to start running again. I will at least do a half-marathon…maybe an entire marathon by the end of the year…and I would love to run this story with others.

8. A story of mentoring. God has placed AMAZING young women in my life – so honored that I get to pour into so many…and I don’t know what it will look like, but I’m committed to continuing to be available.

9. A story of pursuit. God placed a dream in my heart about 4 years ago in the area of missions & that dream is coming more & more into fruition. We’ve created a new 501c3 called Pursue Missions International…and I have unbelievable people who believe in this vision…it’s going to grow to an entirely new level in 2010 – and I’m so aware that it’s going to grow as others dream and create with me – I’m excited & open to where God wants it to go!

10. A story of truth. I love teaching…I love studying…I love seeing my students get that Aha! moment…So I’m committed to continue learning myself. I have a goal of reading 50 books this year. I took a long break from reading “difficult” books after seminary, but I think it is time to begin reintroducing them (commentaries, theology, etc) back into my diet.

Well, if you’ve read this entire way – wow! Again, this is mostly to hold myself accountable – I’ll report on my story progress as the year goes on…and I encourage you to look at the stories you are living. Are there stories that you need to enter or jump back into?


Angie Neal said...

As usual, I love what you have written :) I love the idea of working on the stories of your life rather than making a resolution. I look forward to hearing all God does in your life this year, it will be a great one for sure!

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