Sunday, May 27, 2012

Grilling, Ground Breaking, and Greeting the Summer - Project 365 (Week 26)

A week of waiting...and hoping...and play outside...of grilling...of reading...of dreaming.

It's been a good week in our home - hope you are finding joy in the small moments too!

Day 180 (part 1) - We had a Ground Breaking Ceremony at our church on Sunday morning.  This is my dad wearing a hard hat and sharing the vision.  So excited about this...especially since this was planned years ago and we put it on hold to build The Dream Center first - BEST decision we ever made as a church in my opinion.  Love that we are reaching out before trying to build up.

Day 180 (part 2) - On Sunday evening we went to a party celebrating my wonderful friend Erin as she graduated from graduate school.  Josh especially loved that we were on a golf course so he gave Selah some tips on how to properly wash golf balls.

Day 181 - Happy Birthday, Josh!  It was Josh's 35th birthday on Monday - woohoo!  I had to teach a class that night so we only had about 2 hours as a family in late, Selah & I put together a little party for Josh.  We got his favorite, a cookie cake, balloons, and even party hats (Selah was very excited about this addition)...and we celebrated our favorite guy!

Day 182 - Josh's one birthday request was to get some proper grilling lessons from our friend Joe Reed.  He decided that at the age of 35 it was only right that as a true Texas man he know how to fire up the grill.  So, Joe came over, the grill actually caught on fire (as in it no longer works), we laughed a lot, and in the end we had some delicious food & Josh learned the art of grilling!

Day 183 - We went to my niece's dance recital (she is the cute little gray mouse).  And I LOVED this moment - such proud parents and was a glimpse into what I look like most of the time.

Day 184 - POOL Day!  All of my favorite girls met at the pool on Thursday afternoon for a fun day in the sun.  I was especially grateful as my sisters and mom helped me keep tabs on my fearless Selah as I'm not moving as quickly as I'd like.

Day 185 - Put me IN, Coach!  Josh was playing basketball with some friends on Friday night & I snapped this with my phone as Selah tried to unsuccessfully play the game.

Day 186 - The last two days I've found myself here often.  It's a good place to be.


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