Monday, June 11, 2012

May I Introduce to You...Haven Joy Allen

I've been gazing at this beauty all morning, and decided it was time to share more than one quick picture on facebook with the world...

So, please meet our lovely Haven Joy!

See the full moon?
She came into the world one week ago (Monday, June 4th at 3:46am to be exact).  It was a full moon that night & I started having contractions earlier on Sunday afternoon.  The labor was thankfully quite easy and fast (in fact, my doctor was not the doctor on call delivered her - although in the hospital the nurses definitely do most of the work :)).

And when we gazed upon her sweet features for the first time, it was like a bit of heaven entered into our lives.  She is perfect and petite with a tiny nose and fingers that are long like her mama.

She is quiet (except when she is hungry) and she sleeps most of her days with arms lifted high around her head.  We've enjoyed a quiet week introducing our family and friends to this new jewel.

And her big sister Selah is in love as well!  She checks on "Baby Haven" multiple times a day.  In fact, I caught her yesterday, head peeked over the bassinet whispering to Haven about the swim time big sister had just experienced.  I foresee them becoming the best of friends and often sharing such secrets!

Thank you all for your many prayers and congratulations.  Life is beautiful and simply gazing on her countenance makes me more aware than ever that heaven really is closer than I think.  I'm off to feed my wee one & gaze a bit more...

Here are a few more pictures of our precious time meeting sweet Haven this week.  May you find a bit of heaven this week too    - Paige

Look at those eyes...

Holding Daddy's finger for the first time
Meeting her Gigi
And her LaLa
And her Safta & Sabba
And her PaPa

...And her MeMa...I could go on & on with such pictures, but you get the point - this girl has a BIG family & she met a lot of people in the first 48 hours of her life!

This smirk appears often...wondering just what she is dreaming about?!

Big Sister LOVED the hospital bed & it's many buttons

And now we are at home...doing lots of this


Larry Williams said...

Awesome pics from an awesome family. God bless you all.

Sarah Bessey said...

Congratulations, Paige! Well done, mama!

Leslie said...

She is a jewel! Love her and love you!

The Louders said...

Congratulations! What a sweetie! I loved what you said about heaven being closer than you think. :) what a precious family! Enjoy!

Monica Curry said...

She is so precious. Congrats to you and your sweet family!

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