Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti, you are in my heart & prayers

My heart has been burdened for Haiti since last night.  May we pray fervently for this country - in their time of devastation, sorrow, and pain. 

I emailed a friend from ORU who grew up in Haiti to see how our church could help...and these were a few of her words, "....the task looks overwhelming there in Haiti and as you can imagine, looking at years of hard work of building up a ministry crumble in the physical...the missionaries need help!! Their hearts are willing..."  So my prayer continues -

Thank you Lord for so many willing hearts - show us each the role we can play whether it is through prayer, finances, or support.  Strengthen the hearts of those who are willing, give them wisdom, Your words, and the ability to mourn alongside these precious people.

If you would like to give to missionaries that currently work in Haiti, here are the organizations of trusted friends.

Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center:

Evangelistic World Outreach:


Enid said...

Love COTR Effort Paige! So glad for your BIG heart!

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